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Thomas White Eagle is a natural born shaman and healer.  

Shaman, Healer, Wizard, Mystical Expert, Lemurian High Priest and Ascended Master.  His healing practices and sacred plant ceremonies are a mix of high vibrational energy, high consciousness awareness and trans-cultural shamanism with a modern  twist.

He offers retreats and mystical tours in various locations around the world. He also offers training for healers and those who wish to undertake a shamanic path.

HIs interest include study of magic, fertility and longevity related subjects.

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italiano, Polski, some French.

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  • Terence   February 04, 2019

      BEWARE - Thomas is no Shaman, HE is a Conman

    As with another review published by Tekjot Love dated Nov 12, 2017, Thomas 'White Eagle' cancelled the retreat 2 days before it was to take place without reason. He then offered to refund the airfare and suggested alternate dates but he never paid us back and his tone in his emails had become more condescending. We agreed on his suggested alternate dates for the retreat but he would come back with other dates. We had paid a considerable amount of money for 4 persons and have a record of all our email exchanges. Thomas is dishonest and we would advise others to AVOID him and not pay him a penny.

  • Nancy Audette   June 07, 2018

      A one of a kind experience

    Thomas is a wise man. He is knowledgeable and will happily share if asked. For first time westerners, not overly spiritual, Thomas was the perfect combination of western approach with spirituality for us. He is clearly adapting to his clients, acting differently with the energy of each person. I wish we would have stayed in a location more connected to nature for a better experience however. We both had profound learning experiences with a constant support and presence from Thomas. I felt secured and in good hands. We recommend Thomas without any ounce if doubt.

  • Tekjot Love   November 12, 2017

      He took my money, canceled my retreat, still no refund!

    Thomas “White Eagle” took my money and then canceled my retreat. As a single woman traveling alone, I asked him some precautionary suggestions regarding best way to deal with money (bringing or withdrawing at ATM), phone service options and a few other practical things when traveling to another country. He was pleasant enough until he got my money and then disregarded anything I had to say with, “I don’t know. Maybe.” He then decided to cancel the retreat and made it look like he was sincere and was refunding me, stringing me along, but he never intended to and hasn’t. He ignores phone calls and WhatsApp messages and only communicates by email, if he feels like it. The last emails I sent him were well over his ‘30-day refund policy period’. I inquired about the refund. He responded “sorry still pending”. I asked him what he meant and if he was referring to Paypal. I simply explained he needed to reissue the refund, because the first attempt with Paypal expired. He did not respond to this last email and I have not been refunded. I sent the last email October 26th. This all began Sept 5th when he cancelled the retreat two days before I was to fly out. He obviously knew Paypal’s policy that a transaction made as a personal gift could not be disputed (only payments for services or products can be disputed, but Paypal will not advertise this tiny, important detail). Yes, I sent the payment as a gift to avoid him having to pay fees for services. Dumb and trusting I was. When he issued the refund there was no money is his bank account, so it was in perpetual pending status with Paypal. After two weeks of lack of funds in Thomas’ bank account, Paypal “removed” the refund transaction. He needed to reissue the refund, but conveniently chose not to and kept the money.

  • Kazik Lewandowski   September 04, 2017

      Life changing

    Thomas is a very talented shaman, and overall a really cool guy. He is extremely caring and gets to know his clients personal needs and helps them take the necessary steps to start or continue their path to healing. Do your research and go in with an open mind and you will not be disappointed. He did an awesome job explaining the entire process at our retreat, in a way westerners can relate to. I look forward to working with Thomas again!

  • Timur   August 30, 2017

      Awesome Experience

    So it's obviously a little bit nerve racking to commit to place your soul in the hands of a stranger, arguably based on nothing besides reviews written by other strangers. Gladly, we followed our intuition and let it override the inherent resistance. We had an awesome experience. The medicine is legit and Thomas has a lot of very interesting insight to share. If you are reading this review and deciding on whether to take the leap. Do it.

  • anastasios tsirikos   August 13, 2017

      Ayahuasca ceremony

    I joined an ayahuasca retreat for 2 nights, first night for a tobacco ceremony, second night for the ayahuasca ceremony, in Ikaria. The island is beautiful. The ceremony, on the other hand, did not have any effect at all on me, except throwing up and bowel movement. The shaman did not strike me as a knowledgeable one, as he steered away from any conversation about the effects of the plant chemicals on human biology, and only used vague concepts like <<cleansing energies>>.

  • Sarah Luterbach   April 02, 2017

      The Change

    This experience has changed me. I advise everyone to make a ayahuasca ceremony. Since the ceremony I see the life with other eyes, I feel a deep inner peace and an inner security so I have less effort to make decisions. I experience daily an inner love that carries me. Thomas was very nice and caring. During the ceremony he was always at my side and gave me the security I needed. The location was a comfortable oasis. The villa had a beautiful garden with a great pool. The world would be a different one when everyone would make such a spiritual experience like this.

  • Mart   February 12, 2017

      A journey has started

    I'm a very science orientated person. Probably not the typical ayahuasca practitioner. Vice President of a multinational company, elite age group athlete, health and sports nut. But I've a very curious mind. I've done an apnea course to learn more about my breathing, cold submersion combined with breathing for DMT release, hanging upside down for ages, squatting for hours and tons of courses and retreats to learn something from all different kinds of sports, movement, meditation, yoga, health, nutrition, etc. I did a bit of research and talked to a few people who have done ayahuasca ceremonies. Most of them were confronted with unpleasant moments/situations/people from their past, others saw their death, etc. All pleasant/unpleasant or not were very happy that they have done it, learned something, could solve some problems and all recommend it and want to do it again. During the 3 ayahuasca ceremonies I did not experience anything of what I mentioned above other people have commented. According to Thomas I got an "elephant dose" in relation with my extremely strong mind and body. That's the great thing with Thoma's small group approach. Instead of one size fits it all it is highly individualised and very well guided and explained. I saw a few "movies" when I closed my eyes, lost a bit of nerve control (dancing limbs), and saw objects flying with open eyes in one session. At all times I felt being in control and Thomas perfectly supervising and supporting where needed. During the 2nd and 3rd session I kind of had the feeling that this is it, you are an extremely happy and fortunate person, that is your life, you successfully graduated and are ready for the next level. The movies stopped and became blank. I actually was a bit disappointed as I had expected a bit more "action". What I felt is a being more "loose" in all aspects, muscles, joints, ligaments, soul, mind, etc. (especially after the tobacco sessions). But this is not the end of the story. Thomas had already told me that this is not a sprint but a marathon and that my journey just began. The day after the last session I did one of my regular training sessions which is a combination of running and pulling strength. I couldn't believe my eyes. I increased my pulling strength by 14% and my heartbeat in a referenced running practice was 8% lower at the same speed. Of course this was not a lab controlled environment, I lost some weight during the retreat due to the diet which benefits pulling strength and running and I rested/slept well for the 10 days. But even taking out 50% it is still an amazing improvement for an elite age group athlete. I especially contribute it to feeling more "loose" and to be more in sync with myself. Now, 3 weeks later I'm still holding my gains, I sleep very well and somehow I feel less stressed. I've always handled stress very well but somehow I have even improved a bit further. I've always been very happy with my life and now I'm even a little bit more happy. In short, Ayahuasca/tobacco did not provide me with a mind-blowing experience. It confirmed that I'm already on the right track and whatever I do I even do it 5% better now in a broader context. I'm already planning my next retreat. I'm a marathoner in everything and not a sprinter. The journey is going well and I'm very curious what else is out there. I don't know what and where but I'll find it one day. If anyone wants to get into contact with me for a further exchange of ideas please contact Thomas and I'll come back to you. Let our souls connect in peace, love and harmony.

  • Ben Wakefield   January 30, 2017

      Tobacco and Ayahuasca Ceremonies

    I have never felt better than during the ceremonies lead by Thomas. The experiences were calm and and very personal. Everything was explained clearly beforehand and any questions were answered in detail. I'm looking forward to joining the next retreat!

  • Chloe Manier   November 27, 2016

      Thank you Thomas White Eagle

    Thank you Thomas White Eagle for the amazing experience of being our Shaman for the sacred healing ceremonies of Tobacco and Ayahuasca. My sister and I did our healing retreat recently in Bali, Indonesia and we are so very grateful to Thomas for his expertise and professional skills. Making this a very sacred experience! Thomas is very friendly and down to earth and we both felt a lovely connection with him who made us feel very welcome. He took good care of us too through the whole process of this spiritual journey. I highly recommend doing a retreat with Thomas White Eagle of Dharma Mystical Tours for anyone wanting to work on themselves, to let go of unresolved emotional issues and have a deeper connection with their spiritual selves and Mother Nature in a beautiful natural environment on Earth through a sacred ceremony.

  • Mike   November 13, 2016

      Magical Experience

    I attended a 10 day retreat in Bali with Thomas. With fun and professional attitude at all times, Thomas led us (a small group of 3) trough the retreat. Because of the great preparation with cleansing in advance, there was no vomiting in the ayahuasca ceremonies. I felt safe at all stages and he was very pro - active and helped me out when i challenging tricky situations in the ceremonies. Great choice of the place, great ceremonies, in total an amazing experience!

  • Brandon Tay   November 05, 2016

      Bali Retreat

    Thomas is a master shaman who I would recommend for anyone wanting to be initiated into the world of the plant medicines of Tabacco and Ayahuasca. He is the master of enacting the right action, in the right time in the sacred space in a modern,direct way that would open you to the reality of our magical world. Outside of the ceremonial environment, he's a humorous, knowledgeable guy that's always open to answering questions, assuring doubts, and providing context to what could be an overwhelming experience for most. Highly recommended.

  • Inken Piller-Scheitler   October 05, 2016

      Amazing Retreat

    My husband and I spent a wonderful week in the swiss alps with Thomas and we can just highly recommend his retreats. Love, kindness, passion , humour 😄 and intelligence combined in the shamanic work in the ceremonies as well as in the free time or while being outside in magical nature together. All of that makes this highly healing retreat very round. The effects of it will go on for a long time in our lifes while more and more truth and healing is being revealed. Thank you Thomas and see you again soon!!! ❤️

  • eloise chan   August 23, 2016

      10 Days Ayahuasca Ceremony in Ikaria, Greece

    This is the first ayahuasca ceremony in my life and everything (the setting, people, guidance and vibration) was fantastic! 非常好的体验,萨满的设立的环境氛围都literally无与伦比,在太平洋旁边的海滩上做的仪式,过程中看到了很多流星,银河,整个岛的氛围非常治愈,Thomas提供的死藤水质量也非常好!It was way more than what I expected! Thomas is such an open minded, serious, humorous, skillful and respectful shaman! Truly a trans-cultural shamanism with a modern twist! Highly recommended.

  • Andrés Palacios   May 16, 2016

      Just Magnificent!! More than what I expected

    This was one of my greatest experience, I feel like a new person, very grateful for the experience and forward to meet again, thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • Ian Signer   May 02, 2016


    I attended a 1-week Ayahuasca retreat with Thomas in Ecuador that has deeply transformed my life. The respect with which he treats the medicine, his kindness and attention to the process, and his compassion for the participants was inspirational. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. A true healer and deeply connected shaman.

  • Nicole Quintavalle   May 01, 2016


    I received this out-of-this-world deep healing session yesterday called Chi Nei Tsang from Thomas White Eagle Águila Blanca and I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels stuck in any way on any level, it has freed up so much energy in me that I was unconsciously suppressing in my organs. I can truly say I feel a freedom in me that I have never felt before, and it shows in the healing work that I perform on others as well. Thank you so much for your very caring and profound work.

  • Alan Hughes   February 24, 2016

      Highly recommended

    We had a great ceremony with Thomas, I highly recommend it !

  • Ausia Be Love   January 28, 2016

      Pisaq Peru

    I spent time with Thomas White Eagle in and near by Pisaq, Peru. He facilitated a tobacco ceremony and an ayahuasca ceremony for myself and a friend. He is very professional in his work, yet also very friendly and casual, comfortable to be around. He hosted us in his home as if we were old friends. His guidance during the ceremonies was gentle and pure. He recommended for us to do the tobacco ceremony first as a true purging process. I had never heard of this before and I am grateful for his guidance into this. I felt a deep connection to the tobacco spirit through drinking the tobacco tea. This experience brought up many deep shadows and was very healing for me. The ayahuasca ceremony was beautiful. The location and space felt sacred and clean. Pisaq has to be one of the most beautiful, powerful places to take ceremony. It was a pleasure to wake up in this environment and have space to process the healings. I am also grateful to Thomas that he has maintained a connection with me since this meeting. He is truly a beautiful, caring soul with pure intention.

  • Marek Krzyzowski   January 27, 2016

      Deep transformation in Urubamba - Sacred Valley.

    I had very good one month retreat in Urubamba with Thomas W.E in 2015. His is great shaman. I met Tabaco, Ayahuasca and more things/plants he used to heal me. Even I did not understand his way to heal me, after all I can say it was perfect. I really recommend him. Whole experience really transformed me. I was a bit sceptic about whole thing but I had" ayahuasca call". During ceremonies I realized that shaman is not only person who give you a brew. Many times Thomas react on things happening in "my head/mind" on the ceremony. It was really amazing and inexplicable. He is a professional healer. Thank you Thomas!

  • Kenton David Bell   January 19, 2016

      Transformation In Ecuador....

    I was in desperate need of some healing and transformation! All of a sudden I had a window of time open up from busy USA life. I needed to find an Ayahausca Shaman and retreat in the next few days and get down to Ecuador. I tried getting in touch with a few different retreat options but the only one who got back to me in a timely fashion was Thomas White Eagle. Being a healer and intuitive myself, I immediately felt this man has integrity and wisdom. I was very accurate. One of the pitfalls of going to South America and working with a shaman in plant medicine ceremonies is that many of the indigenous shamans' have alcohol problems. I don't want to work with a shaman who is not clear when you are truly putting yourself and soul/ spirit in their hands!!! Thomas is very clear and walks a clear, ever expanding path. He also understands the importance of this. We had ceremonies on the beach in the Puerto Lopez area of Ecuador. The transformation the occurred for me was beyond words. I highly recommend Thomas White Eagle to anyone who is seeking a truly High Vibrational Transformational Experience!!! Thomas and I are now life long friends, this is mainly due to his character, vision and wisdom. I consider him a brother and someone who was MOST instrumental in a deeply personal process that very well saved my life when I needed it the most!!! Thomas, thank you, thank you, thank you.... love kenton

  • Joyula Reign-Himbert   December 16, 2015

      Tabacco and Ayahuasca ceremony.

    I want to thank Thomas White Eagle for the healing ceremonies of the Tobacco and Ayahuasca. Thomas White Eagle was our shaman for this healing retreat. I cannot thank you enough Thomas for sharing your shamanic skills with us. The Ayahuasca was excellent and created quite a healing and spiritual journey for me.The Tabacco cleansing was certainly a purging of my body and mind. The music of your flute and the drums and your heart felt singing only added to the journey. You provided us with such a wonderful retreat, with the beautiful house and private rooms with bathrooms and the beautiful and peaceful environment of the Yunguilla Valley in Ecuador. and the privacy was outstanding. We ate only up lifting foods and with just the right amount of vegetables, fresh fruits and juices. At the end of the journey Thomas prepared for us wonderful fresh croissants, fresh made cheese, fruits, eggs, and fruit juice, and fresh teas. I felt an energetic connection to your loving heart Thomas and your giving and compassion made the journey so much easier. You took such good care of us and i want to thank you.

  • Stefan Welinsky   March 12, 2015

      Tobacco ceremony

    The tobacco ceremony with Thomas was the most purifying experience I ever had. The process is a little disgusting, but not as much as I thought. After I felt younger, relaxed and completely cleansed. Now I feel the tobacco still inside me, as a helping and cleansing force.

  • Nico   February 24, 2015

      Humble and full of love

    I known many "shamans" in my my trips around Peru but Thomas is a rare example of humility and passion. I'll always grateful for his teachings! Thanks Man! p.s: he speaks fluently many languages!

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