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Anjuli Mahendra is a nationally licensed massage therapist, yogini, and dancer. Her practice of Embodied Resonance focuses on using the body as a vehicle to explore internal awareness. Her connection to holistic movement and healing started in ’99 through a regular Iyengar yoga practice that developed into yoga teaching by 2004. Her adventurous nature took her to Asia in 2004 where she fell in love with the Asian healing arts of Shiatsu and Thai massage, training in both and adding them to her repertoire.

She returns regularly to Asia to do further trainings in the healing/movement arts including Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Watsu, Shintaido, Butoh, Classical Indian Dance and most recently Chi Nei Tsang. In addition to the modalities studied abroad, she completed her 700-hr training in Structural Bodywork in ‘08 that she uses as a framework for her healing sessions. Anjuli’s private practice includes bodywork sessions, weekly yoga classes, healing events, and workshops both locally and in Asia.

Anjuli’s main dance focus over the last few years has been Contact improvisation, as it requires moment-to-moment presence with another person and his/her environment. Because there is such a wide range of expression possible in this dance (from slow, subtle movements to acrobatic lifts), there is infinite space for exploration and development. In conjunction with CI, she has been practicing and sharing partner yoga over the last few years that requires similar rapport with a partner.

Anjuli’s teaching style is a unique synthesis of dance, movement, and healing practices. She encourages her students to use fluid, spiraling movements to warm the body in preparation for deeper connection through dance, contact yoga. and resonance work. She holds space for her students to explore deep inner journeywork through solo and group dance encouraging them to tune into their natural surroundings for clues to go deeper into the unlimited nature of consciousness. In both her bodywork practice and contact yoga teaching, Anjuli facilitates her students/clients to get in touch with their internal experience and express this energy through movement, sounding, release, and acknowledgement.

Tags: arts bodywork massage

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