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Swami Anand Krishna(Sindhi: سُوامي آنند ڪرشنا‎) is an Indonesian of Sindhi/Indian descent spiritualist, inter-faith humanist, and productive writer  who is currently living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

His consistently attentiveness and concern about the condition of spiritual soul and local wisdom and culture of Indonesian have been putting in practice by founding many humanitarian initiatives and spiritual establishments, particularly Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated to United Nations Department of Public Information since 15 December 2006)  as Center for Wellbeing and Self-Empowerment since the year of 1991.

He has been promoting Love is the Only Solution as the way to create an enlightened society by working on InnerPeace, developing CommunalLove, and realizing GlobalHarmony on One Earth under One Sky and in One Humankind.


Born in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia as predicted by the Shuka Nadi is his Karma Bhoomi, on 1 September 1956, Anand had spent his early education in Lucknow, North India, where he met his first spiritual mentor, Sheikh Baba. A simple ice vendor, the saint was not known beyond the area he lived in, but played major role in the "making" of Anand Krishna who was already familiar with Sufi poetry and teachings of Shah Abdul Latief of Sindh, through his father, Tolaram.

Swami Anand Krishna earned his master's degree from a reputed university and was at the top of his career as Director and Shareholder of a Garment Factory in Indonesia, when, suddenly, he fell ill. Medical diagnosis showed that he was suffering an acute Leukemia in critical stage. His body was no longer responded to the medical treatment/therapy for Leukemia applied. Thus, in 1991, at 35, he faced certain death.

After months of suffering to find cures for his illness, mysterious meetings with a Tibetan Lama in the Himalayas, and miraculous recovery from his illness, Anand decided to devote his life to sharing his healing, peace, love and joy.

Later, he shared his personal experiences on the basis : "Be Joyful and Share your Joy to Others".

One Earth Retreat Centre, Ciawi - Indonesia

In the last 25 years, Anand has spoken to millions through television shows, radio talks, inhouse trainings, books, newspaper interviews and articles, as well as daily meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram (affiliated with United Nations), One Earth Retreat Center Ciawi, Anand Krishna Center and Ashram@Ubud, the four centers of meditation established by him in the Indonesian Capital of Jakarta, the suburban city of Bogor, the palatial ancient city of Yogyakarta, and the beautiful island of Bali.

Humanitarian Initiative

He has also inspired several popular movements, and Centers for Self Development, among others:

1. International Bali Meditators’ Festival (IBMF) 

2. Forum for Revival of Human Spirit – which has given free Self Development Programs to more than 25,000 teachers within last 5 years.

3. Anand Krishna Centres in many major cities, and L’Ayurveda Healing Centers in Jakarta and Bali.

4. AK Global Co-Operation, a national co-operative society with branches in several cities.

5. The National Integration Movement, with almost 30 branches all over Indonesia and overseas representation, including one in the Middle East 

6. California Bali Friendship Association 

7. Brazil Indonesia Friendship Association 

8. Secret Garden of The Mother Divine, Dedicated to Healing Mother Earth and All Her Children, located in Kuta (Bali)

9. AK Education Foundation, First Interfaith School in Bali, for which land has been acquired (about 2,500 sq meters in the prime area of Kuta)

10. Bali Dvipa Charitable Clinic in Bali

11. One Earth Integral Education Foundation 

12. Regular Free Medical and Trauma Relief Camps

13. Global Harmony Monument in Ashram@Ubud – Bali 

14. The Charter for Global Harmony (contact info blocked)

Anand had been a source on all major National Medias, several Regional Medias – both Print and Electronic. He had a weekly column in one of the Major Print Medias, and a monthly TV as well as Radio Shows - both in Bali Island. He also writes regularly for several other medias nationwide.

In Jakarta, he has completed a 13-episode serial on "Q" and "Swara" TV Channels, entitled "Building Indonesia Anew with Anand Krishna". Currently, the next season of the show is already on air, which is titled "Building The World Anew with Anand Krishna".

Among other prominent members of Indonesian Society, those who have so far appeared on these shows are the 4th President of Indonesia, The Abdurrachman Wahid; Special Police Commissioner in charge of Narcotics Bureau, Mr. Mangku Pastika of Bali Bombing Case Fame; Sultan of Yogyakarta; The Ambassador of Australia for Indonesia; Several MPs, Artists, etcetera.

However, his most outstanding contribution and legacy are his 160 over books published within last 25 years with more than half a million copies sold all over Indonesia. He has also been becoming the trendsetter of Meditation as lifestyle in this archipelago. One of his books, in fact one of the three titles in English, "Voice of Indonesia" was released in California and discussed on the Campus Radio of University of California at Santa Barbara.

International Speakers

Conference on Sufi Movements in Contemporary Islam[edit]

After attending The 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference of United Nation " Climate Change : How It Impacts Us All" in September 2007, Anand Krisha was invited to present his paper on Sufi Solutions to World’s Problems in Conference about Sufi, held by National University of Singapore and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, on August 4 – 5, 2008

Ubud Writers & Readers Festival 2008

Earth Dialoques on Water Planet Nov 26-28, 2008

Earth Dialogues on Water Planet 2008

Anand Krishna became one of speakers in Earth Dialogues on Water Planet (Dialogos da Terra no Planeta Aqua) hosted by Government of Minas Gerais and Green Cross International in Belo Horizonte, Brazil on 26 – 28 November 2008. The Dialogues adopted the " Minas Gerais Charter" prescribing targeted action plans to further sustainable development both in Brazil and globally.

At the event, Swami Anand Krishna presented his paper on Water of Life, Wisdom of the Ancient – In Pursuit of the Indigenous Wisdom of Sundaland and South America to Save Our Planet, a spiritual study of how important water for the life of man in this planet based on the local wisdom and culture. His paper had been published as a book with the same title in 2009.

Swami Anand Krishna gave talks at Parliament of World's Religion, Melbourne - Australia

Ambassador of Parliament of the World’s Religion

Swami Anand Krishna also attended Forum Parliament of the World’s Religions as one of the speakers in Melbourne, Australia, on Dec (contact info blocked), by presenting "Addressing Religious Radicalism in Indonesia : Appreciating and Cultivating Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (Unity in Diversity) and Pancasila (Indonesia’s Preambule)". He had been appointed as Ambassador of Parliament of the World’s Religion Council since September 2009.

Selected Works

Anand Krishna's books and audiobooks (details below) are available.

In English

Anand Krishna, Life – A Traveler’s Guide to Journey Within (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2003 ISBN (contact info blocked)-2

Anand Krishna, Soul Quest – Journey from Death to Immortality (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2003 ISBN (contact info blocked)-X

Anand Krishna, "Voice of Indonesia" (AK Global Co-Operation) 2007 ISBN (contact info blocked)-0-4

Anand Krishna, "Christ of Kasmiri – The Incredible Saga of Sage Yuzu Asaph" (AK Global Co-Operation) July 2008 ISBN (contact info blocked)-3-5

Anand Krishna, "Tri Hita Karana : Ancient Balinese Wisdom for Neo Humans" (AK Global Co-Operation) 2008 ISBN (contact info blocked)-5-9

Anand Krishna, "Sufi Solution to World’s Problems" (AK Global Co-Operation) 2008 ISBN (contact info blocked)-4-2

Anand Krishna, "From Bali to Belo Horizonte – In Pursuit of the Indigenous Wisdom of Sundaland and South America to Save Our Planet" (AK Global Co-Operation) 2009 ISBN (contact info blocked)-7-3

Anand Krishna, "One Earth One Sky One Humankind – Living Prayerfully in the Spirit of Unity in Diversity" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2009 ISBN (contact info blocked)-6-5

Anand Krishna, "The Hanuman Factor : Life Lessons from the Most Successful Spiritual CEO" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2010 ISBN (contact info blocked)-5

Anand Krishna, "The Wisdom of Bali : The Sacred Science of Celebrating Heaven on Earth" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) January 2010 ISBN (contact info blocked)-3

Anand Krishna, "The Zen Yoga : An Integral Approach to Spirituality" (Parimal Publication India) 2011 ISBN (contact info blocked)-7

Anand Krishna, "Sai Anand Gita: Lord’s Song of Bliss Eternal" (Sri Sathya Sai Books and AK Global Co-Operation) Nov 2011 ISBN (contact info blocked)-5-0

Anand Krishna, "Guru Yoga : The Way Within" (AK Global Co-Operation) January 2012 ISBN (contact info blocked)-6-7

Anand Krishna. "The Wisdom of Sundaland : The Ancient Unrecorded Prehistory of Indonesia Archipelago" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2012 ISBN (contact info blocked)-1

Anand Krishna, "The Kaligis Success Factor, Lesson from a rare Man of Law" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2013 ISBN (contact info blocked)-1

Anand Krishna, "Dvipantara Dharma Sastra : Sara Samuccaya-Slokantara-Sevaka Dharma, Ancient Indonesian Wisdom for Modern Human" (Centre of Vedic and Dharmic Studies) May 2015 ISBN (contact info blocked)-4-8

Anand Krishna, "Live Yoga : The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for Modern Times" (Gramedia Pustaka Utama) 2015 ISBN (contact info blocked)-4

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