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Born in 1981, Carolina began her path with Ayahuasca in 2010.  In 2011 she moved to the Peruvian Amazon to begin a deep journey of personal healing.  She has been undergoing traditional plant dietas since 2012 with a number of different master plants, and eventually went on to support many others in their healing journeys, where she gained a deep level of knowledge and experience in supporting varying levels of traumas.  

In 2014, Carolina moved to the Cusco region of the Peruvian Andes and began working with her Shipiba teachers from the Mahua lineage, dieting Noya Rao (The Tree of Light).  For Carolina, this was the teacher plant she had always been waiting to meet.  The level of traumas she has healed inside of herself carry through in her icaos, and it is often expressed that they have a unique way of helping others to access and heal similar deep layers inside themselves.  

She is highly intuitive and her instincts consistently guide her to the roots of that which people have come to heal. Her icaros help to remove any blockages that prevent the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies from aligning in harmony.

Carolina is a compassionate, gentle, yet strong woman who wants nothing more than to see people reach their highest expression and truest potential in this life.  

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  • Chelsea Irwin   March 24, 2016

      Beautiful Facilitator, Beautiful Soul

    Words cannot express how wonderful it was having Carolina as my facilitator, friend, and sister during one of the most intense and deeply healing journeys I have been through in my life. I first met Carolina randomly in Pisac and it became very clear that she was someone I could trust when working with this medicine. She invited me to the women's retreat that she and Naomi facilitated in October 2015 and also suggested that I stay for a plant diet she and her husband, Pedro, had organized. Initially, I only planned to stay for the 10-day retreat and 5 additional ceremonies of the plant dieta, but I ended up staying for the entire duration (over 1 month) of the dieta because of the overwhelming love and support Carolina provided and the amazing healing I was receiving from the maestra and the medicine. I went through several incredibly difficult ceremonies and each time I was struggling, Carolina was by my side coaching me through it, telling me it was all going to be ok, encouraging me to stand up to whatever it was inside of me that was pushing me down, and really let go of the pain I was holding on to. She empowered me by encouraging me to help myself heal through singing and connecting to the medicine, as she had done. Anyone who knows Carolina knows that she has a special relationship to the medicine and an overwhelming need inside of herself to share this incredible healing power with others, and of specific importance - fellow women. Her women's retreats open a beautiful space for female energy to flow powerfully and women to heal together, free from fear of judgement. I highly recommend jumping at any opportunity to attend one of her retreats to anyone who is considering working (or continuing to work) with ayahuasca. All of my love and light to you sister!

  • Aurianna Joy   March 24, 2016

      Truly in Service to the Light

    I first met Carolina when I attended a month-long ayahuasca retreat in August 2013 and I will be forever grateful for our having crossed paths because 2.5 years later she still lights up my life! Although I was confident in my decision to begin my work with ayahuasca, I was filled with insecurities and doubts about my own strength and abilities to face what was coming up, which Carolina quickly eased with her genuine, caring, and nurturing nature. I ended up staying at the retreat center where she worked for 6 months, and her presence during that time was key to me receiving the deep levels of healing that I did. Her ability to see deep beyond people's stories and egos along with her knowledge of how plant medicines work plus her endless compassion creates a safe space for us to explore ourselves with this sacred plant medicine in a way that is desperately needed by many of us coming from the western world. In October 2015 I visited Carolina again at her new center, Tree of Light Retreats, and was delighted to find that her stepping out on her own has allowed her gifts to flourish in a beautiful, heart opening way. When I come across people who are looking for a skilled guide to help them navigate their way through the sometimes confusing waters of medicine work, I always recommend them to the lovely Carolina. Thank you, sister, for all you do and for all you have given me. Thank you for seeing the best in all of us and helping us learn to do the same. I love you!

  • Amelia Neffati   March 23, 2016

      Dedicated and skillful woman of medicine.

    I have been on the retreat with Carolina in both the jungle and the Andes. Both retreats were powerful and transformative. Her ability to stay present to the process of others while continuing to stay present with her process is the way of the shaman. It was her choice to dedicate her efforts to women's groups so that women could have a positive supported experience. She has put in her medicine time. She does not compromise herself or the safety of the women she supports. She works with maestras that she has known and worked with before and centers that support intimate groups and she respects them so that retreats Have a feeling of an extended family.

  • Jemma Davies   April 14, 2015

      Carolina is an angel.

    I embarked on a 12 day Ayahuasca retreat and was so blessed to have Carolina as my facilitator. She has a wonderful gift of being extremely supportive but allowing you and encouraging you to really find your own strength and direction. I appreciated this deeply and feel it is a rare gift. Allowing people the space to move through their own healing without trying to fix them, tell them what to do or to change the process in any way takes great strength and a great depth of self knowledge. Carolina has all this and more. She inspired me with her heart and her dedication to her work with the medicine. I would highly recommend a retreat with Carolina. She is a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to call her a friend. With love, Jemma

  • Temple of the Way of Light   March 09, 2015

      Amazing Team Player and Friend

    I had the pleasure of working with Carolina at the Temple of the Way of Light. She was a great asset to the team and an exceptional caring facilitator. It was a shame to see her leave and I wish her the best in her coming ventures. A true gem.

  • Lori Camp   March 07, 2015

      Carolina is wonderful!

    I had such a wonderful experience at The Temple of the Way of the Light. She is so caring, conscientious, and intelligent. I felt safe in her hands. Such a ray of light. Facilitating is really her life calling. I',m looking forward to joining her again.

  • Yana Yakova Devi   February 20, 2015

      A Wonderful and Compassionate Facilitator and Guide

    I first met Carolina after I unexpectedly decided to go to Peru for work with the medicine a second time. My first time had been horrifying, so I'm not sure what compelled me to go again. Nonetheless, I found myself at an entirely different retreat with a much more supportive, feminine energy. It was a magical place that--in my various experiences there--has time-and-time-again facilitated family dynamics within each individual retreat group producing lifelong friendships and powerful healing work. It was in this space that I first met Carolina who had just moved down to Peru and was in the process of training to facilitate workshops here (note: the center in question is not the one which she is currently creating. But that's okay, this review is not for them but for the incredible Carolina). One year later, I returned to the same center for a 3-month stay and immediately jumped right into a workshop (what they called a two-week retreat) with Carolina as our facilitator. As some of those reading this may know from experience, medicine work is particularly challenging in its intensity and swiftness when it comes to all the spiritual practices one may potentially embark on. There is nothing gradual about it, and being in a very safe space with shamans one trusts parallels the importance of having a grounded facilitator who can hold a safe space, help facilitate communication between the maestros and maestras and you (where a language barrier often exists), and be able to speak from the heart and a place of deep experience. Carolina has done all these things beautifully, she's sat with me through some of my darkest moments in and out of ceremony, always able to lend her ears fully and share stories that give strength, courage, and inspiration. She did all this while helping a rather large group navigate their own individual challenges, too. And she was able to form very special bonds with each healer, and that's very important! I've always felt 100% safe and held in her care. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a space-holder. There really aren't many people I've met in Peru I feel I could say any of this about and truly feel secure in the recommendation. And I've had plenty of experiences in the last few years, so this isn't written lightly. I am so happy to see you creating what I know will be a transformative, safe space, Carolina! Next time I'm in Peru, it will be to sit in your circle!

  • Soren Du Borg   February 19, 2015

      One of the best support people you'd want by your side when meeting the Medicina.

    Any big new experience can seem intimidating, and traveling to a different and beautiful country for the experience, where you may or may not have the language skills can be doubly so. That is one of the reasons why Carolina is so great. I arrived in Peru with only basic Spanish and a whole lot of trepidation of, and hope for my upcoming work with Ayahuasca. Basically, by the time I arrived at the center where I was staying I was freaking out. This is when Carolina strolled into the lodge and in about 30 minutes her cheerful sweetness and deep knowledge and trust of the medicine had me smiling in excitement. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine, and Carolina's support as she seamlessly moves between a beautiful joyful lightness and sincere deep compassion, really provided me with the help and courage to go deeply into the places and the work that Ayahuasca was bringing me to. I've sat in ceremony twenty one times with Carolina as my facilitator, and the authentic encouragement she'd help me with when I needed something or to walk somewhere, could always bring out a chuckle or grin, even or especially when the medicine was really doing its best. She really knows this Medicine and truly is an invaluable guide and friend to have with you as you walk into the beautiful visionary world of Ayahuasca Healing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Carolina and the wonderful, compassionate and skilled healers she works with, to any of my friends or family. Lots of love. -Soren

  • Richard Willis   February 14, 2015


    In June of 2013 I attended a 12 day retreat facilitated by Carolina near Iquitos Peru. This was my introduction to the medicine and first glimpse into the world of plant teachers. Carolina met our group outside an Iquitos hotel with her lovely smile. As I began to work with the medicine I realized how much dedication, responsibility, and warmth it takes to contribute to the healing of others. During that workshop I awakened aspects of myself that had long been hidden. I'm forever grateful to Carolina, who was there to help me pick up the pieces on this journey toward wholeness.

  • Dee   February 14, 2015

      Sharing the DIvine Feminine

    Carolina facilitated during my 3 month experience at a retreat/healing center in Peru. During this time there were many highs and lows, sacred moments of connection and a great awakening...not just for me but for many who were there seeking to learn from the teacher plants of the Amazon. Carolina has a very special gift and insight into the heart of the people she is working with. She has the ability to move beyond the realm of ego and carnality and into the dimension of light and love and connect with all participants. Carolina's beautiful and gentle energy touched the life and enhanced the experience for for the whole, diverse group. Having had the experience of other facilitators I do have a good reference point to know that Carolina has a special ability to work with the medicine and each individual's unique experience with sensitivity and love, not just for likeminded people but with all of the participants sharing the healing space. Carloina is a beautiful soul and I enjoyed the healing that flowed with her as facillitator.

  • Eveline Koole   February 12, 2015

      Facilitator, sister, teacher

    As for me, I was totally unfamiliar with mother Ayuhuasca. When I came to the Temple of light, where Caroline was my facilitator, I was very much in myself,scared as hell and did not want to know anybody or talk to a lot of people. I did not know what to expect and I did not like al those people that only "talk so much". That changed, that really changed, after three months, Ayuhasca, she made me open up and let me feel the love for myself, but also off all those beautiful people who were there with me, going through the same struggle. We were all together One. Caroline showed me that I can really be open, tell my darkest secrets and without judgements she listened and guided me through the process that Mother Ayuhuasca gave me. I would do it again, if I have the change, one day for sure:) And I will have no doubt as taking Caroline as my teacher/guide/facilitator. I trust her totally. Nothing but love and gratitude for her and Mother Ayuhuasca. Thank you. Bless you all!

  • Lyndsay Schumacher   February 10, 2015

      Amazing spiritual guide

    Carolina was my facilitator, along with Todd and an incredible and beautiful couple, Maestra and Maestro, Diogenes and Anita. I didn't really know what to expect when I came to Temple of the way of Light but was warmly greeted by all the Maestra's and Maestro's at the centre. I was a little nervous but I relaxed as I got to meet people and when Carolina welcomed us and explained to us what would be happening over the next 12 days. She was so calm, confident and peaceful that it helped my nerves and for me to become peaceful. There was and is so much that I still need to learn and so much that I took with this experience. I did have a struggle near the end and Carolina was very encouraging and loving to continue and I am really happy that I did. I think of her often and look up to her for inspiration and in awe of all of her time with the medicine. If I wasn't pregnant and giving birth during the time, I would be signing up for the Ayahuasca Women’s Retreat with Carolina! It is definitely her calling and I've never seen someone so immersed, passionate and perfect in her own way in this beautiful setting. I am so happy that I was able to be at the Temple when she was there. I would love to do more future retreats with her leading the way.

  • David Monaghan   February 10, 2015

      Facilitator Friend Sister

    Carolina. If I could choose anyone to be a guide and facilitator during and outside of ceremony it would be her. During my first experience with Ayahuasca, my world was completely turned upside-down. The next day, emotions and thoughts would surface like: "Who were all these people, what was I doing here in the middle of the amazon rainforest?" I felt completely alien and alone. It was the presence of Carolina that gave me a foundation of peace. We conversed about her experiences with the medicine, other peoples experiences and just about life in general. From that point on I felt safe in knowing that I had someone I could trust and speak openly to, whether it'd be about my fears or insecurities or basic physical ailments. I now had, in our friendship, a foundation to leap from. Countless times has her wisdom of Ayahuasca expanded my thinking and understanding and countless times has she believed in me and encouraged me to go further into the learning when I thought I couldn't handle any more. I can't say enough good things about Carolina. I will say though, I commend you, whoever you are, for your interest and willingness to work with Mother Ayahuasca and I assure you, that if you have Carolina as your facilitator, you are in great hands. Peace on your journey ????

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