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"And at any master who lacks the grace

 To laugh at himself -- I laugh."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


At the incredible age of 112 years, abuelito Taita Laureano is one of the last remaining Yagé grandmaster shamans and sages from the Siona indigenous people of Colombia, and - to the best of our knowledge - he is likely to be the oldest living and practising Yagé (Ayahuasca) shaman on earth. We treasure his power, knowledge, wisdom and his incredible sense of humour! :) We have the deep honour of being his friends and to offer discerning participants the opportunity to work with him on our Spirit of Yagé journeys. The retreat is fully residential (based in a private Colombian Finca, in the countryside, overlooking the mountains, which we use as our base, as a retreat centre), with the possibility to add excursions to sacred power places, with our indigenous Yanacona guide - and El Mundo Magico representative - Gabriel.

112 years is a remarkable age even for an Elder jaguar shaman like Taita Laureano! In order to facilitate a retreat with grandfather, we do need to have his son Taita Victoriano as well (to assist & work alongside him, during the Yagé ceremonies and also to help as interpreter between Siona and Spanish), alongside their apprentice and our Yanacona indigenous guide, Gabriel (who will coordinate everything locally). Our Colombian team in Putumayo is completed by Doña Elvia, who is in charge of the cooking and kindly leaves the Finca at our full disposal when we run our magical retreats! 

We offer to take part to up to five Yagé rituals per week - minimum one week, maximum 4 weeks - with either Taita Laureano, Taita Victoriano, assistant and guide, or else, only with Taita Victoriano, assistant and guide. 

Important Notes:

* Don Laureano does not live in the Finca where we host our retreats. We hope you will appreciate the great logistics efforts involved in having him as our guest of honour, every time we run our Yagé journeys! 

* Our Yagé  retreats are best suited to Spanish-speaking participants (with a good enough Spanish to be understood and understand), as the sourcing of a professional interpreter all the way from Bogota' will inevitably and dramatically increase the cost of the retreat itself (all the more for individual participants). 

* There are lots of people involved in the organization of our Yagé  journeys in Putumayo, so please only make your inquire when you are absolutely certain you can make it. We ask that only people deeply motivated, 100% suited to the experience, animated by very serious intentions, familiar with Spanish, and who can afford this magical experience in the remote Putumayo would apply. 

* Regrettably, the Taitas may not allow women in fertile age who will be either pregnant or menstruating at the time of the Yagé retreat. If you are likely to have your period in coincidence with your booked Yagé retreat dates, please make sure to either change dates, or else, take Period Delay Tablets!

* We do not offer Yagé ceremonies outside of the residential Yagé retreat in our Finca in Putumayo. If you would like to attend Yagé ceremonies with Taita Laureano and/or Taita Victoriano, you need to fully commit to an absolute minimum of 7 days retreat. During this time you may take part to a maximum of 5 Yagé ceremonies per week.

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