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When we build strength in our psychic being, effecting positive change within ourselves through loving, altruistic, and truthful efforts, this power radiates from our pores, purifying our being and we become more youthful, more energetic, and ultimately more beautiful in every way.

KDR Yogamayi was born Katherine Danielle Russ in West Covina, California in 1980.

Yogamayi's love of Hatha Yoga was sparked at the age of 6 through a brief experience in tumbling class.  Before she was able to move on to gymnastics, she was removed from the class, leaving her to do whatever she could on her own to cultivate flexibility, grace, balance, agility and poise.  She followed her intuition, watching the natural movements of cats & dogs, along with drawing inspiration from the olympics. 

Unlike the usual modern spiritual teacher, she can not warm us up to her through any familiar names of philosophers, authors, classical schools, sects, or famous gurus.  As awkward as this seems, she was simply born and grew naturally into knowing and loving the Dharma.  She has had the great fortune to meet amazing, brilliant, loving people, the likes of whom you have never heard.  All of them are regarded by her as living miracles of transcendent being. These amazing people naturally became great teachers to her along the path of her precious life and incarnation.

Possessing an innate capacity for depth, a hunger for discovering truth (and contemplating "truth" to check it), along with a clever resourcefulness for discovery, she has been extracting depth and meaning from the world around her ever since the day she opened her eyes and saw the birds in the sky. 

Her innately natural state and the universe work as one to move and inspire her to inquire, witness, share, and attract events and people to her that all ultimately serve toward the planetary fate of awakening to a state of constant awe, bliss, and universal love. 

Through this arrived state, she has come to know and appreciate the greatest teacher of all that is ever present within all of life. If you allow yourself the credit that you deserve, you may even be the next lovely and brilliant being to see eye-to eye with Katherine in a mutual sharing of blissfully relvelatory cosmic energy exchange.  She is always happy to share how the light of guru is within us all, providing loving hints to the many ways we can attain our individually joyful walk. 

You already know that if you are truly ready to learn union, you are destined to discover that the road we thought was uniquely our own fades away as all paths converge as one.


Tags: enlightenment healing meditation raja yoga spiritual sutras tantra tao

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