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Developed in Darwin by Australian Figure Champion, Master NLP Practitioner and physical transformation specialist Vania Primmer, FIT ECO ESCAPES is a suite of retreats designed to help men, women and children to learn more about the importance of healthy food and to achieve their personal transformation goals.

What led you to your current career path?

I was born in the Whakatane in the North of beautiful New Zealand. I am the oldest child of three and was raised by two very loving, but strict and demanding, parents who deserve all the credit for helping me to become the women that I am today. From the very beginning a love of dance, competition, and the fitness lifestyle, was a passion of mine. It’s a passion that continues to burn in me to this day.

Ive always known that it is my purpose to serve others, to support them to become the very best they can be. To be able to honour this purpose Ive learned that I must master myself first, I must love and support myself first, physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s only from this space that I am able to help others.

I’ve spent many years in the bodybuilding industry, refining my physique and winning multiple Territory and National titles and helping hundreds of others to do so to as a Personal Trainer and Bodybuilding Coach. I learned that if we did not “release” the mental and emotional toxins or baggage at the same time we released the physical fat or toxins then eventually people would gain back the weight and often times, even more. This realisation led me to study NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) where I obtained a Masters as a Practitioner and I am now able to incorporate mind altering and life changing brain coaching to assist people to let go of old behaviours, thought patterns and self-sabotage that no longer serve them.

Who/What inspires you, not only professionally, but in daily life?

Honestly, for me, its the average person who has a deep desire to be more, do more, give more and who take action every day in the direction of their dreams.

The mum who is raising her children and doing and wanting more for herself and for her children, the small business owner who’s business is their families livelihood, paying taxes, rent, power, wages, getting up day in and day out to provide services and employment to others.

These people live with debt, live with challenges, live with responsibilities and expectations and they blow me away with their tenacity, positivity and that never ever say die attitude. I love it and find their determination heart warming and inspirational.

What do you perceive is an important quality successful women have in common?

In men and women alike, successful people have an integrity about them. They are natural leaders, whether its in their workplace or even within their family home, they take a little more than their share of the blame and a little less than their share of the credit.

I also believe that the most successful people are impeccable with their word. Their word is their honour, they speak with integrity and do not gossip about others. This creates an environment where people feel safe and it develops trust and strong relationships.

What do you think is the key to your personal success?

Success for me is not necessarily about money, power or position – it’s a mindset of persistence, inner peace and positivity. Life is not about achieving success, its about sustaining it.

What has served me to be successful is to really master my communication, to speak clearly and from the heart, even if my message may not be well received. I trust that if it comes from a place of love and respect then everything will be okay.

I practice mindfulness being truly present and grateful for all that I already have. Its easy to be grateful for the good things, its when you can teach yourself to find something to be grateful for in the bad things that happen or in the bad times, that is where the true power lies. Being present involves really being in the moment, at any given time. Whether its a conversation with client, watching my child do her dance for the 100th time, dinner with my partner, I do my very best to ” just be” there with them in that time. Not on my phone, wondering about dinner, bills, xmas gifts – just there with them and truly present. I don’t want to watch my life go by on a screen, I want to watch it with my own eyes and be fully present in it.

What are you really passionate about?

I’m passionate about peace and nutrition. I truly believe that we would have less violence and conflict in the world if everyone understood how important nutrition is.

The truth is that the cells in our bodies, in our minds and in our hearts are made from what we put in our mouths – you can imagine a brain, a heart even made from drugs, smoking, alcohol, fast foods – you can imagine the thoughts, the mindset, the behaviours of people who eat this way. Then imagine a heart, a brain made from clean, whole foods, fresh, organic where possible, plenty of water and fresh, clean air. Nutrition is the foundation for all health, mental, emotional, physical and sexual.

How/What do you do to motivate those around you?

I believe that leading by example and being congruent with what you teach is most important. You must walk your talk.

Next I like to learn what is stopping people from motivating themselves. I cannot be in peoples lives forever, cheering them on. In order to be successful, motivation must become an internal drive, not something we look for externally. People must learn how to motivate themselves through the highs and the lows.

I teach people about the Hero’s Journey and help them understand that trials, tribulations, tests and challenges are all part of a heroes journey, to expect them and know that they are proof that they have stepped out of the ordinary into the extraordinary and the reward will be worth it.

What do you think is your best quality – the one that makes you stand out? (Don’t be modest lol!)

I embrace my femininity in any given situation whether its corporate, personal or with my clients male or female. I truly love being a women and all of the wonderful things that come with it.

For me femininity is an openness, its a vulnerability. It’s not about your “sexuality”, your “prettiness”, your “hair” or your “makeup” although it can be a very alluring thing. It’s entirely about your energy.

I love hearing women shrieking with laughter, watching as their clothes get more colourful, shorter or tighter as they lose weight, seeing them dancing in their car or better yet the supermarket or some other inappropriate public place. I love makeup and hair and nails or just glowing skin and a big, radiant smile that holds your gaze forever.

I think all women are so beautiful and I believe if we all embraced this and truly supported the masculine within the man – amazing things would happen.

Describe yourself in three words.

Sexy, Spirited, Sexy. Lols xxx

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