About The Teacher

I’m originally from the UK but after years of travels both within and without, I can only relate to being a planetary or cosmic citizen, who now mysteriously finds himself in the mountains of Central Portugal!

For as long as I can remember I have been insatiably curious about the mystery and wonder of being conscious that I am alive, the awe-inspiring beauty of this planet and the unfathomable purpose of it all! Who am I? Why am I here? Where do we come from and where are we going? How to live on our planet in a way that takes responsibility for pioneering a positive evolutionary alternative to the crippling modern mess of materialism, relativism and narcissism? How to evolve both our interiors and exteriors so that all dimensions of who we are as human beings are awakened, embraced and transformed?

There can be no doubt that we are living in unprecedented tipping point times of great transition so discovering and living profound and practical answers to questions like these, for those of us who have the interest and innocence to ask them, is more essential than it has ever been. It is my conviction that the future evolution of the human race depends on enough of us waking up from the dream of separate existence and, from that ground of fundamental unity, co-creating the future that we know in our hearts is possible.

My journey of seeking and discovering answers to these big questions has taken me around the world and turned me upside down and inside out…My passion for spiritual freedom and liberating understanding inspired many years of travel, immersion in many intensive meditation retreats and monastic life (almost becoming a Buddhist monk), to 13 years involved in an extraordinarily powerful, progressive and controversial experiment in evolutionary spirituality, to a permaculture farm on the isle of Ibiza, and now into the mountains of Central Portugal and the birth of the Awakened Life Project.

The Teachers who have had the most profound influence on my ongoing journey of Awakening are Buddha, Adi Da Samraj, Sri Aurobindo, Andrew Cohen, Barry Long, Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisagardatta and Ken Wilber.

The vision for the Awakened Life Project has arisen organically out of the convergence of all my learnings and experience. It is a beacon for the evolution of consciousness and culture in communion with the ecological web of life. What does that mean? It means awakening to the Truth of who we are as One Self, One Life, One Consciousness. Hence this is a place to come to rest, to discover joy, peace and unity within oneself and with Nature. But it also means something even more important and desperately needed in this world, which is to take responsibility for the evolution of that One Life, One Consciousness as ourselves.

My primary passion is to teach meditation as a direct door to awakened consciousness and to transmit the deeply liberating contemporary perspective of evolutionary spirituality that has transformed my own life, through teachings, retreats and courses.

I find the Portuguese people who come to my teachings to be very receptive with a rare purity of heart and this has given rise to a new passion which is to help the Portuguese recognize their own strengths and in so doing inspire them to create an awakened culture here in this wonderful country. To that end I am creating a mini-documentary series called EvoLusa (meaning Evolve Lusitânia).

Some of my other interests include writing, blues guitar, running on the nearby mountain trails, beekeeping, dipping in the shattering purity of the waterfall pools, doing magnetic qi gong on a precipice, foraging for wild edibles and a nice cup of afternoon tea overlooking the valley...

I don’t quite know how I ended up in the mountains of Central Portugal along with my wife Cynthia, but a mysterious intuitive thread has led us here. I could never have imagined that so much amazing development could happen so quickly and that we would be having such a positive impact in Portugal and beyond as our extended Awakened Life network grows.

It truly is an incredible adventure to be flying on the wings of profound trust as we revive and mould the ruins and terrain of Quinta da Mizerela into a beacon for meditation/contemplation, authentic communication/relationship, permaculture/sustainability, natural health/healing and all manner of as-yet-unknown potentials for awakening to our True Nature as expressions of the Creative Source of All That Is.

You can follow my adventures and reflections on my website here.

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Reconnecting with basic goodness in an environment of people who share a vision for a better society. Wimberly

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We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.