Stephanie Severe

About The Teacher

Stephanie Severe is a NASM and ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, founder of SteadyRoll, and Qoya Instructor. She works passionately with women in all stages of life to create balance in their bodies through strength, stability, and finding joy through movement.

I live to move. I didn't always live to move. My family still can't believe I'm the one giving health and wellness advice! I found my passion for fitness in my late teens after I unintentionally lost some weight and realized how much better I felt. No more chicken fingers and fries after school, I surrounded myself with a new crowd and new energy. I ran out and got myself a gym membership at Bally's and was hooked. I eventually moved up in the world and joined an upscale all womens gym and fell so deep in love that I quit my desk job and started working there full time. This is when I saw the beauty in every women that walked in the door. I saw the strength in the tall and lean, the endurance in the short and stout, the dedication in the young and old, and the womanliness in the curvaceous. My eyes were wide open.

I continue to train with my eyes wide open and see the power in all human bodies. I love to talk science and teach each client as much as I can about their individual movement patterns. My goal is to have every woman shift their thinking from focusing on an end result to relishing in the process of healthy days, the pleasure of physical movement, extreme self care, and an elevated mind state. 

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Embodied realization. Kaycie

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