Me-Shell Mijangos ~ Trip Leader & Swellness Coach

About The Teacher

Growing up as a young girl in California’s high desert, Me-Shell always had salt water on her mind and at a very young age knew she would live next to the ocean one day. Even when she was a professional snowboarder living in the mountains of Colorado, she still dreamt of the ocean and heard it’s  beckoning call. Now only 3 minutes away from her favorite surf break on Maui, Me-Shell is a die-hard surfer and gets her salt water therapy in every single day at the break of dawn. “Surfing for me checks all the boxes- exercise, social time, sea therapy, soul food, and moving meditation. It’s become a delightful and necessary routine for me and one I’m absolutely grateful for. I’ve turned into a little girl again who is super excited to wake up each and every morning around 5:00am to get in the ocean…my non-surfing friends think I’m nuts but they don’t understand,” chimes an aloha-spirited Me-Shell.

Surfing wasn’t always a daily activity for Me-Shell. She spent years recovering from a serious automobile accident that caused substantial back trauma and injury.  At one point she was unable to walk and was wheeled into an emergency room for back surgery. Her microdiscectomy surgery was not successful and four doctors recommended that she needed a complete disc fusion to her spine. Me-Shell being a firm believer in the power of thought, healing, and diet set out to do what most thought impossible. She healed her own back with no surgery needed. “Healing myself and being my own health advocate empowered me with confidence and strength. The journey was not easy and there were many setbacks (and physical pain), but my end goal was no second surgery. I spent everyday for over a year visualizing a perfect spine and dropping into bomber waves. I couldn’t surf so I surfed in my mind,” explains Me-Shell.

Coupled with Me-Shell’s past health experiences and her friend’s telling her she has been a ‘coach’ since being an embryo, Me-Shell decided to complement her Yoga Teacher Certification (2003) by becoming a Health & Wellness Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. By living her purpose, Me-Shell wants to inspire others to live their dreams and make bliss a priority in their lives. “Choice is ours to make on a daily basis. I encourage others to focus on their heart performance by becoming a seeker of gratitude and an expert in possibilities,” states Me-Shell.

Me-Shell continues to live her childhood dream of being near the water as a full time resident of Maui since 2002. She enjoys spreading aloha and sharing her love for the beautiful state of Hawaii with others.  A self-proclaimed ‘self-help junkie’, Me-Shell also enjoys teaching her beautiful son how to surf, traveling the world with SwellWomen, waterfall hikes, laughing with friends, and soul surfing daily. She enjoys her blissful life in Maui with her husband, son, and her surfboards.

Favorite Quote

"How you think and how you feel creates your state of being."

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza


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