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Sarrah Rose is a Sexual Empowerment Coach specializing in Tantra, Sexual Healing and Sexual Awakening. She can be found on FaceBook at Sarrah Rose and on Instagram at SarrahRoseTantra. 

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  • Sarah Cuellar   May 17, 2017

      Simply Amazing!

    We had the opportunity to be a part of a Tantric Cacao Ceremony that Sarrah offered. The class was pure bliss. We learned so many new things about each other. She had a great energy that led our class into some deep work. I would highly recommend her to all my best friends! ❤️

  • T. Logan   April 15, 2017

      An Incarnated Angel

    Sarrah is a truly gifted healer passionate about being an agent for positive change in the world. Overcoming her own tremendous adversity in life, Sarrah finds it easy to authentically connect with other individuals in a way that enables them to see beyond their current limitations to see their full potential. Immediately upon meeting Sarrah, I knew she was special. She walks her talk, and inspires her clients to experience life to the fullest through empowered sexuality, connection with Spirit, and an overall appreciation for the beauty that's abundant in the world. And she does all this while being an outstanding mom to two terrific kiddos. Sarrah's a gift, and anyone who works with her will be left better for it.

  • Jim Notte   April 14, 2017

      100 days to Ignite your Inner Cobra

    I made the fortunate decision to take Sarrah and Neil's 100 day tantra class. I learned so much and gained many invaluable skills that have helped me to identify and then break free of some areas that I have been struggling with repeatedly in life. The strategies and exercises they taught helped me to identify and face both my fears and deepest desires, and the breathing and other tantric exercises they explained and led us through helped turn me on to areas of my consciousness and true self that I wasn't previously even aware of. Both Sarrah and Neil have very authentic but unique teaches styles. They both were always ready and willing to answer questions and redemonstrate lessons/exercises until our whole class was comfortable. You can tell they each have many years of knowledge and wisdom, and I'm truly thankful they are out there not only out there living their truth but passing it on to others as well. I would highly recommend both Sarrah and Neil (as well as their Tantra class and practices) to anyone who is actively trying to better their lives and grow towards their potential!

  • Michael Healy   April 12, 2017

      Open minds, open discussions :)

    I have known Sarrah for several years now. Over that time we have had many fascinating, in depth and illuminating conversations about love, sex and relationships. I'm continually impressed by not only her deep knowledge and experience but also her willingness and enthusiasm to continue to learn and explore. Her understanding that every person comes from different experiences and backgrounds is key when it comes to her amazing talent of helping people learn & understand more about themselves.

  • Sarah Jabeen   April 12, 2017

      She is the real deal!

    I just finished taking the 100 days of Inner Cobra Breathing course with Sarrah Rose Brown. She embodies the energy of a warrior that is here on earth to hold the space for others, as we shift into the new paradigm as a civilization. Few highlights about what makes Sarrah a great Tantra teacher: 1. She practices everything she teachers every day and is able to share her experience objectively. She has great clarity around what part of the practices make sense to her and resonates with her and what does not, instead of blindly following the tantric teachings. 2. She shows up as a student of life for life. This is one of the most important virtues of being an excellent teacher. It shows that she is always learning new things and is open to others' perspectives irrespective of how new we might be as her students to the world of spiritual development. 3. She is very respectful of her and our personal space irrespective of how uninhibited she may be in her sexual practices. The most important thing I learned from her is the value of remaining "playful" every day and not to take life so seriously, esp. if we are interested in resonating with the frequency of the universe to enjoy HER blessings and abundance in our lives.

  • Leo Kala   April 11, 2017

      Trusted guide into pleasure

    Sarrah is one of a kind. I recently took her 100 day tantra course, and was consistently impressed by the skill and experience with which she facilitated. Not just presenting information - Sarrah lived it and has for years, making it easy to follow along and "get into it." I see one of Sarrah's gifts as being her ability to discern what is important from what is irrelevant, allowing her to guide folks into a deeply powerful experience with grace and ease. Teachers like Sarrah are few and far in between and I fully expect her calendar to be increasingly booked as she becomes better known for her skills and expertise. If you get a chance to take a course or work with her, I highly recommend you take advantage of the opportunity.

  • Alonso Bean   April 11, 2017

      Shining Light

    Sarrah is a true beam of light. She has a passion for healing and teaching that she shares selflessly with others. During a cacao/tantric group session, she was able to guide me gently into my inner core where I was able to explore my true self with compassion and love. Sarrah embraces life to the fullest, with love, serenity and a sense of humor. It has been my great honor to know Sarrah and I am a better person for it. Peace.

  • Hanspreet Kaur   April 11, 2017

      Flourishing love

    I love the authentic, focused and at the same time laidback way she’s holding the space. Sarrah has walked a long intentional path with integrity and you can feel it. She is able to combine the sensual human beingness with sacred humbleness, and share the fun! Thank You Sarrah for guiding us to get in touch with ourselves in all levels. May you be succesfull on your journey empowering people all over the globe! Hanspreet Kaur

  • keli marks   April 09, 2017

      A very special soul

    With this kind of work it's so important for the teacher to be someone who is makes you feel safe, secure, and helps free you up to do the work you need to do. Sarrah is extremely sensitive and loving, and has the ability to hold space for many different kinds of people. Any opportunity you get to work with her you must take!

  • Marie Zolecki   April 09, 2017

      Sarrah is awesome!

    Sarrah is a beautiful soul and dedicated tantric teacher. She's full of life and love and passion for this work. She's wise and will hold space for you with the most loving presence. She's also a lot of fun to be around! I am so grateful to know her and to be on this healing journey together.

  • Daniel Heslin   April 09, 2017

      Tantric Kriya Yoga

    I had a great time learning so many things with Sarrah! Lessons are always timed perfectly, beginning and ending on schedule. Listens carefully and answers as simply as possible. I always look forward to class!

  • Omid Aski Laridjani   April 09, 2017

      Rose Pedal Indeed

    Sarrah Rose is a gem for our community. She has brought us together in harmony and peace. She has created a loving space for us to come together to share ideas, wisdom through rich stories, music, mediation, and dance. Her vibe, home, children, and presence is centered as a live oak tree roots, and light as a feather. One can only say that a person as such has taken long journeys through the inner landscapes to arrive at such a delightful state. I much recommend her to you. Enjoy!

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