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The main part of the discovery of Rebirthing took about 10 to 15 years, starting in 1962. The giant leap occurred in 1974-1975.

In 1973 I gave a spiritual psychology seminar. There, I talked about the birth memories that I had been having since 1962 in my bathtub and most of the people attending wanted to have birth memories too. I told them to get into their bathtubs and sit there until they felt it was time to get out. Then, to stay in the tub 30 minutes to an hour longer. The feeling that we must get out is an urgency barrier. Every time we sit through an urgency barrier we get a fantastic realization about ourselves and we learn about another program that is controlling us. This was the beginning of the Rebirthing movement. This was the first technique of Rebirthing: to just sit and meditate in the bathtub through an urgency barrier.

Most of the people in the seminar group tried this experiment and had such powerful emotional releases and spiritual revelations that they wished someone had been there to talk with them about what was happening to them. I volunteered. I experimented with Rebirthing people this way. It was very powerful. I was just sitting by the bathtub while they were relaxing in the bathtub. Something about the safety of my presence caused them to have spontaneous regressions and powerful spiritual experiences.

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