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Hi folks I am offering Massage, Tarot and Holistic Medicine here in the Valley. Massage / Physical Therapy is trauma and stress release orientated, full body physical and energetic. Great for grounding out static from your physical and energetic bodies. Discharging stress and detoxing the whole body. Guaranteed to eliminate or reduce pain in first session. Therapy for chronic physical or emotional issues and prenatal massage available. Massage is usually one hour and fifiteen minutes.

Elise my wife and I create herbal and dietary protocols that have been effective in eliminating Lymes Disease, Giardia, Leishmianisis, Cancer and just anything really. For interview and protocols contact Elise at ((contact info blocked)).  

Tarot is mirror based tells you what is going on in the moment, helps to clarify whats going on in your life. The future is always changing depending on our actions. Tarot lasts between one hour and two hours.

Elise and I also organize the Sacred Valley Wachuma / San Pedro Long Dance. This ceremony can be private or open, can handle as little as 20 or as much as 50 persons including a sweat lodge after, check event details here on retreat guru. 

Massage and Tarot training is available. 

I also teach Modern Djembe Style. Using the djembe to blend into and lead music for dancing or meditation. 

Contact us through Retreat Guru or use one of our other contact infos, always letting us know you are coming from Retreat Guru, Namaste.

cel phones: (051) sean (contact info blocked) elise (contact info blocked), (FB sean west , calca , peru.) emails: sean - (contact info blocked) elise -  (contact info blocked)

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  • Alena La Luz   March 09, 2017

      Best massage!

    Sean is extremely intuitive, and dedicated. I was having some painful hip issues, and Sean was able to get to the center of it and release my pain. He also has a lot of knowledge regarding nutrition and health care. He gives a very thorough and deep massage where afterwards I felt realigned. I highly recommend Sean especially for releasing trapped pain. Thank you Sean for all you do to be of service!

  • Ari Divina   February 05, 2016

      The Universe is sending you Sean

    I love Peru, Sacred Valley and Pisac. I was looking for a normal but good massage therapy for days and nobody was available for the days I was there. Then one evening I was passing Melissa Wasi and I heard the sound of massage growling, somebody was getting a deep work massage and I waited until his session was over to book one for myself. That's how I met Sean West and I was lucky to book 2 sessions with him. Deep work on key areas, I feel he helped heal passages of my childhood and past lives, and he showed up because I was ready to do the challenging work, which is for awaking warriors. Go West!

  • Rachel Lewis   August 03, 2015

      Best massage I have ever had

    Sean West was instrumental in helping my body heal from 20 years of chronic illness. While visiting Pisaq for three months I had bi-weekly massages with Sean and he moved pain and blocks that I thought would be permanent damage that I would have to live with. Some of his techniques were worth every ounce of discomfort because he is the only person that has been able to bring life back to barely functioning limbs. He has a wonderful personality and made me feel comfortable from the first day we met. I can not recommend his work enough!! If you are looking for a massage in the Sacred Valley, he is the best around, hands down (this is coming from someone that has dealt with chronic pain my whole life and worked with more massage therapists than I can count). After 3 months of working with Sean, he helped tremendously with chronic pain, bringing sensation to limbs with neuropathy, moving energy blocks, moving bowel blocks, helped with detox, and tremendously improved my quality of life. I am back in the states and long to return to Pisaq, mostly for a massage with Sean!! Don't miss out!!

  • Vasumi Zjikaa   May 29, 2015

      Really goes there!!!

    My session with Sean was powerful and deep, he really does not hold back on accessing the places you most need work on... He is highly skilled and I came out of that session as a new person, with alignment I had only dreamed about for a few years, through quite a few sessions with others... Thankyou Sean you are a miracle worker and I love your friendly and caring manner...

  • The Garden of Peace, Ayahuasca & Master Plant Center   May 22, 2015

      Master of his Craft

    Received a massage from Sean yesterday. He works deeply in the tissue and skillfully works out areas in the body that hold tension and trauma. He is able to do this in places you were unaware were even problem spots. The work is both physical and hugely energetic as well. Easily the best massage I have had. Highly recommended.

  • Dan Furst   March 17, 2015

      Going Deep, Right Through the Pain

    Sean West is hands down, or however else he places his hands, the finest massage artist I've been privileged to experience in 70 years of getting to work with dozens of fine practitioners. The Sacred Valley in Peru is blessed to have the combination of massage by Sean and herbal medicine, yoga and sacred dance by his wife Elise Weisinger. Sean's massages are not for the faint-hearted, as he goes deep into the tissues where the knottiest blocks, blind spots and other stones and stiffies are hiding in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies where they don't want to be found. Sean's purity and luminous heart -- I can't imagine a massage artist without these qualities treating as many clients as he does, and treating them so well -- make him a man of boundless energy, who has time to be an active leader of community as well. If you're near Cusco or the Sacred Valley, look up Sean West. Or fly him to wherever you are.

  • Denise Cooper   March 04, 2015

      Amazing Shiatsu Massage in Pisac!

    I have had several massages from Sean. They are deep and powerful - they clear so many energetic blocks. I believe so much in Sean's massages that I have incorporated them into our 7-Day Sacred Juice Cleanse Retreats in Pisac. He is a gifted bodyworker and I highly recommend him!

  • Thomas White Eagle   February 21, 2015

      A Great Guy and spiritual leader

    Sean is a great guy, a good caring spiritual leader. He is very busy offering his tarot and massage skills and there is a reason for it.....if you are in the Sacred Valley you should use it as an opportunity to work with him.

  • Ann Lasater   February 15, 2015

      Wish I was in Pisac now for one of Sean's massages

    When I visit Pisac, I always sign up for two of Sean's wonderful sessions per week. It really keeps the energy moving and contributes greatly to all the other healing work that happens in this special valley. I have been a bodyworker for many long years and tried many types of massage. Sean has a unique style and a special gift. You will definitely benefit and just feel better from a little time under his care.

  • Scott Montgomery   January 02, 2015

      A powerful, effective, intuitive healer

    The energies and intentions that Sean directs into his healing work are pure, and I would totally recommend anybody passing through the sacred valley to get ahold of Sean if you feel the call towards inner work.

  • Lauren Elizabeth   December 10, 2014

      The best massage

    I'm becoming a regular of Seans massages, definately the best Ive had. He knows exactly what hes doing and he gets the energy moving!

  • Tamara Gonzales   November 26, 2014

      massage and body work

    If you are in Pisac don't miss out. Sean's massage is is the best and has lasting results. Can't wait to return.

  • Pablitto Amaringo   November 12, 2014

      Long Dance Ceremony

    Sean has created a great space open to all and accommodating all with much love, respect and joy which is a rare thing considering that all participants end up flowering in their magic by the end of the ceremony, having arrived there by themselves, perhaps with a little help and much encouragement. If you hear about the next Long Dance be there to celebrate and connect, Sean is a genuine guide wizened by experience who has much joy, patience and love to share. Don't miss it ;)

  • William Johannes Pakkala   November 11, 2014

      Affordable massage care

    I highly recommend Sean for any of his services. He's professional and has been at it for a long time.

  • Laura Macdonald   November 04, 2014

      Sean West Massage Master

    It is always an incredible experience to have a massage from Sean. He challenges you and then leads you on a journey like no other. Your body will be seriously grateful if you have a session with this master healer. Enjoy!

  • Martin Dixon-Tyrer   November 04, 2014


    Had several massages from Sean in the Sacred Valley. He is excellent. Very physical, somewhat uncomfortable at times (I named them "Guantanamo" massages ... pain but no bruises), but the results ... oh the results! My shoulder, which had been a problem for over 6 months, was improved within a week, and three months later is still much improved. You walk out of a Sean massage feeling lighter and better about life, physically with more energy and balance, and having listened to some great music. And conversation with Sean is always interesting. Highly recommended.

  • Diane Dunn   October 31, 2014

      the best!

    Sean gives the best massages that I have ever had. I go weekly. I highly recommend him.

  • silvia   October 31, 2014

      Amazing and powerful masseur

    I felt the benefits of Sean's massage straight away. Sean was able to tap into my blocked energy points and help me release tension. I lef the session feeling invigorated and full of energy. He is both a knowledgeable and intuitive masseur, making it a perfect combination. His years of experience show during his sessions and you can feel confident he knows exactly what he is doing! He does deep and powerful work and I would recommend him to anyone in need of his work 100%.

  • Nora Dunn   October 31, 2014

      Deep massage like nothing I've had before

    Sean will find spots on you that you didn't think were problems, until he works through them! Sean is intuitive, he does deep (yet gentle) work, and he gets the energy flowing throughout your body. Thanks, Sean!

  • ana   October 31, 2014


    Hace años que me traté con Sean, recibí masaje y tarot. Por encima de todo recuerdo su entusiasmo y vitalidad, asi como su empatía y capacidad para conectar con la persona. Me gustaba mucho su lenguaje en la lectura de tarot, me recordaba la belleza de la vida, con sus luces y sombras. ¡ Un bello ser con quien tratarse ! Mil besosSean.

  • mark   October 31, 2014

      Awesome Insights!

    Had a great tarot card reading with Sean! Amazingly insightful guidance. Stunning actually. Can't wait to head south for another adventure and visit with Sean. -Mark McMahon, Tucson AZ

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