About The Teacher


Ever since childhood, I've had a strong intuitive sense of the unseen world – especially the world of emotion and feeling. Spending the first 11 years of my life in the simple countryside of Hebron, Connecticut I fostered a loving connection with mother nature early on. In my youth I was deeply spiritual in my own innocent and childlike way, aware of the interconnectedness of All That Is.

During my adolescense and throughout most of my 20s, I walked the path of rebellion and resistance, in constant search of a way to fill the void I felt inside; in constant search of a certain kind of feeling; ultimately, in search of love. Though this was a difficult period of my life, I now recognize with gratitude how this chapter of arduous yet purposeful experience and learning was actually the school of life which prepared and molded me to become a teacher, guide and inspiration to all who I`m meant to connect with.

My purpose, my mission, my life's work, is to share my unique transmission of love (and all of the ways that love expresses itself in our lives) through my personal experience, through my empathy for yours, and through our inherant oneness that somehow mystically allows us to all be reflections of one another.

I really enjoy exploring and experimenting with plants and food as medicine and am always eager to write or learn a new song on my guitar. To me, this journey called life is just as much about learning (or more like remembering) as it is about unlearning. But most importantly of all, it's about returning home to the heart. Remembering our wholeness. And loving whatever arises. It's my deepest aspiration to share these messages with my brothers and sisters through our Culture of Love Conscious Community - genuinely, playfully, and whole-heartedly!

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Why Retreat?

We asked people why they go on retreat, here's what they said:

Opening up to the joy and peace of meditation and Yoga. <3 Marion

Retreat Guru's Vision

We believe human beings are innately wise, strong and kind. This wisdom, although not always experienced, is always present. Going on retreat is a beautiful way to reconnect to our basic sanity and health. Our aspiration at Retreat Guru is to inspire people to experience authentic retreats and reconnect with their innate wisdom, strength and kindness.

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