About The Teacher

Archetype: Noble altruist. Creativity and imagination.

Role: Healing massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of osteopathy and quiromassage techniques.

Personal journey: My encounter with Madre Ayahuasca has entirely transformed my life.

A couple of years ago I was stuck in a continuous search for something more while at the same time struggling with alcohol and over-eating. My first contact with the medicine has been very important because it showed me this part of me that I was so ignorant of in order to shed light on my shadows.

Throughout the awakening journey I have gone through several phases. I have discovered that I was not just the physical body with which I so strongly identified. I have found what I was looking for all the time, I found myself, my true essence that never disappears and yet I was never aware of it.

For the first time in my life I began to hear another voice, which was not my mind but the voice of who I really am. I have been able to understand that the separation was only in my mind and that it was part of the Whole.

Throughout the transformation process, there was a time when I wanted to isolate myself from society - to spend more time feeling this connection. And then I understood that I am always connected and that I was already where I wanted to go.

Ayahuasca has been the best thing that happened in my life because I managed to get out of my mental prison and accept my shadows. I learned that I am complete by myself and that all the love I wanted to share began with oneself. And here I am sharing that love with all those that just like me keep on searching. Welcome home.

Source: avalonlove.secure.retreat.guru

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Have been spending this year getting healthy and a retreat to relax and focus would be wonderful. Crocker

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