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It is a great privilege to teach the science behind Yoga and Mindfulness in Costa Vicentina Natural Park by the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. As a therapist, I help individuals and groups how to recognize & loose obstacles located in the physical body and the mind. In different words: how to resolve our struggles related to the fast living in the modern world. My work is focused on: 

1. PURIFICATION OF THE MIND from laziness, fears, stress, depression, addictions, insomnia, etc., 

2. PURIFICATION OF THE PHYSICAL BODY from back pains, headache, obesity, pain in the joints, etc..

Feel very welcome to get in touch and enquiry your stay at one of the next RETREATS (group or private): (contact info blocked) / (contact info blocked)

Would you like to know more?

Check my article: What is Yoga? (contact info blocked)2017/07/15/What-is-YOGA-You-think-you-know

I was born in 1987 in Poland where as a teenager I had discovered Yoga science at Iyengar Studio hosted by advanced teacher of Yoga, Jurek Jagucki. I have learned from him balancing the body practice of asana. The most fascinating results came after I had discovered how to train the mind with pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation (mind-training). The awakening processes had started and brought me to many other advanced teachers, including Karmapa XVII (Tibetan Buddhism), Sandra Gerhard (Jivamukti Yoga Berlin) and finally to the ancient, institutions-free root texts explaining the advanced techniques. I became a "professional Yoga & Meditation teacher & therapist" after accomplishing my yogic studies in India at Paramanand Institute by Dr Omanand. I am constantly developing my training while receiving different vows (degrees) passed on me by the Tibetan monks from Kagyu linage (following mainly the mind-training teachings of Lojong and Mahamudra). Using these methods brought me to wonderful joy and health that I am sharing now with the others who feel like developing better understanding of their true-nature. Feel welcome.

I am familiar with various Yoga styles (Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Iyengar, etc.), however, in my eyes “Yoga is one”. Therefore my chosen practice is based on the traditional Patanjali Yoga Sutras where Yoga means:
Yama - respect for others;
Niyama - respect for yourself;
Asana - harmony with your body (postures that we practice in Yoga class that will basically allow you to sit or stand straight, from where you can go forward with the practice of...);
Pranayama - harmony with your energy (breathing);
Pratyahara - harmony with your emotions (peaceful mind);
Dharana - harmony with your thoughts (for example: concentration on 1 point);
Dhyana - meditation, contemplation;
Samadhi - ecstasy that is seen as glimpse of enlightenment. Total insight.
+ Cleansing techniques.

Namaste, Amigos!

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

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  • Athena Newman-Andrews   September 08, 2017

      Positive and empowering

    Weronika is an incredibly positive and empowering teacher. I spent 5 days learning from her in Aljezur, Portugal and it was such an enriching experience. She's a kind soul and I highly recommend any class or retreat with her. Athena

  • Christine Neder   September 04, 2017

      Wonderfull experience

    I have done Yoga in a Lot of different countries. India, Costa Rica, Miami... Every lesen is different but some are staying in your mind, like the one with Weronika in Portugal. I do not how she could feel, what I have needed this day. Had an amazing privat lesen with her with a great View over a river. Thanks a Lot and See you soon.

  • Nicole Neaber   August 31, 2017

      My amazing experience with Weronika in Portugal

    Before I had met Weronika, I had never tried yoga before, I couldn't touch my toes, couldn't keep my legs straight and was really nervous about trying this new experience. Weronika was not only helpful, but she was kind, funny and patient. After only a few weeks of practicing with her I felt my body change, it would now do things for me that I would never dream of asking it to do before. But that is not really the point, the point is is that she made me feel welcome, my nerves went, I felt more relaxed and open, and most of all I made a friend. Highly recommend spending some time with Weronika, be it yoga classes, meditation or retreats.

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