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About The Teacher

Born and raised in Italy - now living in India - Elena is an Italian/American compassionate Yogini, an intuitive healer, and a certified Yoga instructor. She is passionate about merging the traditions of Eastern Philosophies with Western practice of yoga, while sharing her devotion for a meaningful and fulfilling existence. She believes everything is always in Divine order and that the best approach to life is to be fully present at every moment.

Elena’s yoga classes, open to all levels of students, include a dynamic flow of asana, pranayama, ayurvedic tips, and meditation. Eclectic energy work together with teachings from Bhakti, Tantra, and Shamanism are at the core of her classes.

Over the years Elena has been embarking on a series of voyages to deepen her knowledge of Eastern Religions and Philosophies. These journeys have taken her numerous times to India, where she studies with teachers from Bihar School of Yoga - founded by Swami Satyananda Saraswati - Bhutan, Java, Bali and Thailand, opening her eyes and heart to vast and different perspectives of life. Her studies with Professor Douglas Brooks, one of the world’s foremost scholars of Hindu Tantra have deepened her knowledge of Shrivydia Shakta Tantrism, and she draws great spiritual inspiration from Swami Niranjanananda and Saul David Raye with whom she is certified in Holistic Atma Yoga (YTT200+). In addition, she takes part in giving workshops on hatha yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and yoga philosophy at various venues in the United States and abroad.

Elena is certified as an Ayurvedic Consultant from the Chakrapani School and Research Center in Jaipur, India.

Elena is fluent in Italian, French, English, Spanish, and is currently learning Hindi. 

Elena’s profound and transformative healing sessions offer life empowering tools to understand and answer your struggles and dilemmas. Elena’s deep personal readings offer spiritual guidance as she brings clarity, peace, and meaning into your everyday life, allowing you to reconnect to your life’s purpose and embrace a more fulfilling, joyous, stress-free existence.

When I am in a state of yoga I am able to feel the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit. I am able to realize I am not the voice in the head and I have a choice to listen to it or not. Through the movement of my body in different asana, or the chanting of a mantra, in the moments of silence in front of my altar, or simply mindfully observing the flow of my breath, I am aware of being linked to something bigger than myself. These are the times when I reconnect to the embodiment of who I truly am: spirit in human form. I carry this awareness wherever I go, as a tool to appreciate life in its fulness.

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