Estella Pangosa Sinacay

About The Teacher

Estella was born just a short canoe ride from the isolated Amazonian town of Puerto Firmesa, deep in the heart of Shipibo territory.

She began her training under the guidance of her grandfather in her early teens, ‘dieting’ with scores of medicinal plants, in preparation for her work with Ayahuasca. She has since completed over 15 yrs of plant ‘dietas’, including with some very powerful plants that others normally shy away from using but when mastered, provide a very powerful form of protection.

SAM_1797There have been many accomplished ‘Curanderos’ in her family stretching back for countless generations and she prides herself in being very ‘correct’ with all of her work with Ayahuasca, the ceremonies and the plant ‘dietas’.

She is highly regarded in her field and because of this , she has been invited to work in several of the more well-known local healing centers, The Temple of the Way of Light and also Nihue Rao being amongst them.

Her specialty is keeping the ceremonial space as clean and safe as possible, free from uninvited ‘guests’ such as darker spirits or ‘brujos’ that sometimes try to enter the maloka during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Her work with the medicinal plant ‘dietas’ that we provide for many of our guests is second-to-none, always using the selected plants as fresh as possible, preparing plant baths using the same plant and then regularly checking on each guest to see how deep the said plant is ‘settling in’.

The more I work with her, the more impressed I am with her encyclopedic knowledge of the medicinal plants and her boundless enthusiasm for helping and healing people which is undoubtedly her true calling.

I sincerely hope she will be working with us at Dreamglade far into the future.

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  • -   March 07, 2017

      Powerful healer

    I took part in 5 ceremonies at Dreamglade with Estella at the end of 2015. She's a powerful Shipibo woman with decades of experience. She didn't speak English while I was there, and even with a translator she didn't respond to people's questions with much information/advice. Instead, she seemed to leave people to have a direct experience with the medicine & find their own answers. Her cemonies were life changing for me and I'd highly recommend visiting her if you can. Truly a powerful, authentic and stoic Curandera.

Just remain in the Center, watching. And then forget that you are there. Lao Tzu

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