Susan Rozo (UK)

About The Teacher

Sound Alchemy Artist | Medicine woman

Susan has trained in 2005 as a sound therapist by the ICM-recognised degree at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and a practitioner of Reyad Sekh Hem (Egyptian heritage) and Ancestral Healing Methods (Adonai). Her 15 years of research was build on the tuition received through her innate spiritual connection with her Incan, Amazonian heritage amongst others.

A Rhythmic knowledge explorer who connects through harmonising .

Growing up in the tropical, biodiverse countryside and forests of Colombia, Susan nurtured a deep relationship with nature and the resonance of an immense soundscape filled with organic texture and colour and information. She developed an understanding of the capacity sound has to integrate the ebb and flow of our emotional and multidimensional experience through the connection with the ecosystem that surround us.

Susan Rozo relationship with indigenous and ethnic communities and their traditions forms the foundation and inspiration for her research into sounds as multidimensional healing art form. Experimenting with pure sounds and ancient instruments that have been collected over time, She seeks to create awareness of the importance of sound to re-build human relationships with nature and the cosmos.

Susan has developed her own sound and vibrational language, weaving ancient sound healing techniques derived from her lineages of wisdom from ancient Lemurian, hyperboria, Egyptian and In-kan Heritage.  with contemporary sound tools to create a space for inner exploration and alignment. She has a profound capacity for connecting our individual rhythms with universal natural vibrations.

“A blend of art, science, nature and spiritual technologies, I believe it has the power to reconnect our individual rhythms to the universe’s natural vibrations, re-building human relationships with nature and the cosmos. I’m a strong advocate of conscious intentions, and deep awareness, as central to human and environmental evolution, and seek to unlock the intelligence that’s part of our natural biological evolution through the exploration of the multidimensional healing arts.” Susan Rozo


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