Lizelle Arzuaga

About The Teacher

Yoga Master and Ayurvedic therapist is a wellness professional facilitator and creator of Sanadhi yoga method, a yoga section designing method for yoga therapist registered by Yoga alliance and used by many yoga therapist in the world and she is a passionate therapist.

Discover nearly two decades the healing power of yoga practices and personal experience decided to dedicate his life to spreading the benefits as therapy to as many people as possible. Lizelle directs Samadhi Yoga Institute facilitates yoga program for children at La Casa Montessori and has a private practice of yoga therapy that specializes in clinical applications to specific health conditions. He lives in San Juan with her 10 year old daughter Victoria Solé.

"As a consultant to large companies learned a lot about the situations and problems that afflict and sicken our people, all in one way or another share the same problems and challenges, I also learned that the main thing, the easiest thing is what works best for around the world. " After this experience that lets you play over 20,000 people in the country is devoted entirely to the study and facilitating Yogatherapy Convinced that through self-management of health and education, we can change our entrono in a radical way, traveling extensively to refine their practice and train with some of the best teachers in the world in this field.

Case Samadhi Yoga Institute in 2000 with a vision in mind; "Must have yoga everywhere, in every school, every park, every hospital and care center elderly, should not be limited to those who can, should be given to all who breathe and want to be happy and free, this practice I changed my and can change the world. they are simple techniques and accesibleas for any person with any body type, any kind of belief, with or without education. "

The legacy, the pioneer in the field and in the dissemination of information in the media (radio, press and television) about the benefits of this practice vision-. (See curriculum)

Lizelle has trained hundreds of teachers to facilitate yoga for adults and children who in turn have implemented these programs in many districts of our island and there are teachers facilitating this style of yoga in over 12 countries worldwide.

Samadhi Yoga Institute has given over 35,000 lessons to their community with their offer first free class and is home to the Organization BREATHE nonprofit organization that seeks to address populations with challenging social, health and economic benefits of the practice yoga.

This year begins a new project in Peru establishing another Samadhi Yoga headquarters in Lima, which has already trained 15 teachers from 5 countries they represent. Travel to Peru to work on outreach projects and work with the Peruvian Association of Permaculture collaborating on a program integrating yoga therapy and Permaculture as a sustainable way of life for self permanenecia and communities of all types of modules integrating ecology, nutrition , education, finance and others. "The Peru project has given me the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and tools to bring Puerto Rico and continue my mission of service to my Latin American community"

"If you breathe you can cultivate your inner wisdom to bring more love and compassion to your life, this is the most powerful force in the universe."

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