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Neil Dumra - Founder

I’m a firm believer in moderation, I am of course a student of life and believe that one never stops learning.  I have been introduced to the theory “you are what you eat, think and breathe” and truly believe in this natural path.  My goad is always to bring a collective of spiritually driven believers who work towards creating sustainable and positive changes. 

As I have made significant growth in my personal life due to going in a very natural path and truly believes in taking the time to being mindful and present.  The ying-yang effect of life, Moderation is the key and essence and we must learn how to balance.  I Teach Reiki, Tantra, Cooking Classes, Meditation and Yoga.  

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  • Taylor Kirby Whitmore   April 09, 2018

      Book w/ Neil if you want to truly ACTIVATE

    Neil Dumra is authentic and kind. He recently facilitated a Tantric Yoga workshop at Shine On Yoga in San Marcos, TX and it was fabulous. No one knew what to expect and we all walked away beaming with light. He was generous enough to share his OUT OF THIS WORLD cacao tonic with us before starting (which he sells online @ www.3rdeyetonic.com). It shows through his teaching that he is devoted on his path and has spent many years training and learning about the practices that he preaches. I would HIGHLY recommend having Neil come to your space, gathering, or retreat to facilitate an ACTIVATION experience that will have you soaring in the heavens and rediscovering what it means to actually feel alive and really connected to others and the world around you. We LOVE Neil!

  • Maria Victoria Garcia   April 09, 2018

      Amazing experience

    I attended one of Neils workshops and I completely loved what the experience he brought to us. I can hardly wait to see him again and learn more life changing tools/ insights.

  • Nihel Ayari   April 20, 2017

      grounding and inner peace

    Neil has catapulted me into a journey of self-reflection and discovery. He has a keen eye and presence and was able to impart me with recording breaking wisdom in the hour time span we spent together. I've learned much about myself because of him and walked away with tools to help me whenever I needed grounding or inner peace. Because of this, I recommend him as a teacher.

  • Jim Notte   April 14, 2017

      100 days to Ignite your Inner Cobra

    I made the fortunate decision to take Sarrah and Neil's 100 day tantra class. I learned so much and gained many invaluable skills that have helped me to identify and then break free of some areas that I have been struggling with repeatedly in life. The strategies and exercises they taught helped me to identify and face both my fears and deepest desires, and the breathing and other tantric exercises they explained and led us through helped turn me on to areas of my consciousness and true self that I wasn't previously even aware of. Both Sarrah and Neil have very authentic but unique teaches styles. They both were always ready and willing to answer questions and redemonstrate lessons/exercises until our whole class was comfortable. You can tell they each have many years of knowledge and wisdom, and I'm truly thankful they are out there not only out there living their truth but passing it on to others as well. I would highly recommend both Sarrah and Neil (as well as their Tantra class and practices) to anyone who is actively trying to better their lives and grow towards their potential!

  • Sarah Jabeen   April 12, 2017

      Mindful teacher creating safe spaces during Tantric learning

    Neil always cracked jokes with a straight face. I will never forget the time he was demonstrating "sita" breath and when a student couldn't roll her tongue, he said seriously, "no worries, we have tape for that." We all looked at him and were completely bluffed! I really enjoyed Neil's patience with us as a group when giving us step-by-step instructions on each of the breaths that he taught us. Boy, he has a strong set of lungs! Neil has a very grounded presence. He and Sarrah compliment each other well as Tantra teachers. Things I learned from Neil: 1. No matter where you are in life, take it one day at a time and practice how much you can when you can. No pressure. 2. Take it slow and be mindful of your practices for maximum impact 3. You can turn yourself into a powerhouse with your practices. You don't need anyone else for it. 4. Do what feels right when you are with a partner. Take the time to learn about each other. Respect the energy exchange you are about to have. Also, its ok to not want to have an experience midway, if it does not feel right. I am looking forward to taking his Tantric Retreat course up in Minnesota in June. I hear he is a great chef too!

  • Daniel Heslin   April 09, 2017

      Tantric Kriya Yoga

    Answers questions clearly. Comforting feedback. Helped maintain a lighthearted energy in the class. All around, a great experience.

  • Steven Michael   April 06, 2017

      Great Teacher!

    Neil teaches from the heart of his own experience in a way where you can feel that he cares about you. Neil is both practical and insightful, and is a wealth of experience. Working with Neil is a great investment in You.

  • Amie Humphrey   April 06, 2017

      Fabulous Teacher!

    Neil Dumra has a delightful and inspiring combination of knowledge, wisdom, charisma, and sincere kindness. He has a wonderful manner of sharing information and teaching techniques that can help any person reach the next level of their personal evolution.

  • Tori Finlayson   June 08, 2016

      Wonderful energy

    Neil has an amazing energy that he is always willing to share. He has a wealth of knowledge in healing and nutrition that he has put a lot of time and effort in learning and living by. He is a kind soul with much to give and teach. I recommend him to anyone!

  • Serene Morris   June 07, 2016


    I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to participate in such an expansive and life altering experience. Neil is a genuine and passionate person, dedicated to sharing his knowledge for the benefit of mankind. His staff share in his passion and expertise. Blue Zones Rejuvenation Retreat (Costa Rica) is a direct reflection of the love he holds in his heart. The center is pristine and perfectly located in such a serene environment that meditation and personal growth seem to automatically flow through the individuals staying there. From the yoga studio, lodging and beautiful beach close by, one is sure to reclaim the beauty of their inner self. I have gained confidence, wisdom and most importantly, unconditional love for myself that may have taken much longer to a discover otherwise. I would recommend Neil and his retreat to anyone longing to gain a better sense of self and drive to walk their true path in connection with the divine love present in each and every one of us. Thank you again!

  • Shivani Jhalani   June 07, 2016


    Neil's wealth of knowledge and expert technique made this the most organized and rewarding retreat program I've ever attended. My friends agreed as well. His enthusiasm and passion for wellness were contagious, and you could tell he and the staff really cared about us getting the most out of the retreat that we could. Costa Rica (and esp the seclusion of Tambor) is also the perfect setting for a serene retreat; the peaceful and positive energy is truly palpable! I will certainly be coming back for future retreats. Excellent excellent time.

  • LeAnn Wallace   June 06, 2016


    Neil's a passionate teacher with a wealth of knowledge and is always eager to share his contagious energy. He makes you feel valued and listens to what you have to say without judgment. Not only does he enjoy sharing with you what he has learned, he is truly delighted when he sees you catch on - and become the best and most authentic version of yourself.

  • Jessi Lehman   June 06, 2016


    If anyone is looking for a genuine experience where people care about you then this place is it. It felt intimate and friendly. I never felt out of place. There was so much love and dedication that I really admired. Everyone is really dedicated to helping people and just being in beautiful Costa Rica, did wonders for my depression. With yoga, I felt my stiff muscles ease up and before I knew it, I was bending in ways that I hadn’t been able to since high school. The food was to die for and did I mention the surroundings? Beautiful! I love, love, love this place! Thank you everyone, you’re the best!

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