About The Teacher

Davide D’Agostino, originally from Italy, works with healing elements of water, air/breath, sound and music. He is a rebirthing breathwork facilitator, Wataflow (water massage therapy) facilitator, multi-instrumentalist and a creator of Tantric Handpan music.

He was a master diving instructor and sailor in the past; he spent many years working and living in Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Red Sea. The lifestyle was challenging physically, mentally and spiritually, then some life-changing events followed. He was initiated to the study of Buddhism and different kinds of meditation. Following the inner calling, he continued his study on yoga, Tantra, rebirhting breathwork, and Wataflow healing therapy. With his years of experience of mastering the breath under water, and all the tools and practices that he has been benefited, he is dedicated to support and guide people to find happiness in themselves and in their life.

"Breath is a powerful healer that helps to release stuck energy and old patterns and transform the mind. And when you are held in the water, it is an experience of unconditional love itself. We need to be aware that water has a memory, we are all made out of water, and our intention is powerful. The same for air and all the other elements as we all are each little universe. The universe is love. The experience of totality is love. We are love."

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Butterfly in my hand --
As if it were a spirit
Unearthly, insubstantial Yosa Buson

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