Latifa (Alejandra Fonseca)

About The Teacher

Hi! my name is Latifa, I am from Cuernavaca, Morelos, México and I am blessed this life with the opportunity to spread the teachings of both Hridaya and Agama Yoga. I have been teaching since 2011 in different places and have been living in Mazunte and working here at the Hridaya Yoga Center since 2012.

I love living in this beach town of radiant nature, exploring its most untouched corners, playing in the waves, drinking coconut water sitting under the rays of the sun, drawing on the sand, listening to Cuban music, lying down and dissolving in the infinite blue sky, giving and receiving massages, having fun and laughing with out a reason…

I started my spiritual journey in 2009 after I finished my Graphic Design degree. Everything started when I realized a deep lack of sense in my life and changes started to happen…Transition. Tears. Confusion. Anguish. Doubt. Distress…Hope. Help. Adventure. Laughing. Love. Miracles. Awakening. Trust… I tried to understand the Message of those crucial moments: Wake Up Ale! And I decided to search for greater Depth in my life.

With the need of Self-Understanding and Healing, I had my first approach to spirituality and non-dual teachings from a group of Essenian Mexican healers from Cuernavaca. Late night gatherings once a week empowered me to search for a greater meaning in my life and I have never stopped since then. Learning from the Essenians, I discovered my passion for natural healing, purification of the soul and self-awareness. This was my invitation to Yoga.

I have been practicing yoga and meditation since then and I have found tremendous benefits from this ancient tradition in all aspects of my being. Now, when I look back and see all what I have learned and how I have transformed my life practicing and living in this community, tears come to my eyes and an infinite feeling of gratitude blossoms from the deepest part of my heart. This is an amazing path, a path towards the Truth, a path to God, and I feel very lucky to walk it every day.

Since I have been practicing yoga and meditation, I have been more open towards Spiritual knowledge, more open to live a life with more awareness and coherence, and it has impacted my actions in a more compassionate and wise direction.

Sahajananda’s teachings have influenced my Spiritual Life in a very strong way. I feel that I have a solid and clear base, a certainty that will be with me the rest of my life. The foundation of Oneness, living with an Open Heart and sharing this priceless wisdom for the benefit of all, were my invitation to deepen in Christianity and to develop an amazing spiritual relationship with my mother, who is an amazing woman, a vivid example of love and devotion, definitely one of the most important people in my life.

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