Jyoti Murray

About The Teacher

Growing up in an alternative family in urban Brisbane with chickens and vegetable patches to boot, Jyoti Murray is the soul of the earth, down to the roots kind of woman who you cannot help but fall in love with.  Her expansive and all encompassing nature reaches in, drawing out the best of all those she comes into contact with.

As a small child her parents visited the local meditation centre and she was awed by the deities and marvelled at their splendour. Mesmorised and enchanted, this brief encounter with figures that seemed just as familiar as they were foreign, left an unconscious impressions on her that wouldn’t surface till years later.

During her 20’s the call of yoga began to rise as there was something inside that had begun to stir and no amount of external gratification could suffice the longing she craved within. Applying herself to the practice of yoga she began to witness changes.  Something was shifting and unfolding inside but she wasn’t sure what it was or what would come of it.  Inspired by her teachers and all that yoga was evolving within her, she undertook a nine month yoga teacher training.  She was fully supported by the universe for heeding the ‘call’  as an offer of employment opened up before she had even completed her course.

Still an avid and dedicated student, Jyoti devotes much of her time to constantly learning and refining the skills she has already required.  Influenced by many, she calls those with deep integrity and authenticity, who teach from the heart, her greatest teachers. These humble beings share with her their own passion and dedication which infuse her desire to do the same and awaken all those who come before her to blossom into their greatest potential. 

After teaching at numerous studios in Australia and Indonesia, including The Practice in Bali, Jyoti is now offering her wisdom to a world wide audience. Workshops, retreats, immersions and classes are on the horizon for this radiant woman in many different countries. Stay connected here 


My offering to you:

I have been a student for 16 years and teaching yoga since 2011, it’s hard to say whether it chose me or I chose it. I can say that my practice has changed dramatically in that time, and I trust it will continue to, as I attune into the forever changing pulse and rhythm of this life.  A deep listening allows for wisdom to arise and when trusted, enables one’s own experience to unfold.

This is what I wish to share with you. 

To hold space and guide you so you too can develop these inner resources that rely upon intuition and trust.  To share with you what I have learnt and experienced on my own souls journey. As when I connected back with my own heart, my path became clear.  I seek to assist in igniting and aligning you with your own inner truth so you too can remember who you are and the beauty you hold within.

I’d love to share this journey of yoga with you. 

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To reconnect with my inner self, found ground through the movement of my body and breath. Awake. Jane

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