Irina Walton

About The Teacher

I was born and raised in Russia and came to this country to study language about 7 years ago. Yoga has been an old passion of mine and, finally, I have a chance to share the beauty and healing properties of this ancient practice with others.

My first encounter with Downward Facing Dog was at the age of 5. I was rapidly developing asthma and couldn’t take on any more medicine. So, my Mom, after trying pretty much every massage technique and herb under the sun to relieve my symptoms, came across an old binder on a shelf. It became my first yoga manual and my Mom – my first yoga teacher.

All that I remember, now, from my first practice is that I thought it was a lot of fun to pretend being a Cat, or a Fish, or a Bridge, and also that there was lots and lots of breathing…(now I know that I was doing Pranayama).

Over time regular practice healed my lungs, increased my immune system, and I just became a much healthier kid. Since that early age, I held the memories of my first yoga practice dear to my heart.

Only about 17 years later I came back to the regular yoga practice in order to unwind, release built up stress, and just stretch out those tight muscles of mine.  I remember walking out of my first ‘official’ yoga class 10 years ago with a deep feeling of relaxation, warmth, and peace radiating out of me, thinking: Yoga Feels Good! Yoga has been my passion since then.

In 2013,  I decided to share my passion for yoga with others and completed my first 200HR teacher training program in Power Vinyasa.  My training was led by a wonderful teacher and lifetime yogi, Tamal Dodge.  From my personal practice over the last 11 years, I grew to understand why it is that Yoga “feels so good and so right”. It is awareness of how I am truly feeling, of what I really am and then, awareness of the Right Now, the Present Moment, the only moment we are actually living in. Yoga  is not just a physically arduous practice of acrobatic handstands, extreme back-bends, and pretzel-like twists which keep us in shape. Yoga is a practice of Love, Acceptance, Respect, Awareness. Yoga unites Body with Mind, and Mind with Spirit, so as to know the essential, absolute, authentic Self.

I believe that it is very important to help a student understand how to love, accept, respect and listen to their own bodies on the mat. In order to say “I love you” to another person we need to be able to say “I love you” to ourselves first… The only true guide is not an instructor who leads the class, but our own heart. In yoga we concentrate on our breathing and it slows down the fluctuations of our consciousness, turning full attention inwards. In this undisturbed, balanced state we are able to reconnect with that quiet space deep inside the heart where we all know who we truly are, and then act from that sacred space of the Authentic Self.

 Physical yoga practice can be very challenging and can be also lots of fun, but what truly makes us healthier doesn’t have much to do with touching the toes or folding the body in a gorgeous pretzel. It has much more to do with the ability to engage the entire body in healthy breathing, while freeing the mind to focus without anxiety or distraction on anything it actually needs to do in order to heal.

My mission for each class is to not only help a student safely and gradually build a strong, flexible and well balanced Body, but help develop a strong, flexible and well balanced Spirit as well.

 Yoga is challenging body to strengthen, mind to be quiet and rest, and heart to open to all the love and joy around us.  It feels wonderful!


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To find peace and renewal while going through a huge change in my life. Empty nest and the end of a 27 year marriage all at once. Susan

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