About The Teacher

Psychic Medium, Susanna Massari, will engage you in discussions and practice time in developing mediumship abilities that include working with energy, exploring beliefs and myths that are held both individually and en masse, understanding your unique gifts, how to connect and communicate with spirit, and personal and professional ethics.

Susanna assists others who wish to gain knowledge about the nature of reality, working with energy, and communicating with those living in the spirit world. Susanna provides private phone readings for those who are grieving friends and loved ones who have crossed over or for those who simply wish to connect with people they love and miss that have crossed.

In 2003, her journey led her to the upper region of the Amazon in Peru for the purpose of working with Don Agustin Rivas Vazques, nationally and internationally known wood sculptor and shaman. In 2006, her interest in indigenous shamanism took her to Tuva, an independent state in the southernmost part of Russia also known as “The Land of the Shamans.” Susanna has also participated in the Montana Naraya: A Native American “Dance For All People” and a “Four Winds” ceremony in Finland.

She is the co-author of a self-empowering and transformational book called The Art of Reclaiming Your Intention & Power according to Abram The Mayan Shaman, a compilation of Abram's ageless wisdom and guidance for today's world. She and her husband Tom, are working on Abram’s second book, The Art of Human Sexuality according to Abram The Mayan Shaman.

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  • Berni Massari   August 23, 2018

      Special to SUE STOWELL

    I want to thank you for breaking up my relationship with my brother Tom. I dont know what he is doing with you other than you are a minipulator in every sense. I am completely blocked from his life and its all your doing. His is my only sibling and now you took care of that with your insensitive minipulative ways. I want everyone to know what type of person you are not only that you are a fake and never was or had a bit of psychic ability before Tom made you one. Something that he does to all his girlfriends and wives in the past. SO sad. This will pay you back for all the rude things you said to me in the past in words, letters and what you made my brother believe about me by tearing me apart out of jelously. One thing you should know, I WILL ALWAYS HAVE HIS BLOOD. Good luck you ugly alien.

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