Chad Ashley Vandenberg

About The Teacher

Chad Ashley Vandenberg has been described as an “Alchemist Poet Sage”. Chad is a reservoir of exotic knowledge, suppressed information, and real life revelations gained in his pursuit to understand, liberate and harness the unlimited power of the universe within. Chad continues to serve as an inspirational & charismatic teacher for audiences large and small. Chad has shared the stage with notable doctors, scientists and researchers from around the world.

Chad Ashley Vandenberg’s passion, and intensity of focus, is predicted by his Sun and Mercury conjunct Scorpio, Taurus Moon, Aires rising. He uses his “penetrating insight” to see beneath, behind and through the illusion that modern science has used to hide from the sacred center at the heart of all life, and to which all bodies of research finally lead. Science in its purest form is the pursuit of truth born of the desire to “know ones true nature”.

For chad this “realization of true nature” was not separate from the realization of the universe as infinite energy. This “inner knowing” has driven him for almost 2 decades to discover and prove this energy is not only real but that it can be harnessed for as diverse applications as restoring life force and vitality to living systems or even collected from its infinite source and converted into motive force or electric current.

Chads deep research and experience over the last 2 decades has lead him from playing with a variety of very powerful magnets …crystals …tesla coils, sonic frequency generators and a wide variety of alternative energy concepts to the present where he is now designing and creating application based magnet field motor and generator systems that will aim to maximally tap and harness the radiant ZPE to create powerful efficient solid state magnetic field generators and high torque motors.

Founder: 100th Monkey Planetary Transformation Network (501c3)

A non-profit organization dedicated to integrating all manner of new world alternative energy, communication, transportation and food growth technologies in order to create replicatable templates for rolling out over-unity value producing communities world-wide.

Founder: Elements for Life Inc. An international network-marketing movement that focused on rare element alchemical products for health and expanding consciousness. The company served the superfood and alchemical gold tonic needs of 10,000+ superfood entrepreneurs every month before an unexpected technology infrastructure crash forced the company to close in 2010.


-Gold Rush Trademark Colloidal Gold

-Proprietary technology producing ultra nano-colloidal gold platinum and indium.

-DynaMagnetic Pulse Tissue Regeneration Technology

-S.V.H.A.T.S Sound/Vibration Healing Arts Technology

-Various Types of Magnetic Powered Motors and Generators

Chad has also discovered novel solutions to technical problems in the following areas of research:

Helicopter Rotor and Anti-Torque Design.

Cellular Healing/Regeneration/Anti-Aging

Brain Development / Exploration of Consciousness Technologies

Hydroponic Systems Design

Magnetic Energy Technology

Additional Areas of Deep Research and Experimentation

Zero-Point Energy Technologies, Implosion Energy Physics, Water Research, Radionics, Sacred Geometry, Mathematics, Numerology, Light, Sound and Vibration Physics, Alternative Energy Generation, Bio-Remediation Technologies, Alternative Economy, Bio-Feedback Training, Neuro-Feedback Training, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gung, Natural Medicine, Raw Food Cleansing, Exotic Herbs and Super-foods, DNA and cellular biology research, Psychedelic cultural studies, and hands on research in the development of “human to plant” and “plant to human” communication technologies.


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