About The Teacher

Author of the book 'Andalusia, land of shamans', already published, and the book 'Memories of a healer' that is waiting to be published.
Thomas has been active for more than 25 years as a spiritual guide and for 5 years he has been helping his visitors as a hypnotherapist and trance therapist.

"It's not about teaching someone
nor preaching to someone
it's about reaching someone."

To do this,  Thomas puts you into a deep state of meditative trance to have a moment of rest from your never ceasing thoughts and to get tuned to a part of yourself you normally have no access to. Your mind comes to a rest and you step over from yourself to Yourself. New feelings, new sensations, new perspectives will arise from that contact and little by little you will perceive life in a different way.
The world will not change, but you will see and live it in a different manner.

"Don't ask how, say wow !"

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  • Nadya Fedotova   June 17, 2019

      A very healing experience

    The retreat is in the beautiful location in a small village in Andalusia, close to Sierra Nevada. It was a great opportunity to spend time away from city buzz and to connect to the nature. The trance sessions were very helpful to me and I felt like a different person when leaving the retreat. I would greatly recommend this retreat.

  • Melinda Laurel   May 20, 2019

      Tranquility in small Andalusian village

    I had great deep experience of self-revision and gaining back self-value and self-belief during my several hypnosis sessions with Thomas. I enjoyed his delicate, warm-hearted approach, understanding and compassion, sense of humour, which immediately immersed me in the state of comlete relaxation, trust and peace. He let me feel to be loved and accepted who I am, released from self-doubts. It was very important through sessions, which are are held in a comfortable way through mild hynosis, to change my attitude to myself, to become more confident and determined in life. Also wish to add, I have appreciated our deep conversations about life in general, as far as Thomas has some great life experience, life wisdom and he shares numerous incredible stories from his life, and always open for conversation. The place itself is amazing, quiet, cosy guesthouse with beautiful flowers on the ground, located in traditional Andalusian village, surrounded by lovely nature, though just 20 minutes drive to Granada.

  • Izabela Tomala   April 09, 2019

      Amazing experience in the perfect surrounding

    I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the retreat with Thomas but I could not imagine a better one. The guesthouse where the sessions take place is an oasis of peace and calm and people who work there are among the nicest people I met. The experience of regression sessions is different for everyone, but Thomas managed to create an atmosphere of trust and relaxation, and that's so important when going into trans. I felt filled with love and fully relaxef after each hypnosis session and much more aware of what it is I should do in my life. All sessions are recorded as well which means I can go back to them at any time. I really recommend this as an alternative to ayahuasca retreats, and you also get to hear many amazing stories and get Thomas's book for free!

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After the past two years of transition on every level, I would absolutely LOVE a retreat! :) Chelsee

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