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Marta is a gifted, passionate, and highly experienced teacher and student of Yoga and the teachings of Advaita Vedanta. She has first discovered Yoga when 14 years old, and right away felt the mysterious familiarity of the practice. She began her professional training with a Jivamukti Yoga immersion, under the guidance of Yogeswari – one of the most senior teachers of the method. Marta was certified as an Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow instructor in a traditional school in Goa, India. In India, she also had the privilege to meet her Spiritual teacher Rishi Sudhir of Tiruvannamalai, a dedicated follower of Advaita Vedanta with decades of experience in Pranayama, meditation, and a depth of Vedic knowledge. Aside of the studies of Vedanta, she has also spent time at the ashram of Sri Ramana Maharshi, set at the foot of the sacred mountain Arunachala. Marta’s love for the practice of being, Yin Yoga, comes as a result of her training with Joshua Summers, an experienced teacher and one of the original students of Paul Grilly and Sarah Powers. Her studies with Joshua initiated her into the system of meridians and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Marta has also undertaken numerous meditation retreats, including the Goenka Vipassana and the Mindfulness retreats organized by the London Buddhist Centre. She has taught at diverse centers in Europe, Asia, and South America and spent almost three years serving as a 200 hr YTT teacher training instructor at Sampoorna Yoga, in India. Currently, she is based in Peru, sharing her practice with the guests of a variety of Plant Medicine healing centres, and leads personal Yoga retreats internationally. She has a passion for culture and tradition, and travels extensively in her mission to experience, grow, and develop a platform to share with others, spreading the message of love and compassion. In the last couple of years, Marta has been studying with the plant medicines and traditions of Central and South America. She has had the opportunity to study under the guidance of shamans and medicine people from various communities and traditions, including Shipibo, Mexica, Mestizo, Quechua, Lakota, and Kogi. Her studies across diverse traditions devoted to understanding both our human physicality and the pathways to Spirit have led her to understand that all paths are complementary, and ultimately lead to the very same realization of Unity. She is deeply grateful to all of her teachers, past and present, human and non-human, for shining their light under her stumbling feet.

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  • Elliot Riis   December 07, 2018

      A Profoundly Authentic Teacher

    I first “met” at a yoga retreat in Peru at the Temple of the Way of Light. Upon first seeing her, assumptions come easy. She's young. She's pretty. Can she really have the depth it takes to lead retreats, to change lives? ...The answer is such a resounding yes that the force of the affirmation would ring gongs in the highest temples of Tibet, and the deepest bells of sunken Atlantis, if Atlantis were real--hey who knows, drink some ayahuasca and you might meet its residents. Marta has a gentle grace, a powerful voice, and a wonderful sense of humor. She speaks from experience, not books. In her classes and interactions she is gentle, but she is there to tell you what you need to hear, not make you feel warm and fuzzy--though this is the end result in my experience. I noticed this when she pulled me aside during retreat and asked me not to touch people. I communicate through touch, or thought I did, and though she found it sweet, she asked me not to. I went through a few rough hours asking myself if I was a creep, but it was a message I needed, as I realized it was me being insecure in seeking touch from others. She did something similar regarding my voice on the last day of the retreat. I would go to any retreat she was a part of, and if she wasn't there I would question if I truly wanted to attend. There's not enough space to detail how amazing she is. She is a true teacher, and a wonderful soul.

  • Andrea Thayer   December 02, 2018

      Heart of the Jungle

    It was an honour to experience the teachings of Marta. Her safe, gentle and intuitive teaching style created an environment where I was truly able to connect and listen to my body. She beams pure love and femininity and continues to inspire me on my sacred inner journey. Thank you for sharing your passion, love & light. I am deeply grateful to have met you in the jungles of Peru. ❤️

  • Maheras Louie   October 25, 2018

      A gifted teacher and stellar human

    It was an honor and privilege to have Marta as my yoga instructor in the jungles of Peru. She has a divine strength and is gentle and humble at the same time. Marta’s professionalism as well as her wealth of knowledge in her field and outside of it is amazing. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future. Thank you Marta🙏😊

  • Jimmy Dole   October 18, 2018

      To an amazing individual.

    Blessed with knowledge and incredible insight on being human. I had the fortunate pleasure of being able to work with Marta early this year. I had embarked on a ayaushca and yoga journey into my soul and with the help of many teachers - Marta included it was honestly a blessful experience. For me she wasn’t just a teacher but an incredible person and I can speak for everyone on the retreat that she really had a fiery soul of compassion and understanding of yoga and us as humans. Aside from the vast knowledge in yoga, meditation and cultures. Her experience in life was invaluable as we were able to relate and hence made it easy to connect and be comfortable. I can go on and on about Marta - but simply thanks for being there for us and I. Thank you for being yourself !!! Love Thành.

  • Katie Mayeux   October 11, 2018

      Sacred Valley Retreat

    I recently embarked on a journey inward guided and facilitated by Marta. This was the most powerful journey I have taken on my path thus far. Marta is a healer, a facilitator, a woman who truly embodies the feminine. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and heal with her loving guidance. If you are seeking a retreat that will be facilitated by an authentic teacher, light worker, and healer I trust that attending one with Marta will provide a platform for you to dive as deep as you are willing to go.

  • Jackie Cox   October 10, 2018

      Sacred Valley Retreat

    I recently partook in a retreat with Martha in Sacred Valley it was a 7 day yoga intensive with 2 days san pedro. Martha is a tremendous yoga instructer and experienced plant teacher who brought together such a beautiful space with all the right coponents to ensure my comfort. The site we stayed at was Samahdi in Sacred Valley and our daily practices were face to face with the beautiful Peruvian mountains, absolutely breathtaking. Our food was vegan and phenomenal, camt say enough about having excellent cuisine on a retreat! I recommend any one looking to increase their practice or wanting to open to sharing in amedicine experience to attend her retreats. She has such a warm soul and holds the most beautiful space with ease. She brought me deeper into my practice and had other teachers on different days to extend their knowledge of yoga and breath we were never stagnent in our journey. She brought the peruvian culture and shared her extensive knowledge of plant medicine and healing, and had different expert shamans in the local areas to hold ceremonies. She went over and beyond for me and others after retreat by ensuring we had a legit and safe taxi to chaffeur us around all of Sacred Valley to tour the mountain ranges and ancient Inca sites(affordably)that was not part of the retreat and I was so relieved she handled that for us! Traveling to another country is overwhelming and sometimes daunting and Martha made the experience flow with ease. Her knowledge in spiritual healing besides yoga is relentless and I love a teacher who does not mind sharing.

  • Giulio Brunini   June 25, 2018

      An embodied teacher

    My wife and I met Marta in india last year during our teacher training course and she immediately struck us as an example of embodiement of yoga’s philosophy and principles. Her rigour in her teaching comes as a result of many years of commited learning and practice. Her generous heart and warmth matches her competencies and knowledge. It was a privilege to have her as our teacher for a month. This year we invited Marta to co lead a yoga retreat in Tuscany and she confirmed to be an extraordinary yoga teacher. This was also an opportunity to get to know her better and appreciate her deep connection to spirit and nature. We hope to stay connected to Marta and have more opportunities to share time with her. Obviously we would highly recommend Marta for anyone who is interested in a yoga teacher that goes beyond technique and posture and can offer a doorway to personal growth and cultivation of the self. Giulio and Ceren

  • Sean Tizoc Spiers   March 14, 2018

      Some chill time in the Valley

    I first met Marta at an Ayahuasca deep immersion retreat at the Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos. I found myself impressed with her sensitivity around yoga (and our various levels of expertise) as well as a real sense of peace and gratitude that emanated from her during and after class. I most recently attended another retreat that she organized around San Pedro in the Sacred Valley. This second retreat showcased her talents with yoga and was a wonderfully rewarding and intense experience in that she and her partner held space in a wonderfully nurturing and understanding way. I look forward to attending future retreats with her as she has a wonderful method of integrating yogic practices (at least to my inexperienced eye) with traditional plant medicines that I believe better allow you to reap greater benefits of both together than you would with them separately. She is wonderfully patient and has struck me as a wonderfully positive and giving force in a world where such people are in short supply. I highly recommend her retreats (or her presence in one). You won't be disappointed.

  • Gregg Skaines   December 20, 2017


    I met Marta at a retreat in Peru working with spirit medicines in November of 2017, and couldn't have asked for a better yoga instructor. I looked forward to every class I had with her. No matter if we were doing pre-ceremony yoga, guided meditation, or morning yoga after an intense ceremony, Marta always knew exactly the right words and practices to enhance the medicine work in that moment. She intuitively read into what the class needed and I found myself greatfully thanking her after nearly every class for such a deep and moving practice. Marta's words of "everything is accepted" helped pull me through my darkest time in my medicine work, and still helps me today. She is a kind, beautiful soul whom I would recommend to anyone interested in yoga, no matter your experience level.

  • Roman Osadca   December 15, 2017

      Inspiring passionate teacher

    I met Marta in march 2016 in the jungles of Peru, where we were studying plant medicine and she was one of the yoga teachers. I have been practicing yoga for 14 years and was very inspired by her personal story and passion when teaching yoga. I found her classes to be very well focused and guided. I have taken techniques that she taught me into my own practice and have really seen the bennifits payed off over the last year or so. To anyone looking for a trustworthy teacher in yoga I would very highly recommend Marta, you won't regret it.

  • Alec Balfour   December 02, 2017

      Wander woman

    Marta has been a very influential teacher in my life, a guide with whom to seek advice, and a friend. I think her two greatest qualities are her dedication and authenticity. Which is why I respect her so, she doesn’t just talk about it she does the walk. She lives and breathes yoga, shamanism, the universe... She will be genuine with you and give you her 110%. She will spark that fire in you and give you the thirst for more. And she will demand the best out of you to come forth. So if you want to talk about rainbows and unicorns and all the fluff Marta might not be your teacher. But if you truly want to deepen your practice and see what is in your inner depth, if you are searching for the light, trying to answer “who am I” and willing to put the work. Then she’s your guide.

  • Yesim Yuva   September 30, 2017

      An amazing yoga teacher

    I met Marta in Peru in the jungle when I did a yoga/plant retreat. Her yoga classes were amazing. A few months later I decided to join another retreat of hers in Colombia. It was beautiful, I love her classes!

  • Kevin   September 28, 2017

      Kundalini Queen

    I had the privilege of attending one of Marta' s 9 day yoga retreats in peru..i have to say her knowledge and passion for yoga was amazing..Her workshops were well put together and alot of fun. Btw she is one of those people u spend 5 minutes with you will feel like u known her forever. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks Marta, lots of love

  • Doug Horn   September 28, 2017

      Marta the Wonderful

    I was very fortunate to have Marta as my yoga instructor during a retreat in Peru in March 2017. Not only was Marta my yoga instructor, she was an integral part of the facilitation team and my amazing experience at the retreat. Marta knows yoga, lots of it, and all aspects of it from its roots, to its connection with the spirits, the people, life, love, and its mental and physical healing abilities. A beautiful, warm, kind, and loving person who wants to connect deeply with others and teach the wisdom she has gained through her journey to all. I cherish the time I spent in Peru, the yoga practices lead my Marta, and all the love she oozed. I look soooo forward to having this experience again very soon. Thanks Marta, Big Love, Doug.

  • Rebecca Tott   August 28, 2017

      A Goddess, in the truest sense of the word

    I've been fortunate enough to be taught by Marta both in an academic Yoga Teacher Training environment, as well as in an intimate retreat setting. Her teaching style is soft, fluid and effortless and transcends much further beyond the physical asana practice. Every single time Marta has held space for my practice, I have been able to strip back layers and reveal something new about my Self or the subtle energies around me. It is clear to see (and feel) that a lot of her own passion and heart goes into preparing her classes. I would highly recommend taking classes or attending one of her retreats; no matter what level you are at, or how far you are on your transformational path, you will be welcomed with an open heart and a gentle, sweet smile.

  • Lisa Otto   August 25, 2017

      Truly a one-of-a-kind yoga teacher

    I have had the pleasure of being taught by Marta in various different settings: first as a student of hers on my own yoga teacher training, and also in a more relaxed retreat setting. Marta has the unique ability to fuse the physical and spiritual sides of yoga, teaching both challenging Vinyasa sequences as well as calmer restorative and Yin classes, always reminding her students of yoga's deeper intensions and our ability to use yoga in its various forms (asana, pranayama, meditation) to do self-work, and bring peace. Marta is exceptionally knowledgable not only with regard to asana, but also yogic philosophy and spiritual teachings. Her knowledge also extends beyond the Vedic tradition, into Latin American traditions. She is truly a one-of-a-kind teacher, whose classes I only wish I could take more often.

  • Chad Woodford   August 22, 2017

      A compassionate and experienced yoga teacher full of love and wisdom

    I've been doing yoga for about 14 years and, in this time, have encountered few yoga teachers as well-rounded as Marta, or as steeped in authentic yoga tradition. She manages to pull off that rare feat in teaching yoga: making a class or a topic accessible for less experienced students while making it interesting and transformative for advanced students. Her knowledge of yoga is vast and deep, ranging from asana to meditation and subtle body work. She has clearly studied the eight limbs of yoga from a place of great love and passion, and with great dedication. Not only that but Marta is able to create a peaceful, fun, and loving space in everything she does. Despite her extensive experience and knowledge, Marta walks the earth with a profound humility and grace. Marta not only knows yoga, she lives it. I can't recommend her retreats and classes enough, to newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

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