Dhyana Vargas

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About The Teacher

Dhyana Vargas (born in Colombia, lives since 2003 in Germany) is a meditation facilitator for OSHO Active Meditations. In 2012 she discovered OSHO´s techniques at the Osho Meditation Studio Berlin, Germany, where she did her training as a certified facilitator. She deepened her experience with the official course of the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India. Since then Dhyana practices different meditation techniques and has been facilitating in different countries like Germany, India, Turkey and Spain.

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  • Hanna Hackbeil   April 22, 2015

      Dynamic Mediation with Dhyana

    i met Dhyana at The Osho Studio where i was doing the 21 Day's Mediation. It was an amazing Time She Is a great Teacher, i could ask her everything and she she Is really passionate to help you finding your Way to the Mediation. I felt really cared

  • La Sirin   April 20, 2015

      Kundalini Meditation with Dhyana

    I met Dhyana half a year ago at the Osho Meditation Studio. She is a happy and warm person, full of life energy and joy. Dhyana is passionate about what she is doing. She is a teacher whose positive energy is highly contagious :)

  • Wolfgang Götzl   April 19, 2015

      Dynamic meditation with a dynamic and energetic facilitator like Dhyana is always a pleasure

    I look forward to Dhyana´s instructions for the dynamic meditation. With her fire she remembers me, that it´s about getting in touch with my life energy. I feel very mindful accompanied by her. She is attentive and always open for questions. I´m looking forward to participate again. Every day I learn something new, which helps me to get more awareness.

  • Walter Acevedo   April 18, 2015

      Whirling with Dhyana

    The whirling introduction I have received from Dhyana has been truly motivating. She is such a spontaneous and passionate instructor, who really cares about (and respects) the individual experience and process of each person to whom she facilitates. Because of that I highly recommend her.

  • Anna Schuster   April 17, 2015


    It´s great to experience Dhyana´s instructions in Dynamic Mediation. With the energies she radiates and the explanations she gives, Dhyana makes it easy for me to slide deeply into the meditative process. I like the way she conveyes the meditation technique using precise words. Her visual language makes it easy for me to comprehend the connection between body and mind and feel it all through the mediation- which always helps me to have an intense experience in her classes.

  • Elena Favà   April 13, 2015

      Un nuevo camino a experimentar

    Dhyana es una de esas facilitadoras que desde el primer momento te hace sentir cómodo y a gusto en el grupo. Hace que las meditaciones tengan un aire salvaje y lleno de espontaneidad, y es por eso que uno se relaja y no tiene la sensación de tener que estar siguiendo la clase de una manera rígida, sinó que da el espacio para dejarte llevar por ti mismo.

  • Utsav   April 13, 2015

      She is a sweethart

    Dhyana is a very kind and nice person. I have seen that she is very caring and focused when she facilitates meditation groups. She is really passioned about what she is doing. I felt I can trust her. I am looking forward to work with her again.

  • Beatriz Moya   April 11, 2015

      Dhyana Vargas como facilitadora

    La experiencia meditativa resulta, en muchas ocasiones, difícil de describir. Al tratarse de un trabajo espiritual, interno, propio de cada uno, es de gran importancia esa introspección. Más aún para transmitir a un grupo de personas. Dhyana es una experiencia energética brillante como facilitadora. Uno cree que va a escuchar unas instrucciones a seguir y cuando se da cuenta, está ya dentro del círculo, con una facilidad abrumadora. Recomiendo enormemente esta experiencia. Es de esas conexiones que es mejor no dejar pasar.

  • Lionel Haas   April 11, 2015

      Whirling with Dhyana, an experience you do not want to miss out on

    I guess meditation, in whatever form, is a challenge by definition requiring practice and regularity. But with not only her competence, but also her finesse, Dhyana let's you slide into the routine of whirling. Her way of conveying the techniques are clearly structured and simple allowing the student to set his or her own pace. The path becomes even, instead of bumpy. Dyhana makes whirling the fun childhood, at the same time, serene spiritual experience that it is supposed to be. I highly recommend her class.

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