About The Teacher

Gumercindo Galiano Galindo was born and grew up on the Ucuyali River. He currently spends most of his time living and working on his land on the Ucayali River which is a tributary to the Amazon.Gumercindo is 42 years of age, he carries a beautiful energy and conducts his ceremonies with the greatest integrity, love and powerful Icaros (healing songs). Gumercindo has been working as a curandero for over 20 years and his first experiences with Ayahuasca were at the age of 12.Gumercindo conducts his ceremonies in a traditional style singing Icaros (healing songs) in Spanish, as well as in native Amazonian Languages. 

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  • Paul Zgondea   September 20, 2019

      True curandero and ayahuasquero

    Gume is one of a kind! I never heard so much passion in holding a ceremony through his exhausted singing and control of the space and energy. He's also able to keep a lightened and joyful atmosphere and laugh - tell jokes when the ceremony has ended. What really impressed me the most was the fact that he is so focused that most of the time he caught me off guard when drifting off ... he's aware all time during a ceremony and nothing slips passed him .. a true force and example of how you should focus and stay with the medicine. When I asked how is it that he is able to stay focused all the time, in his own words he said "amor y respecto de la medicina es todo amigo" ... love and respecting/honoring the medicine is everything. I bow to Gume as he is a true example of how someone should approach and interact with the medicine!

  • Shannon Sloan-Spice   June 29, 2016

      Profound and wonderful teacher

    Gume is absolutely one of the finest healers I have ever met. He is deeply intuitive and fierce in the sense that he commits everything to his ceremonies. Gume has a very special relationship with the plant medicines and spirit guides, and his icaros are a directive to the medicine as it works inside you. My beloved and I both experienced deep soul healing. Even a year later, what we learned in those ceremonies continues to teach and guide us. Perhaps what I love most about Gume is the way he balanced such serious work with a delightful playfulness and sense of humor. He kept as laughing as much as we cried. After ceremony, Gume grabs a guitar and gently sings songs of praise for the hard work accomplished. I have often listened to the songs I recorded after ceremony and gathered strength from his voice. It is not an exaggeration to say Gume changed our lives significantly for the better. We will be returning to work with him again soon. You will not find a more knowledgeable yet humble shaman. With all my heart, Maestro, gracias.

  • Lauren Cooper   October 05, 2015

      Profound healing from grief and trauma - thank you Gume

    I participated in four ayahuasca ceremonies with Gume through Spirit Plant Journeys (www.spiritplantjourneys.com) and had an incredible experience each time. If you are looking for a shaman to lovingly challenge you and hold space for you to experience the power of ayahuasca and the tremendous opening it will bring to your heart and soul - Gume is your man! I had been suffering from grief and trauma after losing a loved one, and Gume helped me reroute myself to a path of profound healing. He will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Gume!

  • Tony Ruiz   June 04, 2015

      Real Healer

    I'm limiting my words to this because he simply is a real no bullshit and no ego healer. He does what he does because he is compelled to do so. He was my shaman in multiple ceremonies. His tremendous spirit and wisdom are abundant. If you encounter him in ceremony just listen and let guide and you will find what you are looking for with Gumercindo leading.

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