Secoya Shamans from the Ecuadorian Amazon

About The Teacher

Invited Guests: ceremonial guides, experts in the ingestion of heroic doses of extra strong entheogenic plant medicines. Their laughter is contagious in lighting up each part of the day. Their presence an absolutely natural stance on life!

The exploration of rainforest plant medicine traditions will be ushered in by these legendary time-honored maestros from the Ecuadorian Amazon, good elders who were raised in the wilderness, living traditional ways of life that include copious ceremonial meditations. They share visions and designs too spectacular to be acquired in any other way, other than sitting with them through the timelessness of the cool nights of Yage. Indelible on their way of being is this "great spirit, bedecked in designs, aromatic, beaded and leafy," acquired while fasting with their maestros in their wilderness motherland. Long before roads and interruption from modernization occurred, these whole-hearted elders already understood the entire picture! Their presence represents both the sacred gift and the serious joke that is life, and a whole lot of fun! The designs they embody were garnered in times of antiquity, and while older than old, they are also newer than new. Seeing them offers an ever-pertinent navigation perspective for these tumultuous times. They are traditional Secoya elders, torchbearers of a millenary spiritual tradition, who will be the ceremonial guides during the Rainforest Medicine Councils.

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You are a living embodiment of the kindness, love, and appreciation you dare to offer. The more you share it with others, the brighter you shine. Matt Kahn

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