Isabel Cali

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About The Teacher

Isabel is shamanic practioner and energy light worker who has studied plants medicines under several shamans and medicine teachers of different traditions in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil since 2007. She is the founder of the One Light Tribe community in the San Francisco Bay Area and hosts various retreats, circles and events, including cacao ceremonies. She is also a yoga instructor and long time yoga practioner, certified in Iyengar and Kundalini. She also practices Polarity therapy and other healing work. Currently, Isabel organizes Ayahuasca retreats in the Napo region in the upper amazon of Ecuador with Don Luis Andi and Don Juan Andi Vargas at the Pasourcu-Napusamai Ayahuasca Lodge. She is also creating a retreat center in San Marcos La Laguna., Lago Atitlán, Guatemala and will hold retreats there soon.

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  • Seth Whitaker   February 07, 2019

      A trusted and brilliant guide

    Isabel is an incredible guide, leader and friend. She approaches her healing work with great dedication and respect for the local cultures and plants from which these medicines come. When working with Isabel, there is no ego involved: rather than acting like a "guru" or prescribing treatments, she works as a close partner and ally, ushering me along the healing path, opening doors for me to walk through. She has encyclopedic knowledge of healing modalities and holds space with a kind authority that is rare among healers. Isabel is an emotional rock for her tribe; healing work can be difficult and messy, and Isabel provides an absolutely safe and secure atmosphere to do this work. I have seen Isabel grow into a powerful leader over the years, and yet she has maintained a softness that makes her so approachable. I am honored that I was able to join her first guided trip to Ecuador, and her partnership with the family should be the model for all groups looking to work with indigenous peoples. She has partnered with them to build a gorgeous retreat center, completely focused on helping people do this important work in a safe, comfortable, and sustainable environment. She is the "mama bear" for her tribe and I consider myself so fortunate to have opportunities to deepen my spiritual practices with her and this beautiful community she has nurtured. I cannot speak highly enough about Isabel and the work she does.

  • Joy Kerry   January 21, 2019

      love this woman

    I met Isabel through friends I had sat with in ceremony in Peru. I have experienced both profound openings thru Isabel's cacao ceremonies and journeyed with her to Ecuador to sit in 6 ceremonies with the Grandmother medicine. Isabel has a high level of integrity and I am grateful to have felt safe with her as the lead connecting me to the tribe in the Amazon. Blessings to continuous expansion of conscious on this planet.

  • Louise Baranowski   January 21, 2019

      Fantastic community

    Isabel has made it possible for many people to get enlightened as she has before us. She has created a space for people to take care of themselves and grow through the medicine. It has made easy for us to journey and Isabel has shared her jungle experiences and taken us to meet her Sharman. I have the utmost respect for the community she has introduced me to. So grateful Louise

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