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  • Brian Page   May 20, 2017

      True Curandera with Premier Healing Camp

    Jungle retreats function as a spiritual hospital. Doña Otilia says that “in the cities everyone is healthy, but in the jungle they are all sick.” Most people have no idea how horribly unclean the inside of their body is. The jungle exposes how you are interacting on every level of life, and it is the principle purpose of Ayahuasca to show you this, to show you Nature’s perspective of “you”. The shaman functions as an intermediary. They facilitate this profound understanding of what is occurring in your body, mind, and spirit – the holistic knowing or “sight”, which is the hallmark of Ayahuasca. Together with your intentions, it can show you any dimension of your self that you need or wish to see. This is a sacred process of coming to know your true spiritual nature and must be honored. Do not approach the Visionary plant teachers unless you truly desire to make a change in your life. Everything within you that is not of nature’s way will be brought up´, showing you the problem, purging it, and leaving you with a clean slated nervous system, highly sensitive and capable of forming new patterns, but you must then do the work to ingrain positive habits. Otilia’s entire being is devoted to helping people make these needed changes at the root level – the physical body, which is the foundation for all dimensions of our experience. Beyond just a shaman, she is a curandera, a healer, who works with all the plant medicines that grow about and around her beautiful camp. Each ceremony she will lovingly show you what is going on in your body and how this relates with your “ceremony experience”, which is like a microcosm of your life on the spiritual plane. She then does healing work to “ground” the ceremony into the healing process, which she also facilitates as per your prescribed diet, other medicines, and general life protocol. This is a very precise science and is critical to adhere to it strictly when working with plant medicines. This is the foundational work to reintegrate your body-mind and spirit into the more wholesome state that the Vision of the ceremony opens up. Otilia gives you all the tools to transform your life into a clear, wholesome human being, and from this clarity, the vision of your heart’s purpose arises naturally. It is a beautiful process. Otilia feels great satisfaction seeing people come into themselves in this way, for this is the true purpose of the work in the jungle. Not every shaman is equal. Care must be given before deciding to work with one. Your spirit and neurological wiring are literally in their hands. If they are at all dirty, so will you be. I give my upmost recommendations to all for Doña Otilia, because she is renowned as being a pure extension of Nature – the very embodiment of grandmother Ayahuasca herself. Much of her work in Iquitos has been to heal those who have been victim of other “shamans’” foul play in the ever rampant abuse of the plant out of greed to capitalize on the foreign interest. In Otilias camp, you will only find the spacious openness of love and the ideal conditions to heal and align with your prayer. Her icaros weave into your very soul uplifting melodies and vibrations of peace and harmony, which some may find a refreshing contrast to the mostly male shamans’ sound. Blessings to all doing this sacred work, proceed with faith that your spirit in infinite, capable of healing ANY and ALL ills, and that you are in good hands.

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