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Founder and teacher of Agama yoga Colombia:  Juan, a Taurus (with ascendant Leo), was born in a small city in the Andes Mountains of Colombia, South America. Most of his childhood and young life was spent on a farm surrounded by nature, joy and love; it was a beautiful and happy time. At age 18 he moved to the capital of Colombia to study business. He completed his university studies plus a Masters in London, where he also went into business, but after a while he found out that was not actually for him. At this juncture a friend introduced him to the transcendental meditation technique of Ramana Maharshi, which opened the first spiritual window in his life, besides the special and close connection he already had with the spirit of Jesus due to his Christian (Catholic) background. He continued to travel all over the world until, while working on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea, he met up with one of his good friends with whom he used to meditate. This friend advised him to go to India and, without a second thought, he disembarked the ship in Brazil and went there directly, where he first did a…

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  • Samuel Kilby   May 16, 2018

      A wonderful surprise

    I arrived at Sogamoso expecting to be a volunteer in La Finca San Pedro and was extremely surprised when the owner, Juan Ananda, invited me to join the sacred sexuality course that he would be offering. I jumped at the chance, after having searched far and wide for more information about Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. The course was incredibly profound! I have now been practising and studying tantra for more than 3 years and still to this day I continue to apply the teachings of Agama Yoga in my daily life and sacred sexuality practice. During this course, I was extremely impressed by Juan's knowledge and dedication to Tantra. At the time, I didn't always connect with his teaching methods, as I like to learn with practice and visual supports. However, I have known Juan for over 3 years know and have taken more courses with him and I have seen him grow as a teacher. He has adapted his pedagogy to be more inclusive and active without losing the depth of the teachings that he is transmitting. I am eternally grateful to Juan Ananda, as tantra has changed my life. I also met my partner and now mother of my child in his tantra course. Thanks Juan.

  • Clara Delage   May 12, 2018

      Interesting human and yogic experience!

    The human size of Agama Colombia allows us to focus on our practice and dive deeper into the teachings. With the good vibes of La Finca and the warm welcoming of the team, I spend an intense and relaxing stay at the same time! It felt like a retreat, during which I could connect with the students of the other levels (I was doing level 3) and follow their evolution. I really enjoyed witnessing the same doubts and challenges that I met 2 years ago, while doing my level 1 in Thailand! The place is different, but the content is the same. With all the wisdom and the depth needed. I highly recommend this yoga course, especially because with less students you will be guided and helped on a daily basis more easily by the teachers. They all have their personality, which can trigger many things regarding that we basically live together! However, that was a very interesting and inspiring human and yogic experience.

  • Nicole Salmon   May 08, 2018

      Nicole shakti

    I had been at the Finca San Pedro just short of a couple of weeks. Immersing myself into the yoga classes there and floating around the beautiful garden of Eden - the farm, lounging around and easing my self gently into travelling life. I connected instanly with the beautiful Dutch Yoga Teacher that was due to help teach the First Level One Intensive of Agama Yoga as a month long course. Waking up each morning to the sounds of the animals on the farm- there was chickens, a Goat called Aros, a wild and crazy flock of geese and ducks, some beautifully elegant peacocks, three rabbits, a yogini cat called Lunar! and four lovely dogs. It was such a gorgeous place to be and I was happy with my decision that I had came here. It was great to be surrounded by other travellers sharing stories of the road and making connections. The farm is owned and run by a local Colombia family- and a beautiful one at that! The place was just so homely and wonderful. Breakfast was served by the lovely chicas of the house- and travellers, volenteers of the farm, yoga teachers and guests all sat down like a big family for breakfast- I immediately felt right at home ❤ I stayed at Finca San Pedro for 2 months and my experience there was nothing short of extraordinary! I initially came with no plan and wanted to just flow, after travelling for a while I was looking for a place where I could really relax, purify and renew myself with yoga studies and practice. I ended up jumping into the Agama one month intensive course straight away, and was blow away by the teachings and practices, it wasn't long until I was literally glowing inside and out. Waking up in this little peice of heaven everyday was pure bliss. The teachers that I had where amazing. As I said before I actually became really close to one of the woman teachers and we are now lifelong friends! And this Finca brought us together, I am forver grateful. Juan the leading teacher was incredible, you can tell that yoga is a passion of his and his complete lifestyle and that really shows in his teachings. Very genuine and authentic, firm in his approach but also gental with a great sense of humour too, I had many laughs there and was definitely compelled listening to his lectures and his journey, he has unshakable focus in guiding you through asana practice and that really helps if you are new to yoga or a bit unstable in your own practice, his energy is very strong with centered enthusiasm, stable and genuine in the most positive ways, a true yogi, he really wants the best for his students. Agama Colombia set me on the path of tantric studies that totally changed my approach to life. I had a beautiful room in one of the house blocks right next door to the yoga hall, I had to walk up a ladder to sleep in it , it was like a little indoor tree house I loved it! So unique, like no where I stayed before. ‌There are many things to do outside the Finca, and Juan is so hospitable, not only is he a teacher of yoga but he is also taking us outside to show us his home town and the village he lives in, he took us to play a traditional Colombian game in a bar with other travels, to dance salsa one other night, to amazing hot springs with healing mud, to a wise shaman to experience a sweat hut purification, a walk to a beautifulview point through some amazing forests, and also to another spiritual community to experience some rituals and practices that I had no idea even existed. Staying here has definitely been one of the most memorable experiences of my life on the road travelling. It was my first port of call in Colombia and it was my reason for staying as long as I did. I am infinitely grateful to Juan, his teachings of yoga, his hospitality, we became great friends and I will never forget my time I had here, the Finca San Pedro will always hold a place in my heart, it's growing constantly and I'm sure now there's even a sweat hut being built on the grounds it's self. If you stay here I can positively say that your experience will be nothing short of magical!! Whether your volentering, studying yoga or just simply going to relax, there's something for everyone here. You will definitely walk away inspired. 💓

  • Stefan Waldegger   May 07, 2018

      Teaching at Agama Yoga Colombia

    2 1/2 years ago, I absolved my training as a yoga teacher in Agama Yoga Thailand, which was an amazing and life changing time. After finishing my training, Juan Ananda invited me to teach Agama Yoga in his branch located in Colombia on the beautiful Finca San Pedro. Happily I accepted the invitation and moved over half the planet from Agama Yogas headquarter in Thailand to Juan's yoga center located in beautiful nature in 2800m height in the amazing country Colombia, surrounded by mountains and all the beauty nature has to offer. Soon I fell in love with the family like atmosphere on the Finca San Pedro where Agama Yoga Colombia is located and my career in teaching Yoga began. Juan played the role as a supportive big brother, father and also Guru in case of questions in my beginnings in teaching Yoga at his branch of Agama Yoga. I cannot tell how often he was driving me into the city and also inviting me for lunch, to discuss the strategies of the teachings. He was always there in case of questions, made sure everything has it's correctness in the teachings, offering friendship and much more. Also he gave us the opportunity to visit the local Shamans, showing us the hidden hot springs, organizing hikes on mountains up to 4500 meters and much more. Meeting Juan has left deep impressions in the way how I am teaching, changed my life and I can just express my gratitude to this opportunity. Also he has a deep knowledge of the Yoga he is teaching after practicing decades of years by himself. The experience at Agama Yoga Colombia was so amazing, that I am going to be there from the first of July to teach for my second round and I am planning to stay for another 6 months. So if you are in Colombia and interested in practicing Yoga, this is the place to go.

  • DIANA V   May 07, 2018

      agama yoga instructor

    When I met Agama yoga I just loved the place. La finca, -where agama is located- has a beautiful and calm energy surrounded by mountains, warm days and chilly nights. The first time I came to Agama Juan -the instructor- told me just "came with an open heart" so that was my attitude and I had a wonderful experience over there. Even when my path in tantra was initiated before, I realized it was for me in this lifetime with this agama tantra course. The course challenged me and my beliefs in many ways, emotionally and mentally and it was not easy see me trough all the experience but I was worth it and empowering in all these levels too. I made a really good friends over there, I had the oportunity to live in one week with an amazing woman and men who I admire and honor for what that are. The instructors, Sebastian, Ishvari and Juan taught the information in different ways, they are beautiful humans and really committed to their own process.

  • sean spoon   May 04, 2018

      Knowledgeable, Supportive, Powerful

    My experience with Agama Yoga Colombia literally changed the direction of my life. Actually, you can read the full inspired account of my time there in the two subsequent books that I wrote: search for Planet Spoon Travel: Guiding Spirits (1) and Attention Focused To Perceive... (2) on Amazon and Kindle and you will find them. I found both the male and female teachers there to be very knowledgeable, supportive, passionate and compassionate on both the Level 1 Yoga Intensive, and most notably, on the two-week Tantra course that I initially attended. I resonated so much with what they were committed to and the evident benefits that I decided to ditch my plans to travel the rest of South America and instead flew to the other side of the world to continue studying at the school's headquarters in Thailand. I was particularly impressed with the way that Juan did his best to look after the group and give us the best experience possible. This included a trip to visit one of the local shaman families nearby, which was not on the original schedule, a chance to ride the local horses at a nearby stables, and he drove us all through the rain to the hot springs on my birthday, even though it was likely going to be a washout. The Finca is after-all a home, and after six weeks there it felt very much like that, and was hard to leave. I did leave my mark with a wall mural however, so much did the experience fill me with feelings fo abundance and creativity! I left there feeling full of joy and love and will no doubt return the next time I am in Colombia. You never know, it may even be a return to teach! Blessings all, Spoon, UK

  • CM   February 20, 2018

      A warning for the women

    I'm writing this review to warn other women and to help keep the yoga community safe. Juan, the manager of Agama Yoga center at Finca San Pedro has approached me in a way that is unacceptable and inappropriate. He has touched me without my consent, and tried to hit on me by using my interest in yoga and tantra, abusing his position as a teacher. After rejecting him multiple times he continued telling me "I want to make love to your Shakti so that I can become a Shiva" and "I have this honest thought I want to share with you, I want to fuck you really hard", to name just a few of his comments. Once I updated the staff about the situation they told me they know 'Juan is very difficult with women' and that it was common for him to behave this way towards most attractive woman who arrived at the property (women of all ages). Juan has been harassing me and he finds it difficult to accept a loud and clear no as an answer, telling me that he is like Jesus and doesn't make any mistakes when I shared how his actions and words were making me feel. There are so many beautiful places in Colombia where you can enjoy nature, meditate and do yoga. Stay safe and don't go here.                                                                                   ******* Reply From The Center ******             Initially we sent an answer of this review to retreat.guru and this website decided to first consult the person who left the review, then this person changed her review, and we also had to modify our answer and put more precise details of what REALLY happened with this woman who left this review, from the first moment she contacted us until she left our premises, and of course we were mentioning in that answer her name, so whomever reads this review will know who did that, but then this website retreat.guru, refused to mention her name, which we find it not fare, because it means that anyone can actually come to this website and say whatever about us, but no one can actually know who wrote that review, which make us NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE AT ALL anymore, because they don't take reviews seriously... Anyway, the fact is that on the top of this the woman who left this review, she was actually never an student of Juan Ananda and she was never a student of Agama yoga Colombia, so she has not right at all to leave reviews about Juan Ananda as a teacher or Agama Colombia as a Yoga school.. Still it is true that Juan met this woman outside the school and if anyone is interested to know precise details of what REALLY happened when Juan met this woman, starting from the email she first sent us, please write directly to us to info@agamayogacolombia.com and we will send you THE COMPLETE STORY, together with her name and everything.. After this we asked retreat.guru to remove our profiles, because of course we don't want to be here anymore but they also didn't let us, so please be aware that any information about us in this website is not updated and is not real, so you better consult directly our website www.agamayogacolombia.com Thank you and we look forward to hear from you..


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