Karen McAllister

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About The Teacher

After meeting our founding teachers in Japan, I managed the meditation centre there for many years while serving simultaneously as part of the Clear Sky Board. In 2003, I helped search for a site for Clear Sky, looking at around 30 properties until we found our current location in the magical Kootenays.

I'm now Chair of the Board and Director of Business Development. I'm passionate to be teaching the much-ignored principles of nurturing the factors - like honor your space, structure, and communication - that create the conditions we need to wake up more in daily life. I see how I learned and embodied these principles in my different roles at Clear Sky, as the centre went from self-starter to second-stage growth. This is what I call “the hands-on way of doing an MBA with a spiritual bottom line!”

In my free time, I love travelling, speaking Portuguese and reading history, architecture, and art books.

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  • Dean Nicholson   January 11, 2020

      Learn How to Sustain a Spiritual Practice with a Great Teacher

    I have had the wonderful opportunity to take the Ignite Your Spiritual Life course offered by Duncan Cryle and Karen McAllister. Duncan's infectious smile and good humour, and his deep insights into the benefits and challenges of maintaining a spiritual practice in the midst of a busy life, make studying with him a real opportunity for growth.

  • Dan O'Brien   January 11, 2020

      Teacher at Clear Sky Meditation and Study Foundation

    I have known Karen professionally for twenty years. As the Chair of the Board and Associate teacher at Clear Sky Center, she brings a clear headed approach to organizing and utilizing systems that has helped the center thrive. To her co-teaching of the "Ignite Your Spiritual Life" course, in which I have participated, she brings insightful and practical learning to students in a nuts and bolts way that is applicable to their circumstances. She supports beings with an energetic and enthusiastic approach to growth and development in a sincere and thoughtful manner.

  • Maryline Fortier   January 05, 2020

      Compassionate teacher!

    My learnings with Karen helped me find direct answers and/or guidance towards more clarity. She is good at clarifying where you are at and supporting you to see clearer the avenues available for increased awareness and peace.

  • Michelle Heinz   November 28, 2019

      Eclectic and Compassionate!

    Karen brings deep training and joy into her teaching with a wide and compassionate heart.


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