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About The Teacher

Advaita Stoian is a tantra, yoga, and meditation teacher, a direct disciple of the tantric spiritual master Gregorian Bivolaru. After many years of practice under the careful guidance of his master he  moves to Denmark in 2002 ready to take over and grow a new spiritual mission, namely coordinating Natha Yoga Center which in time has become one of the most lively centers of spiritual knowledge in Europe.

From this place his spiritual wisdom and aspiration is inspiring yoga students not only in Denmark but in the whole of Europe.

Advaita Stoian is the author of the Tantra Intensive course, which is being taught weekly in more than twenty countries worldwide, and is by now consisting of more than one thousand pages of course material.

He is also the author of an international meditation course taught in yoga schools and universities on three continents. This meditation-course is combining the ancient yogic knowledge with modern science’s latest discoveries.

Advaita Stoian’s tantra-, yoga- and meditation-teachings are genius in their scope and content and his relaxed yet witty and candid style combined with extraordinary insight and an unyielding spiritual aspiration make his presentations not only a profoundly revealing spiritual experience but also highly entertaining.

Advaita teaches extensively throughout Europe, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, UK, France, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Greece, Italy, Czech Republic and Austria. He has also played an instrumental role in establishing spiritual schools in South America, India and Thailand.

He brings the ancient teachings of tantra, yoga and meditation to the modern world, uniting these traditional spiritual sciences with the discoveries of modern science, providing an authentic yet accessible path for today’s individual.

He is the coordinator and teacher of the Atman International Yoga Teacher Training Course which annually educates a large number of enthusiastic, highly-qualified and well-prepared tantra and yoga teachers, in times when the need for such teachers is at its highest.

Not limiting himself to one single field, Advaita Stoian is an embodiment of the Tantric principles, using all areas of life as potential source of profound spiritual and personal growth and fulfillment.

As a teacher, scientist, therapist, political and social activist, initiator and scholar his visionary nature makes any attempt of narrowing him down completely futile.
The same goes for the teachings he is helping to bring to thousands of yoga, meditation and tantra practitioners all over the world, through lectures, workshops and camps.

From his creative soul he is continuously motivating new projects to blossom like the human rights organization Soteria, and the first organized Tantra Festival in Europe which has now grown to take place annually in 8 countries worldwide.

He is known for sharpness of insight, and an uncompromising nature whenever confronted with inner or outer unbalances.

“Advaita makes each moment of his life a proof of most things we believe to be impossible, are in fact reachable for anyone who manages to connect, through persistent practice of spiritual science, with the true nature of Reality.”

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  • Eva Peron   December 06, 2018

      Walking encyclopedia

    Before I went to my first retreat with Advaita Stoian, I was quite skeptical. I have heard a lot of great things about him and the teachings from the path he follows, but it seemed to me as "too good to be true". But only after a few days of the tantric retreat, I understood that not only he is a "walking encyclopedia", he also lives, experiences and understands the teachings that he is giving. I was truly amazed by his knowledge and attitude. I am looking forward to the next occasion to meet him as my teacher again.

  • Candide Tvrdková   December 05, 2018

      Tantric example

    Advaita Stoian together with his wife Adina have been my teachers in several occasions in different retreats and tantra and yoga educations including teachers training. They are great examples of practitioners of what they are teaching. They truly live what they are teaching!

  • anais bishum   August 22, 2018

      This is what his teacher is like. His master is a top wanted criminal in Europe. Here is his great tantric master. What a great couple they make right?

  • Adam Goraczko   April 14, 2015

      Herald of a New Era.

    Advaita Stoian is definitely the most remarkable person I had met. Going back in memory to that first time I saw him I see how modest this moment was, how subtle the feeling of significance of that meeting was. Now, after several years of getting to learn from him, what I think is the most interesting is that instead of knowing him better, I most of all got to know myself better. Always keen on moving the attention from himself, pointing to other sources from which the revelations are coming, he has been a remarkable example of wielding power and modesty. A true teacher, who devotes himself to others allowing them to learn from the immense experience he has gathered over the years of ardent inner exploration - combining great discernment with playfulness of a youngster. A model Tantric practitioner, he seems much ahead of his times, validating the genuine character of teachings practically non-existent in the ocean of "would-be gurus" and new-age superficiality. Endowed with brilliant insight in both spiritual and so-called mundane matters is a true example of integrating the spiritual life into the common life experience, which therefore becomes transformed into an adventure of continuous transformation and charming game of polarities. Tantric wisdom says that no matter how intense is the state there is always something further, and for me Advaita is an example of exactly that realization - always pressing on, always discovering further, never stopping, pushing the limits - and in all this, helping us who often lack faith, hope or love. Teacher I wish everyone to have chance to meet.

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a nameless spring mountain
began to smile Nobuko Katsura

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