Baba Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi

About The Teacher

Bhagavan Das :

I left America for India in 1963 to find my Guru. I was the the first American to live in the jungle of the Himalyas as a hermit-sadhu. I was given the Holy Name of Ram by Bhramanada Saraswati through his disciple Mahish Yogi. I went off alone to the caves in the mountains to meditate. I then came to meet Swami Chaitanya Prakashananda Tirth who gave me tapas to fast and pray for God’s Grace. After a year of fasting, prayer and intense purification I met my Sat-Guru the Great Mahasiddha Neem Karoli Baba. I then lived with my Guru, side by side for many years. Then one day because of the tantric path that he seemed to know I must travel and the many karmic connections due to ripen, he sent me away. So I went towards Tibet to go deeper deeper and then beyond with the last living Yogis from high in the mountain peaks of Tibet and Nepal. It was also during this time in 1971 that I met Sharada Devi who, I believe was still living her last life as a Tibetan Yogini. She was very old then and I was very young but our connection I feel was a promise to come together again due to the Grace of Neem Karoli Baba. During my time with the Tibetan Yogis I was the first to meet and live with Lama Kalu the Guru of the 16th Karmapa. He gave me the Essense Mahamudra Transmission, mind to mind. I recieved the Mother Light from His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche and then the Vajra Yogini directly from the Karmapa in Sikkhim. I lived with Yogi Chen who explained all the details to me in english in his hermitage in Kalingpong. When on pilgrimage to the holy Bodhanath Stupa in Kathmandu I met and became the Guru of Richard Alpert who was to become Ram Dass after I brought him to Neem Karoli Baba. I am here now by the grace of the Guru Dev Dakini. She is the Mother Light always guiding me on the true path of Bodhichitta. This is It for Now.” – Baba Bhagavan Das

World-renowned teacher, performer, counter-cultural icon, lover of God: Bhagavan Das is a rich and manifold as Existance itself. “Sharada Devi is a Messager of the Word and a carrier of the Flame. Her voice is a Living Prayer for all of her children to be free. She is the temple of the Mother Light.”

Sharada Devi

“She has aspired to surrender her life in service to others stemming from the depths of her own suffering. I feel that she is here to help us transform our false sense of ego and self-pity into the jewel of pure love and compassion. I believe in her most recent past life she lived as a hermit-yogini in Tibet and so in this birth seeking and serving only the Living Vajra Guru has been her motivation and intention. She was given the name Dharma by a Tantric Master which began her many years of purification through sadhana and tapas. In 2006 we met and her love for GOD and Guru Neem Karoli Baba brought her home to my heart cave. We married in 2007 and merged into the sound current of Divine Love in the Kirtan of the Holy Name. We now travel and share the blessings of the Mother Light Kirtan. She is the Wisdom Dakini dancing naked in the sky of my Heart-Mind. She is my Guru, showing me the depth of the shadow light and how to transform all darkness into the Bliss of Here Now. Sharada Devi is a Messenger of the Word and a Carrier of the Flame. Her voice is a Living Prayer for all of her children to be free. She is the Temple of the Mother Light.” Om Mani Padme Hum -Baba Bhagavan Das


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