About The Teacher

Rebecca has been an energy reader since she was 4 years old and comes from a linage of healers.

Rebecca is an intuitive healer who works with energy clearing and balancing, aligned with medium and psychic readings. She has a clear understanding of, and the ability to see, feel and shift energies. one of Rebecca's strong natural abilities is her capacity to talk to the spirits and receive clear messages from them that help and guide people to find answers in their spiritual and healing journeys.

She also connects with the spirits of the plant medicine and can see and guide people through their process.

Rebecca is currently studying to become a curandera.

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  • Sandra Åberg   May 06, 2020

      Rebecca är det mest fantastiska medium jag träffat 🙏

    I participated in a retreat during Easter 2020 for 4 days. It was amazing, Rebeccas reading gave me the full piqture of why I things are the way they are in my life and how I can change them. If you want to develop and learn who you are, Rebeccas retreats and readings is an amazing ”fast track” 🙏 The best actually

  • Gule Akman   March 16, 2020

      Truly grateful ????????

    I only have the highest recommendation to give to Rebecca. She is such an amazing soul and healer. With so much wisdom, care and love Rebecca guide you to go deep within yourself, just for you to grow. As Rebecca has this true gift of seeing exactly who you are and what it is you are struggling with, she also tells you things as it is, and she always does it with much care and your best interest at hand. The first time Rebecca advice and did a reading she brought up a few things which I at first didn’t really think was my biggest issues. However, having her to explain the connecting of things made me also see it all, how I was limiting myself and what I needed to work on. I have now been on two retreats and been able to let go of so much of what has been keeping me down, causing pain and limitations in my life. Instead, my heart is so much bigger, I feel more grounded and strong, and just more authentic me. Life is so much more exciting and fun again, for this I’m truly grateful. I cannot stress it enough the importance of the safe and loving environment Rebecca and team provides. For myself I cannot see that I would have been able to let go some of my guard and walls if it wasn’t for feeling so safe, protected and so cared for. It is also something very special to see Rebecca and team at work, it is easy to see that the guidance and healing really come from the deepest and most loving intentions and source. That’s very refreshing and beautiful to both be exposed to and witness. I also want to add that yes, it is deep work and can get challenging at times, but Rebecca also got some good sense of humour, so there is also much laughter in between. Thank you, Rebecca, for everything so far. Looking forward to what’s to come ????

  • Sofie Marten   March 10, 2020

      Life changing, safe, proffesional

    Rebecca is a gift of nature, she possesses the gift of reading you and what is not right with your interior. You cannot be in better hands if you want to make this journey within yourself. She is sharp and can read energy as no others, she basically saw right through me and she is so pedagogical whithout even trying. She sees me and have helped me meeting my inner conflicts and releasing them. For me, the retreat has been of absolute first class, you are constantly in the eye of shamans who see you if you need help with anything, I couldn't feel safer - which I strongly felt was the basic feeling I needed in this amazing journey. The retreat has been life changing for me, I have come into contact with myself and can clearly see what it is I needed to heal and why, that I couldn't see before. I’m much more in peace with myself, calmer as a person, and I now have both feet on the ground. I couldn’t thank Rebecca and Naysha enough for what they helped me achieve whitin myself! The love and gratitude I have towards them can’t be described in words❤️ I definitely recommend Almanuna retreat to anyone thinking of doing this beautiful journey for living life to it’s full potential.????????❤️

  • Gareth Nellies   March 09, 2020

      Life changing

    Rebecca has changed my life in such a profound and unexpected way that it is difficult to put down in words. When I first met her then I was a little dubious to the entire spiritual path, but she showed such a depth and understanding of me and my life that I very quickly reevaluated my whole position. Since then, she has helped me through some extremely trying times in my adult life through a mixture of readings, energy shifting, plant-medicine work, counselling and just sometimes being someone to who I can unload my issues to. She has handled all with the utmost care and respect. She really does want what's best for everyone and tries her utmost to help in any way that she can. She is one of those beautiful souls who can show you a better way and pull you out of darkness. I owe her so much and she has changed my life in so many ways for the better. Thank you Rebecca

  • Liselotte Ekerhed   February 29, 2020

      Working with Rebecca

    Rebecca is an amazing person that has helped me and my family a lot. The spirits give her direct info about what people need to hear and heal and she will tell You about it. One example is that she came to me and said; You dont belive in Yourself. This really surprised me beceause I had not understood that. In the next ceremony I got to see the dephts of this truth and have been able to work with it wich has changed my life. You have the feeling that she knows You and sees right through You wich is a great feeling beceause You know she wants to help. Another thing with Rebecca is that she is very wise and down to earth. My family has gotten a lot of advice for our every day life to help us in our processes. We are very greatful for the help she has given us and will go to Almanuna and visit her again.

  • Dan persson   February 23, 2020

      Powerful, honest, safe.

    First time I came in contact with Rebecca was in a reading I recieved from her over the phone. Circumstances wasn't the best because my neighbour had decided to do some home improvements so there was a lot of inconvenient noise in the background. But we had the reading and it was the start of process I'm still coming out of. I was very much taken back by which the clarity she spoke to me, she completely shined light on all the bullshit I had been telling myself, she confirmed things about me which I already knew but didn't want to see, and with honesty and straightforwardness she called me out, or better put; called my ego out. Rebecca saw/see things in me that slowly started to move and come to the surface. By now, I'm making life changing decisions. Rebecca will tell you the things you really need to hear for you to make those necessary adjustments in your life. She see steps which you can take to make those adjustments and all I can say, for me, it was the waking call I needed. I can only warmly recommend Rebecca to anyone who feel the need to shed some light on different aspects/areas in one's life. Rebecca also work with plant medicine and I've had the pleasure to see her in action. She creates a safe space and works with the energies for the benefits of all the participants. Before, during and after the ceremonies Rebecca points out key aspects of the process on a mental, emotional and energetic level which makes the transition easier. Love and gratitude Dan, Sweden

  • Zsolt Ladányi   February 12, 2020


    Rebecca has a vision sharp and precise like a laser. Everything She said, is as She said. Her reading strenghtened me and helped me to get back my balance. I have better understanding of myself and my life, I have more power after her energy clearing and reading.And I didn't get to that deep depression as I used to. It was a great help for me at a weak moment of my life. I feel very grateful and can’t thank her enough for her support

  • Jessica Lipczynski   February 09, 2020

      My spiritual and personal guide

    Rebecca Facey has swept my feet of the ground. She was on point, touched the core of my heart, during the reading. I came to her, confused and filled with selfdought according my mission in life. The accuracy about my work, feelings and inner thoughts is mind blowing. She confirmed my intuition and gave me answer before I even asked the questions out loud. I trust her more than any other clairvoyant I have met and we had a sensitive and honest meeting. She wanted me to keep in touch for further guidence if needed. I feel taken care of and blessed. She kept the negative information away and I am very grateful for not being programmed in any limiting believes in,me, she helped me me feel positive about the future. If there is one who connects with the spirits, its her. She has respect for your path and will guide you through it. Love and light ????✨ Jessica

  • Kristina Kallasmaa   February 09, 2020

      What A Beautiful Soul

    Rebecca really could find out a lot about me by only reading my energy without knowing my background, without having a word with me, just being together with me in the same room for few minutes. Rebecca was 100% accurate about describing my relationships, fragments from my childhood, my behavioural patterns and showed me where I’ve been mostly struggling in my life so far. What Rebecca saw and explained me was so true, and it wasn’t just general open your heart-love–more–yourself-blablabla, but all was detailed and very personal aspects that she saw. I’m very thankful I had a chance to meet that mysterious, kind and beautiful woman and I hope out paths will cross again. She is simply an amazing woman

  • Liz Michaels   February 09, 2020

      A miracle worker!

    Rebecca is an amazing person, an amazing healer and energy reader. I have never experienced anyone like her. Her gift is so powerful and she has helped me in so many ways, because of her I’ve been able to heal and clear a lot of pain negative energy in my body and mind. I was amazed how much she could tell me about me, my childhood, my most hidden memories, my pain, everything! In just a few minutes she could identify and give me clear answers to questions I have had my entire adult life. The questions about what is wrong or why I feel the way I have felt, why the pain has influenced my behaviour, my thought pattern and why it has conditioned me. She could connect to me, see everything. clear my energy, and aura, fill me with light and help me release everything that I’ve been holding on to for my entire life. Her presence and energy and connection with spirit is very strong but also very loving and warm. She’s humorous but with integrity, yet she will comfort your inner child and hold you in her arms, helping you to let go. She makes you feel safe, letting your guard and defences down. She is a true gift, a blessing and very dedicated to helping people. I can’t recommend her enough! She has truly saved and changed my life.

  • Ayşe Nazlıhan Beşiktaş   February 09, 2020

      A very enlightening experience! ????????????

    We had a video call with Rebecca and it lasted until we talked everything concerning my blockages, my past, present and future. Thanks to her I could express how I have been feeling and the reasons behind those feelings. Thanks to her I have resolved many issues and can now clearly see what I want. She saw and pointed the issues, showed practical ways to heal them. After I had a session with her I have been feeling much much more positive vibrations, even the dialogues with the people on daily basis changed in a positive way, it is like everything is clear in front of me and I am on my way on my right path, I started to love to learn and practise for my own expansion. I feel a deep gratitute for her. She made me meet my true self, led me to the way to love myself, to trust myself. I hope anyone who needs her help can get connected with her. ????????????????????????


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