Niño De La Guerra

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About The Teacher

I hold 1:1 or 2:1 couples/friend/partner ceremony at our property in montana on 10 acres. I sit in ceremony with the mushroom. My people call it Teonanácatl-Flesh of the Gods. It has a nice cabin and a yurt. This is a time to heal relationships/marriages, deal with shadow work as in trauma, PTSD, addiction, childhood trauma etc. It can also be a time to increase your vibrational state and just relax. Our property is essentially a retreat. This is 3 days all inclusive (housing, food, transportation) with ceremony held on the second day. The first day is spiritual counseling/guidance and the third day is integration. More days can be added as needed.

A little about me if you don’t know. I am a native/indigenous shaman by birth. My family is Guachichil Chichimeca indios from Mexico. This is a pre-contact, pre-Aztec people. I was also trained by a Huichol shaman. I sit with the mushroom. I have a native card that allows me to cultivate, posses, transport and hold ceremony with plant medicine. I was a registered nurse working in the emergency room/trauma/ mental health for 15 years. I left that a few years ago to fully embrace my heritage and call to my lineage of shamanism.

I have assisted dozens and dozens along their path. I’d love to assist you.

If have any questions or you are interested in ceremony please message me.

Light and love to all sentient beings 🙏🏼🦋💚🌈

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  • Eden Duenez   December 03, 2019

      Horrible narcissistic

    I met this man to only be told my opinions as a human are false. He shoved his “credentials” down my throat like being a shaman is something to boast about. Instead of healing people this man is causing tons of stress. Toxic

  • Ethan Au Green   December 03, 2019

      Dangerous serial predator

    Don't trust this guy! He is a fraud with a bad reputation for preying on women.

  • Andrew Flynn   December 02, 2019

      predatory narcissist

    dont buy a word of his bullshit, he preys on women who are struggling

  • Mirror   December 02, 2019


    STAY AWAY!!! This guy is the definition of a predator. Just read some of the stories that MANY women have experienced with him.

  • John Deere   December 02, 2019

      Predator alert. 🚨

    Preys on women. Do a little digging and you will find horror stories about this man’s “ceremonies”.

  • Alyssa Collins   December 02, 2019

      terrible experience

    I worked with Nino after he convinced me to come to a ceremony, offering me half of what other participants were paying. He claimed that the ceremony would help me recover from complex PTSD. In reality, I felt he tried to force his truth upon me that there were “entities” inside me, a fear I had in the past. He capitalized on and exploited my wounds, convincing me before the ceremony that the warning signs I saw were self-doubt, which I was struggling with at the time. I felt that there were fragmented parts of myself that needed love, acceptance, and integration. He felt that these scattered/frozen aspects of self were entities that needed to be purged. As someone who not only has survived trauma but works with trauma, the goal is not to “kill off” these parts of ourselves but meet them with love and compassion- to integrate them. He tried to force his truth upon me and did not listen to mine. I witnessed a woman crying and throwing up for hours in his “ceremony,” as he hovered nearby, trying to “purge” her. I am worried that this individual was more traumatized, like me, after the ceremony and fear for others he reaches out to. He blocked me before I could open up about my experience to him. Please take caution

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Embodied realization. Kaycie

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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