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About The Teacher

Merav Artzi. A healer working with medicinal plants from the Amazon jungle specializing in Tobacco plants medicine

I would like to share a little about myself. At an early age i left my home land of Israel in order to study Fine arts in Europe. For 15 years i lived in Amsterdam, in those years I did my Masters in Fine Arts and lived in a squat with a community of artists and political activists.

In 2009 while travelling in South america i heard about Shamanism in the Amazon jungle and Ayahuasca and decided to go there.  The work with Ayahuasca was a gate to the magical world of the medicinal plants of the Amazon jungle. It is truly the pharmacy of planet earth.

It is over eight years that i have been living in Peru. Out of that time i spent seven years living in Iquitos in the Amazon jungle. In my time in Iquitos i went trough a long initiation to become a healer specializing in working with Tobacco, studying with a local healer and Tabaquero called: Ernesto Garcia Torres.

As a healer i work and help patients suffering from, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma and more. In addition i give diets with master plants and teach students who are interested in learning to heal with Tobacco.

Tobacco is the medicine of my heart and i am here to share this medicine with the world.

I invite you with a lot of love to ask any questions you may still have and to take part in the upcoming events

FB: Merav tabaquera 

(contact info blocked)2937/merav-artzi

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  • Josh G   May 05, 2017

      Amazing healer and tobaquera

    Words cannot describe just how amazing of a healer and person Merav Artzi is. I came to her in the midst of a major health crisis and there was no limit to the care and assistance she gave me. I have never met someone with so much patience in my life and my issues have taken me to a lot of healers.. Merav was able to safely get me off the sleeping medication I was on and transition me to natural herbs and foods to help my issues while we did a tobacco diet followed by an ajo macho diet. I am forever grateful to Merav for her help and care during my tough times and can highly recommend her to anyone in search of an amazing and well rounded natural healer.

  • Anna   February 24, 2017

      Tabaccera de corazón

    After some deep experiences with Ayahuasca, I really needed to ground myself, that’s when Merav appeared. From the first meeting, I felt lots of concentration, clarity and sharpness in her. We did 3 diets together and each time it helped me to root more and more. Tabacco is such a beautiful medicine, connecting one with the Earth, teaching to be present here and now. Merav has a deep connection with Tobacco, during the diet, her presence and guidance are very precious, helping one to understand better the language of the plants. Thank you sister for this experiences , your gentle care and all the sharing !


“I vow to live each moment fully and to look at all beings with eyes of compassion.” Thich Naht Hanh

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