About The Teacher

Gemini Adams, E-RYT, C-TREP - is a trauma specialist, yoga teacher, conscious living advocate and award-winning author who is passionate about unraveling the shadowy 'stuff' that sits behind our suffering to bring relief and restore an authentic state of well-being to mind, body, heart and soul.
Knowing from personal experience how trauma impacts the present moment, causing frustration, disruption, robbing us of inner-peace, health and the ability to 'be' who we truly are, Gemini began practicing yoga, meditation and seeking transformative tools in her early 20’s to recover from her own trauma's — school bullying, parent’s divorce, boyfriend rape, substance abuse, and her mother dying from cancer at a young age.
A Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) and advanced TRE® practitioner, she draws on 20 years of trainings and certifications with the Trauma Center Justice Resource Institute, Trauma Prevention, CRUSE Bereavement Care, the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, the Healthwave Institute and studies with Ray Castellino, Sharon Porter, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. David Bercelli and Dr. Diane Pool Heller.

Gemini is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher E-RYT with over 800 hours of yoga study with Sivananda, Sri Dharma Mittra, YogaBugs™ and many of California's leading teachers, including Saul David Raye, Govindas of Bhakti Yoga Shala, Sianna Sherman, Micheline Berry, Shiva Rae and Mark Whitwell.

Combining her passion for changing lives with her love of exploring different cultures, Gemini has facilitated youth development, mental health, environmental and social impact projects in Africa, Peru, China, Poland, England and the USA, with The Red Cross, Raleigh International, Personal Overseas Development (POD), The Tony Robbins Foundation and The Temple of the Way of Light.
She is also the creator of Womb * Sense — a fusion of yoga, sensual movement and somatic therapy — which she’s taught to hundreds of women across four continents. Held in the safety and solidarity of sisterhood, women are guided to shake out pains of the past, freeing trauma from their bodies to re-awaken their feminine essence, open to pleasure and their heart’s desires.
Gemini currently works with Center for Relational Healing a trauma and addiction recovery center in Los Angeles, where she also has a private practice offering one-on-one sessions with somatic experiencing and shamanic practice to overcome relational neglect, abuse, sexual assault, incest, bullying, CPTSD, PTSD, low self-esteem, unresolved grief or trauma, depression, anxiety and to integrate journeys with plants or psychedelics.

Gemini also writes for Open to Hope and the Huffington Post and is the author of several books, including Your Legacy of Love: Realize the Gift in Goodbye and The Facebook Diet, which have been translated into multiple languages and featured on The Today Show, the BBC, The Huffington Post and Reuters.

You'll find her popping in to teach at retreats, festivals, trainings and conferences around the world, or soaking in a hot-springs, shopping at a local farmers market, dancing under the moon, or creating mischief and magic with family and friends.

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  • Lena Re   September 08, 2018

      One of my favorite teachers

    I got to know Gemini at my 200 TTC Training and I'm so happy to had her as my teacher. She is such an incredible woman with an amazing power and a beautiful smile, which infects everybody. Her classes are always full of love and magic. I always felt safe and it was absolutely okay to show emotions. She was intrested in us students and there was never a competition. I love the way she creats a vinyasa flow but also how she teaches the soft yin yoga. If you haven't had a class with her yet, you should definitly find your way into her class.

  • Sharon Carlton   September 08, 2018

      Beautiful Gemini ❤️

    I actually am struggling to find the words to describe this beautiful person. I feel so blessed to have had the honour to meet Gemini she changed me forever, every class I teach I will have her in my heart and head and will feel I have achieved if I can deliver even a small amount of her essence. I was so blessed to experience genuine love and compassion which enabled me to open myself up completely and feel safe in doing so. I know anyone who is blessed to experience one of her amazing yoga classes or to even have her as a friend should cherish that time . I look forward to spending more time with this beautiful person and hope I can start living my true purpose in life as Gemini is doing even though at times I would imagine it would be a very difficult I admire her passion and determination to make a difference.

  • Sasha Morgan   September 08, 2018

      Beautiful and inspiring

    One of the most inspiring women that I have ever met, Gemini is an incredible healer. She has such a calming and warm presence that naturally encourages students to feel safe and free to express themselves. She makes people feel heard and valued which is essential to any healing process. She helps to overcome the fear of authentic human interaction and connection. I was lucky enough to be taught by Gemini on a yoga training course and I hope that I get the chance to be a student of hers again in the future! Thank you Gemini for your magic!

  • Merav Artzi   July 18, 2018

      Transformative experience

    Gemini Adams is good Somatic healer and a funny and warm hearted woman. After working together and knowing her for over a year, i feel honored to call her my friend. I really appreciate her sharing honestly and openly about her personal healing process. Taking bold and brave steps in her life, she is an empowering source of inspiration to other women on their path to heal their pain and trauma. While working together i noticed her ability to hold a safe and loving space for her patients and their emotions with empathy and compassion. For me working with her led to a break trough in my process. i also love her infectious laughter :-) I recommend Gemini Adams’s work wholeheartedly, Merav Artzi.

  • Julia Atkins   December 26, 2017

      Mixed experiences

    Gemini is a very sweet girl. The retreat was very calming and beautiful and made me appreciate all that I have with Geminis patience. She also mentioned being bullied very badly at her schools which surprised me as she is such a calm loving girl and why anyone would want to hurt her is beyond belief. So cruel for her. The "mixed message" for me was in some areas I experienced her "saying one thing", and then "doing another". I felt this particularly around speaking-to helping the environment and then hopping on planes to offer workshops/travel. Hope this helps guys, good luck and thank you Gemini

  • Julia Padawer   October 24, 2017

      The Real Deal!

    Gemini is absolutely passionate about what she does. I've rarely met anyone as well informed about healing trauma as she is from every possible perspective. And she is someone who has personally walked through it. I found her teaching on TRE--Traumatic Release Exercises--to be particularly powerful. While I had learned the technique on my own through a video by the founder, it was not nearly as effective as when I did one-on-one sessions with her. She refined my technique in subtle yet powerful ways and explained things to about the technique that unlocked its gifts for me in a way practicing on my own did not. She also has a very powerful technique of her own called "Body Sense." I have referred her to several people and am grateful to have met and worked with her!

  • Ayesha Walker   September 27, 2017

      Powerful and very healing!

    I worked with Gemmi this year on releasing trauma around my mothers death. It was a wonderful and extremely powerful experience. Feelings I had had been unable to realease and resolve for many years were shifted in one afternoon. Many months later the peace I found that day is still with me. Finding the right person when doing doing this kind of work is so important, someone you can genuinely trust and be open with and Gemmi is easy to do this with, she is such a warm loving generous soul , I feel very blessed to have had this healing experience with her.

  • nirit yonatan   August 29, 2017

      An amazing healer

    I met Gemini at a healing retreat, she helped me to open and release trauma that lays within me for years. Holding space and helping people to release their pain is a way of life for her, and this is one of the reasons why she is able to heal people. From my perspective, she went through some big changes in her life that made her emphatic and capable of helping others to make changes in the way they experience their life. I feel that every person will benefit from letting her step into his world and pain. I wish I could have stayed her patient but I'm on the other side of the world, for long time and throw lots of therapist, she is the one who have made the most significant change in my life.

  • Natalie Joy   August 20, 2017

      Experienced and loving teacher

    Gemini is beautiful and wise soul with cheerful energy and strong experience. She was a facilitator for the Women retreat I attended last month in Peru. She was teaching, yoga, TRE, dance, and much more. All her classes were presented in a very creative, and heavenly beautiful way. Everybody felt loved, and special, and were able to process and release a lot of past blocks, and traumas. You will enjoy her support and be able to use the exercises she is teaching for when you go home later.

  • Matthew Hoffman   August 18, 2017


    Gemini was a staff member at a ayahuasca retreat I recently attended. It seems as though every two days I encounter a self proclaimed "Healer" of one persuasion or another. In a world of so many "Healers" it's often difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Gemini is the real deal. Genuine and true. Incredibly special. Super dialed-in. Her workshops were always active, engaging and left all of us feeling lighter. Spending 3 weeks in the jungle with no electricity, salt, sugar, or vices of any kind was no easy task; Gemini's candor and great sense of humor made it an absolute pleasure.

  • Ryan Reagles   August 17, 2017

      Healing touch

    Gemini is a true healer, a beautiful spirit. You'll feel it when you're working with her, you'll see it in her eyes. She'll hold space for you, allowing you to open your heart and release the trauma your mind, body or spirit is holding on to. I'm profoundly grateful for the work that we did together. My spirit guide is thankful and I feel that everyone that has been fortunate enough to be in her presence is a better person for the time they shared. Love, peace and happiness to you forever Gemini P.S. I did cry alot. She is really good at making people cry :-)

  • Bobby dobbin   August 08, 2017

      Grace & Humility

    Gemini was a member of staff on a recent Ayahuasca retreat I attended. My experience had the potential to be extremely dark and destructive but with Geminis presence and guidance it became the  most positively profound and healing chapter of my life. The gifts and knowledge she shared continue to be of service to me each day. The positive impacts of her healing work were clear to see in fellow attendees both inside and out of ceremony. Gemini was extremely generous with her time and knowledge and the grace and humility with which she went about her work was humbling. She epitomizes giving what's needed, nothing more, and her tenacity in difficult situations makes me chuckle. I could write many pages on Gemini and fail miserably to do her justice. I am eternally grateful for her generosity of spirit.

  • Erin Shea   August 03, 2017

      Powerful, brilliant, genuine

    Gemini has changed my life in profound healing ways I can't fully grasp or explain, but the positive effect is clear to me and my loved ones. My family has told me I'm a new person — brighter, happier, more free — and I know it's in large part due to the beautiful work Gemini facilitated for me. For years, I struggled to feel at home in my body, always carrying shame and hate for being a woman. I could never understand where this self-loathing came from, or why no matter how much therapy or energy work I sought, it would not loosen its grip. Then I met Gemini, and took a few of her magical WombSense workshops over the course of a couple of months, and then had one private session with her. In the space of two hours, we uncovered why I had been so terrified of being a woman, and we discovered what I needed to do to heal the wound. I've been able to forge a new relationship with my body built on trust, love, adoration, and amazement. It does things I didn't even know were possible! Like it dances on its own, and thanks to Gemini, I now know how to surrender to the wisdom of my body and let it express itself. What a delight! I truly cannot say thank you enough to Gemini for letting her gifts and intuition guide me to release such a deep block and discover so much magic within myself. Her carefully-crafted toolkit, brilliant mind, adorable humor, and deep intuitive sense will help you unstick yourself from whatever is preventing you from living the life you're dreaming about.

  • Marta Wanderlust   July 19, 2017


    Gemini is not just a wonderful teacher but also a powerful and talented healer. I have had the pleasure of attending a variety of her classes in Peru, as well as receiving a 1:1 healing session. I was really moved by her warmth and generosity, founded on an incredible amount of professional knowledge and a truly magical intuitive connection to the Divine.

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My inspiration is to find some very much needed solace away from the stress of raising 4 children, working (as a dietitian) and trying to get my private nutrition counseling practice launched. I am a registered yoga instructor and have practiced for over 10 yrs, and have always dreamed of taking a yoga retreat just for my own inner well being. Linda

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