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About The Teacher

Jaime Amadio has led countless clients on medicine journeys and shamanic retreats and is always blown away by the information, synchronicity and realizations that are revealed each time.Jaime’s spiritual path began at the age of 21 when a doorway between the dimensions opened and she was thrown into a world of ethereal beings. Needing to make sense of what she was seeing and feeling, Jaime’s search for everything spiritual, from medium-ship to Reiki and meditation began. Realizing her intuitive abilities were wild and required tuning, she spent the next few years fine tuning them. As a gifted medium, Jaime was challenged with ‘fitting in’ with society and so began her struggle of which path to walk and which dimension to keep her feet grounded in. Feeling the pressure and demands of society, she worked in the corporate world during the day, while nourishing her fascination with all things spiritual outside of work. She gathered her training in metaphysics, spiritual healing, parapsychology, Theta Healing, Reiki, EFT, shamanic healing and meditation all the while ‘remembering’ her knowledge and abilities as a crystal master. In 2013, Jaime finally left her career and home in Sydney behind and went travelling through South East Asia where she pulled apart the belief systems that were keeping her tied to a life that was making her miserable. Landing in Bali, Jaime stayed for there for 3 years while she cleared every single limiting belief that was holding her back. During this time Jaime was introduced to plant medicines and her shamanic training took on a whole new depth. Developing a relationship with Madre Ayahuasca, Jaime was guided to travel to Mexico then Peru to work closely with the plant medicines. Arriving in Peru was like coming home. The people, the mountains and the medicine spoke to her soul. Meeting the Q’ero shamans and learning about their traditions, healing and cosmology was a clear sign that this is where she needed to be. Jaime moved to Peru in 2016 where she now lives full time studying with the Q’ero shamans and non-physical masters. Between running retreats in Peru, Jaime also works as a transformational coach assisting people in finding their own answers, removing limitations and creating a life made of dreams. 

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  • Weldon Neville   October 05, 2017

      Peru heart activation

    All the following is from personal experience.This journey opens the door to consciousness faster than all the methods I have stepped into, & I have done a lot of personal development & spiritual work. It's remarkably loving in the way it communicates with your being on a soul & cellular level & it's a load of fun. It's a journey/holiday, inside & out. It puts your entire life into perspective experientially without getting bogged down into the details of the rational mind.The shamans & Jaimie Amadio provide all that is required, you are in good hands & when you return home , it's blessings continue. The only barrier is the doing, as Yoda said, "Do, there is no Try". Opening the door to consciousness really doesn't get any easier than this & the Shamans are authentically trained from ancestral lineage including one of the most powerful shamans in Peru today. I'm trying to get all my family to do it . Most of us say YES!, but rarely dive in, due to issues like time & money. It's only 3weeks, you integrate it, & so it stays with you for a life time & the support continues in more ways than one could ever imagine. Book it, pay it & Go for it!, I'm so grateful that my family members who did it are now on the same page of reality as myself. I am available to share & answer any questions people may have. I do suggest that people at least read about levels of consciousness to gain some understanding about how illusion & reality effect our lives dramatically & how we can raise to other levels as does the Peru Heart Activation Journey which transforms us fast from the inside out , we become free of fears that held us back without drawn out discourses & long term therapies which are all good, but not with immediate & long lasting results as this.If you want to experience your life as it really is & know your purpose & have a fun thrilled adventure, don't think about it,"just do it"....., STOP thinking & start experiencing. "Feelings are the language of the Soul".:-) :-) :-) !!!!!!!!!!

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