About The Teacher

I was born in Switzerland in 1952 and grew up there. I spent the first years of young adult life with theater, mime and yoga. Through Theatre and Drama I came to Gestalt therapy and completed the 4 year training as Gestalt therapist. Parallel to this, I attained a lot of experience in bio-energetics and respiratory therapy and other body therapies, both in practical and theoretical nature. I had a practice for Gestalt therapy and theater in Bremen for 15 years. 
For many years I have worked as a lecturer, trainer and in supervision in various types of schools and colleges, in drama and drama-therapy and "CoreDynamik".
Since 2000, after some illnesses and misfortunes, I have deepened my personal experience in yoga and meditation practice.

Other developments followed:

I trained with Iris Vollkammer: Energy Yoga according to Krishnamacharya Yoga and Viniyoga
and also with Remo Rittiner: Ayur·Yoga derived from Krishnamacharya and Mohan

I also worked for a couple of years in CASA El Morisco, Andalusia, to which I am still very connected.

Regarding Osho meditation, Vipassana and Tibetan meditation, I have developed a very simple and basic form of meditation: based on J. Kabat-Zinn
It is a simple, intelligent and free of religion kind of meditation

Over my many years of working with people I have learnt and further developed various massage techniques. For example:

Shin Jin do: An acupressure technique, based on the Chinese meridian theory

Lomi lomi: A Hawaiian massage technique.

Classic massage: Basic massage techniques used in spas.


Sound massage: Sound can be different by putting bowls on the body can evoke deep, heeling relaxation.

Hot Volcanic Stones: The laying on and massage using hot volcanic stones has an immensely relaxing effect.

The result of these was my own special style of massage treatment.

Since 2006 I have often travelled to Costa Rica. Each time I feel more and more that my life is tied to this country and that this is where I want to grow old, in the midst of nature and the simplicity of life, doing something good for nature and helping to preserve the forest. Thus I found Portasol!

I look forward to meeting you in Portasol, practising Qi Gong, yoga, meditation and walking along the river!

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