Casa de la Madre Ayahuasca Healing Center

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About The Teacher

Casa de la Madre has been operating and assisting people heal and learn since late 2009. Cielo, the owner and manager of the center has been constantly in Peru dieting, studying and working with ayahuasca and the teaching and healing plants of the Amazon since 2009.
Cielo learnt and grew to understand to be able to work as she does now after living and training with indigenous healers throughout the Amazon. She also managed a large center, The Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos, Peru in 2009. 

After working with big groups of up to 30 people to set 12 day retreats at the temple she realised that was not the way she saw how the medicine needed to work. So since then in her intimate guesthouse works with no more than 10 people and is flexible with dates as to allow each person to heal and learn at their own pace. 

At Casa de la Madre they offer strong safe ceremonies  of ayahuasca and master plant dietas, healings and teaching catered individually to each person.
Cielo is a very down to earth person full of love, compassion and understanding. With more than 30 plant dietas and 11 years of constant experience she is very focused on each person who chooses to come to Casa de la Madre.
The guesthouse is set on the very edge of the lake in Yarinacocha just out of Pucallpa Peru.
From December to April is known as the wet season and contra to belief it does not rain continuously. We may have a day or two of rain then a week or two of dry. But it is certainly gorgeous during this (contact info blocked) green and quiet.
They offer strong clear ayahuasca ceremonies, master plant diets and specific healing work using the medicinal plants of the Amazon jungle.
William Llerena Murayari is the resident curendero. He is 54 years old born in Iquitos and has lived in Pucallpa for the past 25 years.
He was an arts teacher of music and painting before becoming a curendero 25 years ago. Now he is a maestro of music painting and an incredible healer. His ceremonies are strong and beautiful filled with love and healing and his musicality brings such beauty as well.
He is connected with the Amazonian traditions of medicine through the linage of his kokoma indian grandfather and his own father as well.
He is a dedicated family man with three beautiful children and a devoted to his wife.
Included for your stay:
~3 ceremonies a week (more available on request)
~Flower baths
~Airport pick up and drop off
~Private room
~Individual consultations with curenderos
~All meals freshly prepared with fruit and vegetables fresh fish and local chicken
~Fruits and teas available all day
~Translations if required.
~Assistance with tourist activities with english speaking guide such as outings to local villages, markets,shopping,galleries etc if you like.

Master plant dietas on application and consultation.

To prepare for your visit you will need to start cleaning your body so to immerse into the work more easily. To do this it is best to avoid certain foods and substances for at least 2 weeks beforehand.
~Fried foods
~Red meats
~Overly spicy foods
~Recreational drugs
Eat fresh fruit and vegetables chicken and fish cooked simply.
What you need to bring with you.
~Light cotton clothes
~A pullover
~At least 1 set of long light coloured pants and shirt. Mosquitos are attracted to dark colours.
~Personal toiletries
~Insect repellant
~Small flash light for ceremonies
~Books to read ( we do have an extensive library as well)
~Book and pen to Journal
~ Art supplies if inclined
~ Extra cash for tips and tourist activities etc.
$1050 US per week
$1950 US per fortnight
$3700US  per month
Price for master plant dieta on request and consultation.

We ask for a 50% deposit to hold your space as we are a small center.
Refund is available if cancelled one month ahead of the booking date.
You will be given a questionaire on your health issues at the time of booking.
Im sure you will have questions and im happy to answer you whenever you ask.
Email: (contact info blocked)
Big hugs
Love Cielo Tierra

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  • Wendy Garvin   March 19, 2018

      Medicine with Integrity

    At CDLM i have experienced the strongest healing of all my ceremonies in all retreats I have sat in. Because Cielo works with the maestros at her centre on a personal level for her own work, she uses maestros she trusts in the medicine. I have always felt very safe with her care and compassion in the medicine. Her very interesting life background also allows her to create a non judgemental healing space for her guests. She is a very knowledgeable woman in her own right about not only Ayahuasca, but other medicinal plants and methods of detoxifying and healing used in the jungle. Additionally, hanging out in a tree house surrounded by Lake Ucayali with dolphins and Amazonian sunsets, (dont forget the monkeys) it's a lovely place to heal and learn. Couldn't recommend Cielo and her Casa any more. My stay there changed my life...

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Am opportunity to deepen my practice..thank you Lilliane

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