About The Teacher

My name is Oriah Mirza. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA I have dedicated my life to understanding the mind body connection. I have been studying and researching with deep intensive training and development from 2003. I have spent the last 7 years life coaching out of my home in Malibu, CA. I am married to a life coach and psychic medium who works with people who need deep healing especially in the area of loss through death. We have been hosting weekly circles, and in-person and by-phone readings and sessions and workshops 5 days a week for years. I host a live radio show, Instant Reboot and live talk show Light Up Your World with Oriah.

My Story

I am a mother of five children, ages ranging from 23 to 10. I have been through many harrowing and life changing events in my life, and now at 43 I have let go of all the pain, suffering, ideals, addictions and trauma to uncover and discover a beautiful new life. But, I had to uncover one single detail at a time of how I created it. I learned through trial and error, until I found it easier to clear my pallet of negative outcomes and painful situations.

I have been married five time (two fathers), and I was addicted to alcohol for 13 years and it almost killed me. I have been sexually assaulted many times, lived in dangerous areas, and found myself with severe PTSD for decades. Fighting for my children in court systems for a decade begun the nightmare, but before that my dad's mental and emotional instability took it's toll on me as an only child before his death from cancer. Growing up in a cult, being excommunicated and expelled from high school for violence from selfdefense, moving to 20 homes with my parents and immigrant mother before I was 18, and countless schools...I became a professional victim and warrior. I became a workaholic, aggressive fitness trainer, and lost my identity. I lost any deep connection to my children, blamed men for everything that ever went wrong in my life, and attracted relationships that were scary. I was addicted to attention from men, and always felt I deserved the worst.

I was sad, angry, lonely, and mad. I began to slowly lose my mind and go numb. I started living in the dark side, with addictions, sex slavery, violence, drugs and alcohol. All the while asking myself how did I end up here? Where did that sweet little girl go, I was losing myself, and becoming a monster. People were afraid of me, and I was afraid of them. My body was in deep trouble, organs shutting down, blood levels in deep toxicity, adrenal burn out, glandular burn out, and sluggish colon and digestion was almost coming to a stop. I had no life force energy left. Even after years of getting my life back on track, I was still plagued with illness, and the onsets of autoimmune disease, and allergic reactions to foods. I was still deep in anger that my life turned out this way, being such a bright young student full of potential as a young woman. Life was a dead end, and it all happened so fast.

In 2003 I began deep intensive training and development in transformational life design seminars. The rest is history. I left these seminars 7 years ago and since then have launched into the stratosphere with my own system of advanced regeneration of the body, mind and spirit connection. I met my husband Riz Mirza, in 2010 and I never looked back. With his help, and dedication we both got my body back on track, with deep healing and deep understanding of the body. I felt I made it. But, after I learned how, I needed to keep it up on my own. Like learning to walk again, I had to learn to eat again, and breathe, receive, listen, hear, play, feel and basically start over. Which I did. Currently everyday, more and more of my cellular memory comes back to me, my diet is not as strict anymore, my system works effortlessly and we are planning to get pregnant. My relationship with my children have healed tremendously and they are thriving. 

I have helped thousands of people to find their rope to pull themselves back out. I have learned along the way, how to share and help and inspire from a more playful place as I began to live a more playful life. My early seminars and workshops were so intense and serious! That's what it took back then, but since then it has gotten so much easier, to teach it, share it and help people understand it. 

I am pleased to share the wisdom that has been passed down to me through the ages. There is no area I cannot uncover or discover with you. I have touched so much of life and felt so much, also being an empath, this was a major part of my (contact info blocked) to understand what was my vortex and someone else's. I have helped countless healers and teachers find peace in their work as they uncover the brilliance of their own intuition. I believe everyone is capable of being an empath and a healer. Anyone can be a psychic and a channel. You have to learn how. It is my pleasure to help you discover your highest potential and how to live all the way out (contact info blocked) bells on.

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Opening up to the joy and peace of meditation and Yoga. <3 Marion

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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