About The Teacher

Bwiti Iboga Provider: Steven Callahan


     The path that lead me to Iboga began as a young man seeking answers, seeded by a profound feeling that there was more to life than what was being offered. Along the way, I have been guided to many great teachers of different traditions, whom have helped me to deepen my connection to the earth and the ways of our ancestors.

      As a father of four children, I recognize initiation and rites of passage as deeply important links in our life chain that must be remembered to keep our connection to our soul alive. My personal journey with Iboga brought together all of these teachings and feelings into one TRUTH that I see as a key to the health of our nation at this time. The healing that Iboga brought to me and my family shifted our lives forever, profoundly allowing me to come to peace with trauma from my past and become a better father and husband.

      The opportunity to travel to Africa with a 10th generation shaman to experience a full initiation with the Bwiti, an amazing intact indigenous tribe, was an incredible honor.  Since visiting Africa I apprenticed with my shaman for 8 months and graduated his training program as a provider.

     I then worked at Iboga Wellness Center as head provider; leading ceremonies, facilitating guided Iboga journeys, administering dosage, providing counseling to participants, and performing traditional spiritual shower ceremonies. I worked at Iboga Wellness for almost 2 years, treating hundreds of people before opening my own center, Iboga Healing. 

     I am truly thankful to be a part of this movement and I am excited to be supporting this plant on its journey of the health and rejuvenation of mankind. 

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