About The Teacher

He is a healer in Aymara Andean and Qichwa tradition, he practices different indigenous rituals which have brought him to different places to cure people. Some of these ritual practices are: Ayahuaska and Achuma (San Pedro) ceremonies. He is the current Bolivian Sun-Moon Dance Chief; Specializes also in offerings to the Pachamama, knowing the power of each sacred mountain to cure patients, etc. One of his greatest wisdom is the reading of the coca leaf, with which he can read all his patients' lives, able to locate the source of their problems. He is part of the councils of healers, which runs temples and sacred places, restoring very ancient ritual practices. He also plays traditional indigenous music and sacred songs when he leads Achuma and Ayawaska ceremonies. Like all Sacha Runa Healers, he practices with Love, Surrender and Devotion, utmost respect and care for his patients.

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  • Gerald Ortiz   April 12, 2017

      Quality shamanism

    Late last month I attended a long dance healing ceremony with San Pedro near La Paz led by Tupak Wayra Runa who works with Casa Ajayu. I am forever grateful to Wayra for leading with the right balance of care and confidence that we would all get through the ceremony and learn from the experience. His love and passion for the Aymara healing knowledge really shows and the ceremony was as authentic as I hoped. I only wish I would have been able to take part in the larger program! Being a musician, I can also say the role the music played was important and of the highest quality. It felt like each song had it’s place and matched the energy of the circle. The experience has left a mark and I feel like it’s only the beginning of a better understanding of my roots, my journey, and the love of the universe. Infinitamente gracias, y hasta la próxima Wayra. Jallalla hermano!

  • Mathias Dullaers   October 04, 2016

      Amazing healer

    I had some difficult experiences, but the result is fantastic. Wayra told me to don't let walk over me in life and after some months I can say that I succeeded. At the end of the retreat Wayra knows your problems and helps you with it. You can ask personal advice during the retreat. The ceremonies are very traditional and with lots of love! Aho

  • joshlep   April 01, 2016

      A true healer

    An amazing healer, a strong soul with a soft heart. Guided us through a peaceful and touching San Pedro ceremony. A real connection was felt by all

  • Crystal Deva   October 08, 2015

      Ancestral Roots

    Wayra is experienced and knowledgeable shaman and you can trust that your safe in his hands. His ancestry is directly connected and you can feel this in him and in his ceremonies. His heart is open to help you and heal you just surrender.......

  • Zen Fabrice   October 06, 2015

      Wayra ... the one who holds wisdom

    Cultural authenticity, spirituality and humbleness .. These are the words that come to my mind when I think of Wayra. This man deeply touched my heart and the heart of those who were in the Amazon, at the Solstice Long Dance and Pilgrimage to Island of the Sun. Thank you for your kindness! Amor y luz

  • Ne'ith Arrow   September 28, 2015

      Leadership and Respect

    I was surprised at first at how young this great man is. But this is only skin deep. Below the surface lives the ancient wisdom, deep respect and humility necessary to work with the Medicines. I look forward to learning with and from mi Hermano!

  • choi   June 16, 2015

      retiro chamanico 2015

    Mi experience de 3 semanas de retiro chamanico con Felipe, Wara y Wayra fue realmente extraordinaria. Los dos sitios de la selva y de Allmakiri estan grandiosos para hacer el trabajo con las plantas maestras, y la peregrinacion en la isla del Sol... indescriptible de belleza. En la selva, mama Ayahuasca aceptanos en su casa. Todas la vibraciones de la medicina, y de los seres de la selva permiten una armonizacion despacio y profunda de nuestras vibraciones. El proceso del retiro me dio mas respuestas que creia llegar sobre mi vida spiritual y interior. Cada ceremonia se desarrollaba en total seguridad fisica y mental con nos chamanes que acompanaron nosotros. Ellos adaptaban el contexto con nuestras capacidades de recepcion y de comprehension. Sus corazones abiertos que se expresen en los maravillosos cantos nos guiaban en los planos sutiles con una cuerda de seguridad. No es posible de faltar la peregrinacion en la isla del sol, este sagrado sitio con el abuelito San Pedro, que abre nuestra conciencia a proposito de la magnificiencia de la pachamama que podemos sentir en todo nuestro cuerpo. La ceremonia final de la baila con el San Pedro y que termina con el temazcal en el sitio de Allkamari, es el mas grandioso momento del retiro, con un real renacimiento al mundo que habiamos preparado durante todo el retiro. Terminé el retiro, regenerada, como una otra persona, me sentio mas cerca de lo que soy, mas cerca de mi ser real, con una nueva vision del mundo. Los otros hermanos de nuestro circulo y los chamanes han participado por mucho a todo el proceso, y redescubrimos los lazos invisibles pero tanto fuerte que nos unen. Solo puedo anadir gracias a las personas que participaban a este cambio, a esta iniciacion, que quiero profundizar mas... el trabajo nunca esta terminado!!!! Allaya! Caroline C. (la mariposa)

  • Juan Macome   March 22, 2015

      Tupak Wayrna Runa, Master of Ceremonies

    Both at the Kiva Temple in Allkamari and at the Jungle Retreat in Wizard Mountain I have been fortunate enough to spend some time getting acquainted with this great Aymara Priest. He is truly a master of ceremonies, and a living landstone for his people's knowledge and traditions. I am deeply grateful for his leading role in Ayahuasca and San Pedro Ceremonies, and I have also been under his direction in the Sun-Moon Dance and the Puma-Katari Pilgrimage in the Sun Island of the Titicaca Lake. I have developed an intense love and devotion for this particular shaman - his broad smile foreshadows his utmost care while running his ceremonies, and reveals a heart keen in healing a world that has much need of the ways of his people. I have no criticism nor could I have any while speaking of one of my masters - of the dozen of ceremonies in which we've been together there has never appeared something with which he could not deal, speaking of his deep training and his true understanding of the psychic forces acting within altered states of collectice consciousness. I recommend his guidance for any seeker hoping to enjoy the light of the plant teachers; I cannot say the same for the Sun-Moon Dance and the Puma-Katari pilgrimage, because he's actually the only Bolivian Shaman that can guide you!

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This sounds like a dream! I am an education student and I have spent way too much time working all summer to pay for school. My boyfriend of 5 years is a government firefighter and has been away working most of the summer. His 30th Birthday and our 6th anniversary is coming up this winter, we would love to celebrate with a yoga retreat! We both love yoga but have barley had time to practice in the past few months. Keeping our fingers crossed! Jaimee and Dan

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