About The Teacher

You are in the right place if you are a heart centered entrepreneur or woman with big dreams who wants MORE in life... And you know you are ready to go to the next level, but you've secretly been holding yourself back.

Even thought you TRY to be positive, there is a part of you that feels scared of what could happen if you get it wrong, or perhaps you are moving forward boldly but people seem to be put off by how powerful you are, so you hold back (even if it's just a little)

Hi, my name is Kai Ashley, and I am here to help. 

My innate gift is in breathing LIFE FORCE ENERGY into the cells of your body, to awaken your spirit with activating Light codes so you heal on deep levels so you unleash your true brilliance into the World.

I know what it's like to struggle with fear, doubt and insecurities - while often seeming and feeling confident - but then the doubt creeps back in.

I used to suffer from social anxiety, which led to years of drug addiction. For the most part (in my naive youth) I thought it was recreational and a lifestyle choice - but as I grew and I wanted to change, I began to see how much pain I was really holding onto.

From years of being bullied, misunderstood and mistreated in a World that told me how me being highly sensitive made me weird - I developed PTSD, I was quick to anger and I I had a lot of mental health issues in my teens and twenties. (I'm turning 37 February 2019)

Along the way I began noticing I had special gifts.

Such as healing breath massages that would send bursts of energy through my friends, and the ability to actually give distance healings that worked. But I was still lost and trying to live life in the moment by escaping.

And after many years of living life on my own terms, always learning from life, but still with a host of mental issues, I finally broke down in a paranoid delusion and had a mental breakdown - it happened in one night, but was a long time coming.

This was my spiritual breakthrough and led me to find deep healing through EFT Tapping, and then breathwork, and other modalities of energy healing and self-discovery.

Now I still have some insecurities and am not a picture of perfection BUT I have so much more confidence than ever before - I have detached from most of my negative thoughts and am happy, blissful and in control of my  life more than ever before.

Over the years I've shared my work with thousands of people around the globe, through my 1:1 sessions, group programs, workshops, retreats and YouTube videos too.

I am proud to say that I am a powerful healer / activator / spiritual guide and can help you transition through your fears to blossom into a confident woman not afraid to live her purpose.

I have coached and empowered many women who launched and elevated their life coaching careers and online businesses with my help, some who had secret shame about their gifts, and others had fear of ridicule or failure...

I have a particular talent in helping you attract your soul tribe, to overcome fear of being on camera, in helping you deepen your communication skills, in stepping into your life purpose, and getting in touch with your intuition so you become more psychic and trust your decisions more and more.

My clients ALL report amazing opportunities coming into their life, with people, events and wonderful situations aligning in synchronicity.

And you can try  my unique style of EFT Tapping using the mind/body/spirit connection here.

If you are interested in seriously transforming your life and know you are sick and tired of holding yourself back then please send me a message NOW, while your impulse is hot (this is how you trust your intuition and are guided by your soul)

I have low end, medium and VIP high end options available, so please reach out and let me know why you are ready for epic transformation in your life.

You are welcome to message me on Facebook at: (contact info blocked)Kai.Ashley

With Love
Kai Ashley xo

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Mind training for post-retreat life! Renate

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