Maite Domenech

About The Teacher

Founder and Manager in PRANA (Body Dinamycs Center).

Degree in Social Work by Barcelona University.

Deeply interested in the human being and, specially, the inner BEING inhabiting in the inner space of each person.

She has directed her learnigs to the field of Intuition and Meditation (PNL, by Allan F. Santos, Director of Synapsis Brasil).

More studies:

- Energy Fields Development Tecniques (Barcelona Expression School)

- Accompaniment in Mourning (A. Plaxats' Personal and Social Advisement Cabinet. Barcelona)

- Tantra and Conscious Breathing (Namasté. Valencia)

- Love Tantra (Pramad. Paris)

- Advanced Tantra (Ronald Funchs. Barcelona)

- Tantra and Spirituality (Daniel Odier. Madrid)

- To Selfdependency (Jorge Bucay. Girona)

- Power Seizure (Bob Mandel. Barcelona)

- Neo Tantra (astiko and Ketan. Barcelona)

- Death and Life (Antonio Pacheco. Valencia)

- Quantum Physics and Spirituality (Teresa Versyp. Barcelona)

- Osho's Active Meditations (Osho's Center. Pune. India)

- Meditation (Osho's Center. Italy)

- Tantra of Sensations (Pune. India)

- Tantra and Energy ( Pune. India)

- Sing your heart out (Pune. India)

- Opening to Feeling: Breath (Pune. India)

- AUM Meditation (Pune. India)

- Dehypnosis and Self-Hypnosis (Pune. India)

- Temazcales Intensive (Carlos Xochipilli. Manresa)

- Full Moon in Breath (Pune. India)

- Tantra: Breath of Life ( Pune. India)

- Meditation Retreat (Varanasi. India)

- Tantric Massage (Kochin. India)

- Family Constelations (Barcelona)

- Tantra & Energy (Pune. India)

- Family Constelations (Pune. India)

- Kaospilot-The art & Cratf of facilitating Learning Spaces Master Class (Barcelona)

- Family Constelations (Barcelona)

- Rebirthing Professional by Namasté Center (Valencia)

- Regression Therapy Professional by Barcelona's Regressive Therapy Spanish Institute


- “Un SI a la vida”. ED. Mandala.

- ”Iniciación al Tantra” .ED. Hispano Europea.

Director of learning in “Tantra del corazón” (Hearth Tantra).

Creator and Director in YouTube's channel "Sexo Sentido". An educative channel ot conscious sex for teenagers.

Collaborator in international audiovisual and written media.

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